Quirky jewellery styles: All you need to know

The jewelry you pick has just as much of an influence as the footwear you don or the purse you hold, regardless you’re a maximalist who thinks more is more or a modernist who values basic designs and elegance. Get creative with your jewelry selection and spend money on high-quality lumbar necklaces or pendants, leopard print in crystals, seashells, and forearm jewelry, specialists advises. You would know that you can carry your quirky jewelry with elegance. Though pretty unconventional, quirky jewelry is the best choice when you want to go a little bit chic yet bohemian jewelry style.

Let’s check out some quirky jewelry styles that you ought to know about-

  1. Pearls-Pearls are typically linked to ceremonial occasions. However, pearls look great in a relaxed context when worn as a lengthy necklace. You can pair a lengthy pearl necklace with a white blouse for the business after-party or with your beloved little black gown for a trip to the movies. The branding of quirky pearl jewelry has transformed. It had been reserved for small old ladies and the kind of individuals who wore pastel pink knitwear until recently. However, since 2020, this traditional piece of jewelry has become trendier. The uninteresting jewel has been transformed into pure Instagram temptation because of dramatic accents like plastic beads and shiny cuffs.
  2. Animal Prints-The conventional association of animal patterns with clothing is changing as more people start wearing them in jewelry. Typically, the animal patterns in these strong statements are arranged in crystals. Jewelry with leopard print, suede leather, cheetah designs, and more will help you gorgeously embrace your wild side. Both environmental and animal enthusiasts value the delicate nuances included in these pieces to create jewelry that stands out. They’re wonderful for casual wear or a night out and they are the ideal way to add a little flare to any attire. Be it animal print earrings or rings for party wear ensemble or a casual get-up, this exquisite quirky jewelry style makes sure you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Metal-If you think metal jewelry is not trendy anymore, then you have to check this out. Yes, of course, metal jewelry with only one hue is definitely out of style. But when you pair them with triple tones, they do their magic. Generally, gold and platinum-plated single-toned metallic jewelry have dominated the Indian jewelry market. But now, modern metallic jewelry in triple tones has empowered the market by blending gold, rose gold, and platinum in a single piece. 
  4. Chokers-Chokers, necklaces, or pendants never go out of fashion and when you find your statement piece, you can wear them anywhere without worrying about the occasion. These are just the right pieces of jewelry that you can add to your wardrobe and use as casual, festive, or occasional accessories as they have started making a resurgence now. You can choose bright jewelry to go well with plain cotton dresses. You can get one-of-a-kind customized handmade choker necklaces that exhibit the aesthetic diversity of this jewelry classic, ranging from classic to futuristic and basic to adorn. Furthermore, you can always purchase quirky pendant for girls if you want to grab a piece or two.
  5. Anklets-Let quirky anklets shine in your wardrobe this year as it is expected to be one of the most eye-catching sensations. Ankle jewelry is always in style, whether it’s for a hot day at the seaside or a leisurely swimming workout. You can have a variety of anklet options to choose from, including heavy gold chains, sparkling, petite anklets, and vibrant beaded options. These anklets will take you from morning to evening, from your getaway to the workplace, and everywhere in between.
  6. Arm jewelry-The first thing you notice about someone’s hands is their arm jewelry, and if it’s unusual, you can tell you’ll be mesmerized by the same. Arm jewelry not only dresses up your hands but also emphasizes how sleek your forearms are. Bicep chains are available in oxidized metal, and various materials, as well as gold and silver, to complement your attire and the situation.

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