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The item which you should enchant at the very first should be a pickaxe. It will help in various ways. It will not only help you in mining resources but also will allow you to gain minerals in larger quantities. It all depends upon the enchantment you choose. For instance, one enchantment allows you to gain 4 diamonds only. I will explain some amazing enchantments that are highly used for the pickaxe.

Pickaxe Enchantment Minecraft

The pickaxe is the major item and is used for various purposes. If you want to create a pickaxe you need to put 2 sticks in the second column or the crafting table. After that place at least 3 wooden planks above the sticks in each row. With the help of a pickaxe, you can easily collect all the stones and win the game.

Iron Pickaxe Enchantments

This enchantment is very much useful in mining stone blocks and ores. All they have ro do is combine stone items for crafting. You have to gather all the mineral resources like iron and coal. It can also collect other blocks but won’t be that effective.

Netherite pickaxe enchantment

This enchantment is the most powerful. It is not at all easy and mining is also very difficult. If you use this enchantment you will require a lot of time for mining. If you stay consistent and do not stop and reach the end level then you will see that it’s worth it. It can only be mined with the help of a diamond pickaxe. Here are few best netherite pickaxe enchantments mentioned below.

Pickaxe Enchantments 2022:

Here is a list of pickaxe enchantments for the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Enchantment Max Level ID
Curse of Vanishing
I 71
V 32
III 35
I 70
Silk Touch
I 33
III 34

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How to Enchant a Pickaxe

The /enchant command allows users to enchant pickaxes they are currently holding.

For instance, you can enchant the pickaxe the player DigMinecraft is holding with Fortune III by using the /enchant command.

/enchant DigMinecraft fortune 3

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Efficiency (V) 

Efficiency is among the most wanted and useful enchantments which you can easily use on a pickaxe. Their ratio might increase by breaking blocks with the help of tools. This specifically works on stone and ore. Through using this enchantment you can easily speed up your mining speed up to 45%. All you need to do is check all the 5 levels before applying.

It expands the speed of mining and allows it to yield minerals and stone way too quickly. This enchantment is very beneficial and will help you mining and wherever you see the minerals it will automatically increase the speed and you will easily find coal, iron, and diamonds.

Fortune (III)

This enchantment boosts black drops and is specifically used for the purpose of mining and digging. It expands the ratio of getting extra material from just a single block. This is extraordinarily beneficial when you are in search of a limited item but you only find a few.

This will help you in multiplying the products and items. All you need to do is get the best use of this enchantment. For instance, if you are gaining 1 diamond per block by using this enchantment you can easily gain 4 diamonds. This is one of the finest enchantments in Minecraft.

Silk Touch (I)

Silk touch is used to gather all the items and in case you miss it then you won’t be able to achieve all the items like grass block and blue ice.

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Unbreaking (III) 

This unbreaking enchantment raises the durability of the items. It also decreases the time that you no longer have to spend extra time to repair the pickaxe. If you are short of time all you need to do is place this pickaxe and the rest will be done automatically. It is famous for increasing the life span of any item. It helps in keeping the item saved.

Once you use it this enchantment takes care of it so the next time when you use it stays as it is and has the same durability as you used it for the first time. Every single tool has a different purpose. If at any time you are low on tools then using this enchantment can help you in achieving your target.

Mending (I): 

When you will use mending enchantment that orbs will restore the pickaxe rather than charging up its character. It is very beneficial to use. It is one of the most important enchantments among all. Although this is the last Enchantment to put on pickaxe this is the most in-demand. This will keep your items stay long-lasting even though you have used them multiple times.

Curse of Vanishing (I) 

This enchantment can be used to destroy your enemies you can’t use it though as it will destroy your important items.


As you all know that Netherite weapons are very powerful so mobs will take 2 to 3 strikes with the sword. Although looting enchantment is very beneficial and easy. You may find looting and fortune similarly but they are different from each other as one has mobs and the other has blocked.


This enchantment is very easy to use. The sword is very strong but if you cross the borderline you will surely regret it. The sharpness enchantment deals with the damages. You can easily go up to level 5 in this game.

Level 30 pickaxe enchantment: 

Players use tables in order to add on extra bonuses in the game. If you are on level 1 and want to reach level 5 all you need to do is kill mobs and defeat the enemies in less time than the opponent. If you want to reach level 30 you have to do it likewise.

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Pickaxe from Minecraft mod: 

There are few pickaxes that are not available in a java version or in the vanilla version. If you want to install them make sure you install the right mods. Although every mode is free, the installation process is a bit difficult.

The Emerald Pickaxe

This pickaxe can easily be formed by using overpowered pickaxe mode. You can add new pickaxes from different blocks or cookies. This version is said to be the strongest, fastest and most reliable version of a diamond pickaxe. This is specially used for emeralds as they are the most unique blocks in Minecraft.

The Weather pickaxe

This pickaxe is also a very unique tool in the overpowering mode. Although you cannot break the block with its help, you can easily summon water by selecting all the empty spaces. You can form this with the help of three buckets of water and two sticks.

Auto Smelting Pickaxe

This pickaxe gives permission to the players that can easily smelt versions of oreo blocks and they don’t need to use a furnace for this. In case you are mining an iron box, you will get an iron instantly. This is the same for gold and diamonds as well. You have all the power in turning cobblestones into stones quickly.

Pickaxe of Life 

This pickaxe is usually available in more pickaxe mod. It is very expensive as for this you should have 2 diamonds, 1 totem of undying, 1 pink tulip and 2 sticks to form this pickaxe. It gives you extra power to win the game.



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