Solved: PS4 Controller Not Working In Game on PC

Some of us at one point or the other have been propelled to play games on our PCs, either because the console got damaged, or the mobility of some PCs makes it easy to play your games on an outdoor weekend getaway.

Play a game on your PC or laptop when you minimize work and decide to relax.

It seems like the PS4 controller is not working in game on PC, which might be discouraging.

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Don’t worry, there are a few ways to fix the issue if you’re certain the PlayStation 4 controller isn’t working in your game on PC.

PS4 Controller Not Working In Game on PC Working Fixes

Fix One: The Gamepad Driver

Step one: Make sure you’ve got the latest driver for your PC.

If you haven’t downloaded the latest version of the driver, download it now.

You can download it by clicking here, right-clicking, and choosing Properties.

In Step 3 you’ll see a Compatibility tab when you click on “Properties.

Run this program in Windows Compatibility Mode. Choose your operating system or your version of Windows from the drop-down menu.

Now that you’ve installed the program, it’s time to configure some settings. Click the “Finish Setup” button at the bottom right-hand corner.

After you’re done, restart the computer and try again.

If the PS4 controller is still not working in-game on your PC, try this next fix.

Fix Two: For Windows, Troubleshoot Hardware and Devices

Step 1: Click the Windows key on your keyboard and search for “Settings”, or better still Press the “Windows Key + I”. It will take you directly to “Settings”.
Step 2: Scroll till you can see the “Update & Security” section
Step 3: Click on the “Troubleshoot” button. It is to the left of the Settings button. You should also see it as soon as you open Settings app.
Step 4: Then proceed to select “Hardware and Devices”
Step 5: Click on the “Run the troubleshooter” button.

If the PlayStation 4 controller is not working in-game on your PC, this may fix it.

Fix Three: Switch Port

The problem is probably a hardware issue, a problem with the port, or something completely broken with the device.

It may be the case that the PS4 controller couldn’t utilize all of the bandwidth available from the USB 3.0 port.

You want to connect the USB controller to a different USB port on your computer. Try to find a USB 2.

Fix Four: Reduce Device Overload

If your PC is overloaded, the controller will be unable to detect your Xbox controller.

It’s best to disconnect all of your other devices when using the TV remote.

There are some things to be aware of when using a USB hub. First, always make sure that the gamepad is detached from the hub and inserted into the computer, then make sure that the gamepad is not connected to any other device, because sometimes the other devices can interfere with the connection.

Fix Five: Disable/Enable Your Gamepad For Windows.

Overloading a computer is the cause of many issues, such as the inability of the computer to detect a controller device, or the computer freezing while attempting to play games.

I’m going to try to reduce the number of devices connected to my computer, including the TV.

Also, when you are using a USB hub, ensure that you detach the gamepad from the USB hub and insert it directly into the PC, this also follows the first explanation, because, sometimes, interference may occur due to the other devices that are attached to the hub.

Fix Six: Reinstall Your Gamepad

Step one: Open the Device Manager
Step two: Find the gamepad on the list of devices >> Right click on it and then select Uninstall device
Step three: A confirmation will appear asking you to choose, select uninstall
Step four: The driver will be completely removed
Step five: Restart your PC.

If the operating system isn’t started then it cannot complete the driver installation process and you will need to install the missing driver manually.

The problems that plagued the PS4’s controller should be solved.

If the PS4 controller is not working for you in-game on PC, then this could be because it’s permanently damaged. Check to make sure that the PS4 controller isn’t broken by using the ‘PS4 Controller Troubleshooter’ available on the web, and then contact us if you’re still having trouble.

You might want to try different PS4 controllers to see if they work with your PC.

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