Receiving My Own Text Messages on Android and iPhone – Causes and Fixes to the Duplicate Notifications

Yes, I’m sure we all have. Now, if you’re having to do it, chances are that it’s happening on your iPhone.

You’ll have to be patient, but it’s possible to free up space on your device’s internal memory.

Apart from that, isn’t it annoying to receive a notification that you’ve received the same text message you just sent to someone?

We look at possible causes, and how to permanently fix such issues on both your Android and iOS devices.

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Receiving My Own Text Messages on Android and IOS – Why it Happens

If you use an Android smartphone, this will happen when you have trouble connecting your phone to your wireless carrier.

In a bid to deliver that message, several attempts are made, and in the process you receive the same message you just sent to someone else.

Some people feel it when they are about to reply to a text message or MMS. Others only get it when they send any random message.

We do agree that this is wrong. Here are some trusted solutions.

Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages on Android – Android Fixes

Fix 1- Restart Messaging from Settings

Go to the Settings menu
Scroll down the menu till you see Apps and notifications
In the Apps menu, search for Messages under the menu
You should tap the ‘Force Stop’ option which should fix any unwanted behavior from messaging
If you notice the problem persists, follow the same steps, and tap the ‘Disable’ option instead of the ‘Force Stop’.

Fix 2 – Add Your Phone Number to the Text App – Motorola Moto X4

When creating a group text (e.g. to 2 other people), when either responded it created a new thread on my phone with those 2 people + myself (now a group of 3.. Every time I respond to the group I immediately received a copy of my own text.
Go to Text App Main screen >> click on the Menu (3 dots on the right of the upper search bar) >> select “Settings” >> from the drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “Advanced” >> at bottom of Advanced menu was “Phone number – Unknown” >> I tapped on this and a window popped up to enter a phone number >> After entering my own number and tapping “OK” I backed out of Advanced & Settings, then texted to a new group >> It sent as it should to both recipients and both responses came back to original thread that I sent from. It no longer created a new thread with my number included!

Fix 3- Cold Reboot

If you have never used your Android device to access Amazon on the web, or if it just started and you’ve never experienced it before on your Android phone, simply follow the steps below:

A cold reboot is when you turn your phone off for a little while and then turn it back on. You go to Messages, where your texts have been waiting all along.

Make sure that your phone is back to normal, and try to compose a message or reply to a message.

I’ve found this method to be very helpful when it comes to fixing most temporary glitches on my Android Phone. It can fix most phone malfunctions and errors, including duplicated text messages.

Many of our readers have had trouble receiving their own texts, but this option has solved the problem for them.

Fix 4: Restore App/ Factory Settings

For more persistent cases on Android devices, a total factory reset will solve the problem forever.

Scroll down the menu and click on System.

In the System menu, locate the Reset and select App Preferences
In the App Preferences menu, select Apps.

If you can’t find the app preference in your phone’s system settings, you should see the restore all system settings. This will restore apps to their default settings, including app notifications.

This is what my app description looks like (using option A):

This option will reset your phone back to its original factory settings, including wiping all personal information.

While steps 3 and 4 will likely fix any bugs in your script, you should be aware that this action will cause the loss of data.

It’s highly recommended that you backup all your files and important documents before proceeding with the system reset.

Sure to stop you from receiving your own text messages on your Android device.

For iPhone Users

While iPhones are built on the same technology as other smartphones, they have an entirely different platform. The steps above may not work for them.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about not receiving your own texts, or if you’re currently battling receiving your own text messages on your iPhone, follow the steps

Fix 1: Send & Receive Settings

On your website, scroll down and find the Settings app. Under the Settings menu, click the Messages icon. In the settings menu, click the Send & Receive setting. Un-tick any number and/or address that is not your own.

This is the reason why you receive your own text messages on your iPhone.

Fix 2: Disable Repeat Alerts

If you’ve been receiving your own text messages, this may be the reason why. Unknown to you, this is a privacy issue. It affects only received messages.

On your home screen, find and click on Settings
On your home screen, scroll to the Notifications panel and click on it
Under the Messages panel, select No Repeat Alert

Fix 3: Check to see if you have double receiving accounts

Go to Settings >> Messages, and see if you have selected your phone number and Apple ID for receiving messages under “you can be reached by iMessage at”.

Only one works. The other two don’t work.

Why am I getting text messages from my own number?

If you can’t establish a strong connection between your phone and your carrier, this is probably why.

In a bid to deliver the message, several attempts are made, and in the process, you receive that same message you just sent to another person.

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