PROCOR Pricing Vs. CoConstruct Pricing: How These Differ?

PROCORE and CoConstruct both construction management software, are the top contenders in the construction management industry. Both software provides excellent construction management software and share many common features, but each encompasses some key features that set them apart and make them valuable assets for their users. Yet, mostly pricing and key features become the deciding factors for the buyers. Let’s have a closer look at the PROCORE pricing and the CoConstruct pricing details. 

PROCORE Software— An Intro 

PROCORE software is cloud—based construction management software that allows construction teams of project management, construction companies, property owners, contractors, and partners to share document access data and planning, collaborate on construction projects, and access their business through the internet from anywhere.  

PROCORE Construction Software manages your resources, financials, and construction projects from planning to closing out. PROCORE streamlines project communication & documentation to assist business owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors, and increase project efficiency & accountability. 

For all project—related materials the software includes features i.e., Drawing markups, meeting minutes, and document storage. Via drones, videos and data can be streamed into the system.  

PROCORE software also provides an app marketplace, with 300+ partners, including an enterprise file storage; Box, and a content management company; Botlink, a joint venture by Packet Digital that allows users to stream both video and data from drones surveying their construction projects; and Dexter + Chaney, an ERP provider. 

PROCORE software provides a centralized—dashboard to its customers that permits handling tasks, assignments, projects, and other affairs from one place. The software integrates with more than 150 other applications to provide extensive options to its users. Additionally, the centralized system allows the user to be on the same page with their teams and communicate effectively.

This allows simultaneous reception of notifications and updates by everyone, which produces productive outcomes and streamlined workflow. 

To achieve a streamlined workflow and productive outcomes the software enables updates and notifications to be received simultaneously by everyone.

CoConstruct Software— An Intro 

CoConstruct is the top all—in—one construction project management software for custom home building and remodeling teams that provides tools for managing clients, financials, and projects. With QuickBooks Desktop or Online, the users can sync data from estimates, selections, specifications, budgets, bids, and change orders. Its mobile app allows its users to manage their projects in the field from their tablet or desktop.

CoConstruct software provides scheduling, communication, a job log, file management, client and subcontractor management, warranty tracking, change order tracking, construction project management, and more. 

Builders, contractors, and other team members can coordinate schedules, track to-do tasks, track job—site activities, and sync complex installations by using its Project Manager feature. Which also assists with prospecting, estimating, and bidding. CoConstruct software offers email, text, and SMS communication stored in one place which helps in streamlining client communication.

All CoConstruct pricing plans include phone and online support, a dedicated implementation coach, and custom branding to match the builder’s website.

MCoConstruct has 842 reviews and holds 4.71/ 5 stars rating while Procore has 2518 reviews and holds 4.48/ 5 stars rating. 

PROCORE Pricing vs. CoConstruct Pricing—An Overview 

CoConstruct pricing starts from —EssentialAt $99/month, $399 after 2 months: Suitable for teams wanting to achieve simpler project planning and more efficient job sites. 

Advanced—at $399/month, $699 after 2 months: Suitable for builders who want to create estimates with confidence and are looking for complete financial control.

Completeat $899/month: $1,299 after 2 months: Suitable for people ready to centralize all complex processes; including selections and RFIs, into one simple platform.

PROCORE does not offer a free plan for its customers. But for its paid customers, it offers 3 different plans.   

PROCORE pricing starts from— Connect the field and Office— at $667.00 /month (paid annually).  

Manage Projects and Finances— at $870 /month (paid annually).  

Maximize ROI— $ 1182.00 /month (paid annually).  

PROCORE Cost vs. CoConstruct Cost

To find out more about the two software, u need to head to their respective sites to get a demo and an in—depth analysis of your required specifications. 

PROCORE Vs. CoConstruct — A Comparison 

CoConstruct is frequently mentioned as a smart and simplified home building and remodeling tool, providing teams with a pleasant environment to cooperate; it helps in the building and project execution nonetheless the accounting needs of a construction company are also been taken care of by this software.

The unique degree of customization is the best feature provided by this system that allows users to configure every function to their needs, while still adhering to the prescribed rules and standards of their industry.

Simultaneously, CoConstruct is a cloud-hosted maintenance-free application that is open for integration and mobile usage, and its reasonable price is like a cherry on top. This makes the system a handy solution for every business or contractor interested in winning tenders or simply streamlining and accelerating delivery.

PROCORE software and CoConstruct software both have been awarded the Best Usability awards by SoftwareSuggest. These awards have been given based on their overall performance in the Construction Management Software category.

CoConstruct is suitable for every type of business from small to large in the building, construction, electrical, repair, plumbing, HVAC, contracting, engineering, architecture, and similar industries. PROCORE is excellent for mid-sized and enterprise—level building businesses. 

PROCORE provides a free trial for its users so that they can experience the software in real time and judge its suitability by themselves. However, CoConstruct does not provide any free trials for its customers. Both the software have gathered positive reviews from their respective customers.

Concluding Remarks

There is a huge difference in PROCORE pricing vs. CoConstruct pricing. CoConstruct construction software costs less as compared to PROCORE cost, but PROCORE provides more features (17) as compared to 13 by CoConstruct and is rated higher (99/100) than CoConstruct (97/100). The blog has provided you with an ample amount of information and now you can choose suitable construction software according to your organizational requirements. 

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