Why is My Roku Overheating? [Solved 2022]

 Do you have trouble with your Roku remote? 

Does your Roku seem to be overheating quite often?

Well, just like all devices it is possible that the Roku streaming devices, sticks, and other accessories heat up as they start working

However, if you start receiving constant messages about Roku overheating, or if you are afraid that the device is genuinely heating up we have produced an effective guide for ou that should solve your Roku overheating issues;

Overall there are a total of three ways by which your Roku may overheat.

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Why is Your Roku Overheating?

You might have noticed at some point as you are streaming that the light is turned on, most of these Roku players and receivers on them that are usually white in color as you continue to stream.

However, there is a possibility that that very light on the front which is white may become bright red if the remote is overheating.

The second way that you might be able to observe the effects of the Roku overheating is seeing a message that will constantly appear on your screen, this warning message usually appears in the top right corner and if there is an issue in the system it might start to show this message again and again.

This particular message is known as the Roku temp check and basically means that the device is signaling you to look over it once more and find the source of the overheating.

At times, it is also possible that the Roku might feel overheated when you touch it. 

Roku Remotes Overheat if Placed in Closed Spaces:

In a situation like this, the first course of action is to very carefully first unplug the receiver and give it a minute to cool down. It might be better for you to move your receiver to a new location, someplace that is preferably cool and dry and isn’t a cabinet or any other closed space.

Closed spaces can often cause the receiver to heat up. Keeping it in a cool space, possibly an open one (especially during the summers) can keep it safe and keep it from overheating.

At the same time, once you’ve unplugged the system and you have been able to bring the temperature of the Roku player down, you can plug the power back in and restart. This might help keep the device cooler for longer.

However, if you turn the device on and see that it is still showing the same sign as it was before then it is imperative you should unplug the device again. 

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Alternate Option: Use a USB extender to help you with Roku Overheating:

If this procedure fails you can alternatively try a USB extender, and this may help you keep your Roku in a warm place, which might result in it stopping showing you the temp check sign. However, we would highly recommend that in a situation like this you order yourself a new Roku device.

This is usually caused due to part damage, and unfortunately very little can be done from your side to fix it, in fact, it is best to retire the device.


If your Roku has overheated only a few times then you should be fine, these methods should work for you if your device is fine and is only showing these issues because of the location you are present in.