How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277?【Solved】

Roblox Error Code 277, also known as General Error 277, disconnects you from the game after a few minutes of playing. There is a lot of discussion about this Error Code 277 on the internet. Still, no one has provided an accurate and working method yet. Expert has come with many but complicated ways to resolve this issue. But we will share the easiest and working solution to this error.

What is Error Code 277?

Error Code 277 is basically a server disconnection error where the client gets disconnected from the Roblox server and the message “Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect” pops up on the screen. The initial cause of this error is geo-blocking that resists the internet content and Windows Registry File’s corruption.

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The best way to get to the solution to any problem is going through the causes first. We will let you know why showing this Error Code 277 pop up on your screen every time you play Roblox.
1. Probably the window’s registry files have been corrupted, which is not good for the performance of the game and the computer itself.
2. Another reason can be the improper or incomplete installation of Roblox.
3. There must be bugs that freeze Roblox’s clients for a while, and it will show a reconnection error.
4. Your poor internet connection can lead your game to any error, and it can be one of them.
5. The game can be under maintenance where the admin is making changes in the game that will show you this error by disconnecting you from the server.

Method 1: Use Roblox Repair Utility Tools

Roblox offers Utility Tool to repair many bugs within a few minutes because of the latest technology to troubleshoot the problem. The tool troubleshoots the problem, diagnoses, and fixes the bug. It works by troubleshooting corrupted window’s registry files, fixing bugs, and clearing cache.

The software features database troubleshooting, start-up customization, file extensions, and automatic installation of updates. Download the tool from Roblox’s website, install, and then give a deep scan to find bugs. After finding issues, run to fix the errors. Restart the computer, and the Error Code will be fixed.

Method 2: Update Browser

You must be using Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser, but Chrome is the most compatible browser to run the Roblox. It offers the settings to the game that helps the Roblox to run smoothly. Either try Chrome or update the current browser so it can meet Roblox’s requirements.

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Method 3: ROBLOX Compatibility Mode

Windows 10 is the most compatible window for Roblox games to run smoothly, showing no bug or error. There might be something wrong with the compatibility mode, either with Roblox’s compatibility settings or Windows built-in compatibility settings. Try changing compatibility modes by two different methods and check which one works. Follow these steps to change settings in compatibility mode.

1. Go to Roblox settings from the app and click on the compatibility tab.
2. Uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode.”
3. Choose any of the Windows versions and select Apply Now.

If anything,go wrong in doing the Roblox Compatibility Mode through these steps, compatibility troubleshooter from the Windows settings.

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Method 4: Delete Log Files

You know every game saves temporary files and cache due to changes you made in the game, history, or setting files that are not required anyway.

Try cleaning these temporary files regularly as they can cause serious problems that can lead to error like Error Code 277. You can remove these files manually by launching the Run bar.

Open the Run Bar by simultaneously pressing Windows and R buttons. Input %localappdata%\Roblox\logs, and it will show you all the temporary useless files.

Select all the files and delete them permanently. You can input this %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\ in Run Bar to test the program.

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Method 5: Traditional Methods

The main traditional methods are updating the game, windows, or browsers. Moreover, reinstalling the game can work most of the time. Checking internet connection and changes in the settings. In addition, try the game on different systems to ensure if there is a problem with your PC. Try all these methods once you go through the above solutions. Sometimes the most authentic methods do not work, but the simple traditional solution works. You should try these methods at the end because it includes reinstalling the game that can be handy.


It is necessary to check the PC as you are trying all the methods. In some cases, all the efforts go useless because of the system’s failure. If the same issue is showing on mobile devices, you can try turning on the airplane mode while the game is running in the back. Switch between different WiFi connections or mobile data. This technique works on mobile devices all the time.