Fixed: PS4 Controller Not Showing Up In Device Manager

A lot of people decide to eventually switch from using TV screens to computers for gaming purposes, could be the comfort, boredom, damage to the TV, personal preference, or just down to design.

As with any computer, problems arise, and sometimes those problems can be more frustrating than others.

1.You’ll probably have a lot more luck if you install a different version of Windows

2. The problem is that the device driver for the PS4 controller is part of that newer version of Windows

This issue is quite a common one to encounter and it is easy to fix. However, this problem is so much more complicated when it comes to the Xbox One. In this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know about the Xbox One controllers.

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The most common reason why people suffer from the symptoms that I just described are

PS4 Controller Not Showing Up In Device Manager – Causes

Windows update is
The drivers are not installed
There are buggy updates
There might even be a case of being identified as an audio

PS4 Controller Not Showing Up In Device Manager – Fixes

Update the game controllers

A wireless controller for PC’s is usually powered by the following drivers: Bluetooth HID device, HID-compliant game controller, and the Bluetooth Wireless Controller.

If your PC doesn’t detect your PS4 controller, you should check out these drivers.

A step by step process on how you can do this

Step 1: Click on the Windows key > search for device manager > click on settings > after search entry > select device manager.

In either case, you can do this the quicker way by clicking on both the Windows and Shift keys and then selecting Device Manager.

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Step 4:

The Bluetooth Wireless Controller is in the Bluetooth section of the store.

Step 3: Click on the drive you want to upgrade, then click on the “Install Device” button.

You can do all of the following things by yourself, but I recommend using one of these Amazon tools.
Step 2: Click ‘Search automatically for updated driver software‘.
Step 3: Enter your model number.
Step 4: Click ‘Search for updated driver software‘.
Step 5: Download the drivers that are needed and install them.

The computer is already loaded with the necessary software for you to install. You simply need to perform a search for new driver files, and then click to install them.

When asked to install the drivers on your computer, you should follow these instructions exactly: right-click and select update driver.

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