PS4 Controller Keeps Lagging and Disconnecting? Here Are Some Causes and Fixes

This is how to play The Evil Within 2. Get ready to have your mind blown. You will engage all your senses and reflexes to get through the level, and the controller lag and disconnects are just part of it.

I know, that would be frustrating.

You’ve got to play your favorite games, right now. Your PS4 controller seems to be ignoring your every input and keep disconnecting intermittently.

The PS4’s DualShock 4 is a good game controller that does not often fail. However, it will always fail from time to time.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some possible causes of your PS4 controller lagging and disconnecting, and looking at some helpful tips on how to fix this problem.

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What Causes the Lagging and Disconnecting on Your PS4?

The PS4 does not require a line of sight, but obstructions may affect the strength and range of the signal that your controller sends. If your game doesn’t work properly, please make sure that there aren’t any nearby obstructions.

Interference. Your PlayStation 4 Controller operates on the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth spectrum, which is susceptible to interference from devices like Wi-Fi routers.

Your PS4 is having a hardware problem with some of the buttons. Input lag could be causing some problems.

How to fix it if your PS4 Controller Keeps Lagging and Disconnecting

There are several possible fixes you can try to fix the lag and disconnection issues you have on your PS4 controller.

Would you like to tell us which of them worked for you?

1. Move or shut down devices that may be causing interference

If your ps4 controller keeps disconnecting and lagging, you might need to move your wi-fi router, laptops, phones, or other devices away from the general area of your gaming console.

Even a hard drive with a USB 3.0 connection may be the culprit.Q:

2. Disconnect and reconnect your PS4 controller

With your PlayStation 4, you can simply disconnect and reconnect your controller to reset all of its settings.

Go to your PlayStation 4 Settings> navigate to Devices and select Bluetooth Devices > select the controller with the lagging and disconnection issues from the list > then select the “Disconnect” option > The PS4 controller is now disconnected > Press the PS button on the controller to establish a reconnection.

3. Reset your PS4 controller

You have tried all the options I suggest to fix the lag and disconnection issues with your controller and it hasn’t worked. It is time to reset your controller.

Resetting your DualShock 4 controller is quite simple and straightforward.

In the rear of the controller is a small hole near the left shoulder button >> Insert a toothpick or SIM ejector into the hole and press the button buried in it. Hold it down for about five seconds.

The controller should now be reset. To reestablish a connection, follow the same step in the second fix.

You’ll need to use the D-pad, A, B, X, and Y buttons to navigate through the options menu. Once you select the option, select “OK” to confirm.

4. Clear your PS4 cache

If your Playstation 4 Controller keeps disconnecting, you should clear your game console’s cache.

When you’re playing games online, this usually solves game lag and connection issues.

When you first start using your PS4, you’ll find that there’s no settings option for clearing your PS4’s cache. You’ll have to go about it manually.

You must turn the PS4 off first to clear its cache. If it is in Rest Mode, the process will not work. Press the PS4 button and bring up the Quick Menu >> Select Turn Off PlayStation 4 » Once the indicator light on the console has stopped flashing, unplug the power cable from the back of the game console >> Wait for about half a minute, the put the power cable back into the PS4 and start it up as usual.

If you have tried all the methods to fix the problem of your PS4 controller lagging and disconnecting and the issue persists, then it may be a problem with the controller itself.

Connecting the PS4 controller to your console is a great idea. If you borrow a friend’s controller you won’t have to worry about making any mistakes.

It’s worth waiting for a while before replacing your current PlayStation 4 controller.