Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video

If you’ve cut your cable service and are ready to change your attention towards streaming services. There are numerous streaming services to pick from that include Netflix along with Amazon Prime Video. Which one should you choose? This is based on your personal preferences in entertainment, your devices that are in your home, and your budget. Let’s look at the features of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are all about.


The world’s most popular on-demand services for streaming videos. The Netflix library includes hundreds of TV shows movies, documentaries, as well as other videos.

Netflix Pros: Netflix Cons:
  • Many packages for reasonable costs
  • Streaming is available through Roku and other devices
  • Lots of exclusive content as well as original series
  • Quality audio and video that is consistent
  • There is no live streaming or live TV channels
  • Content changes and disappears from the streaming catalog

Amazon Prime Video

An on-demand streaming service that is available as element of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video Pros: Amazon Prime Video Cons:

  • An enormous library of content, including 18,000+ film as well as 4,000+ television series
  • Popular original series
  • Watch on Thursday Night Football live using X-Ray
  • Standard when you join Amazon Prime membership

  • This does not comprise live television
  • The majority of libraries aren’t exclusive
  • Not a great deal when separated from the other perks offered by Amazon Prime.

What’s the Difference Between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

While these streaming services are alike, they do have some significant distinctions. Amazon Prime Video is free when you subscribe to Amazon Prime. If you are not subscribed to Amazon Prime however, you can choose the option of signing up for Amazon Prime Video costing $8.99 each month. Netflix is a service you can sign up for directly. Netflix offers a variety of plans for different prices Each one of them features a distinct video quality.

Both services provide unique and exclusive content. Netflix definitely offers many exclusive shows, however, sometimes it offers quantities at the cost of quality. Both services have produced award-winning series and films. Netflix has more exclusives that are not original However, Amazon occasionally releases films earlier after they have left theaters.

Amazon Prime Video isn’t as all-inclusive as Netflix. Certain titles advertised as accessible through Amazon Prime Video cannot be watched with the basic subscription. Instead, these titles can be viewed via Amazon Prime Video’s storefront. The brains behind Amazon Video Prime deserve some praise for identifying premium content that’s not included in the standard subscription. There’s no chance to confuse with Netflix. The entire Netflix library of content is accessible to everyone who is Netflix customers.

Netflix’s Premium edition of Netflix offers high-definition content, but the other Netflix streaming options don’t. Amazon Prime Video subscribers can simultaneously stream three films in 4K HD resolution at no cost, but there are some limitations. Not every Prime Video content is available in 4K.

What Can You Watch on Netflix as compared to. Amazon Prime Video?

Both services offer an extensive selection of movies, TV shows as well as exclusive programming. Netflix has more than 11,000 titles. Amazon Prime Video has 180,000plus movies and more than 4500 TV shows. Amazon Prime Video provides subscribers with live Thursday Night Football streams. The Thursday Night Football streams can be watched using X-Ray technology, which means that viewers can access in real-time stats, previous games and information on the teams and more.

Netflix has no live streaming feature. Netflix offers sports-related content, but it’s as sports-related films as well as documentaries. If you’re a fan of football and you love football, you’ll enjoy Amazon Prime Video’s live streaming that air on Thursday Night Football more than the sports-related on-demand content on Netflix.

Some critics of entertainment are a bit partial towards Amazon Prime Video as its exclusive content is of a particularly top quality. Amazon Prime Video features popular shows such as The Man in the High Castle Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Mr. Robot, Transparent, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. However, Netflix isn’t a slouch also: Its own original original series include 13 Reasons to Be Happy, Our Planet, Car Masters: Rust to Riches Then They Meet Us, Black Mirror, Narcos, Stranger Things, BoJack Horseman and plenty more. The Netflix Roma, the film Roma was awarded an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in the year 2019.

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How much will you spend on Netflix in comparison to. Amazon Prime Video?

The most well-known plan offered by Netflix is known as “Basic”, and it costs $9.99 each month. If you’re interested in Netflix in HD resolution choose Standard. Standard plan (Netflix’s most well-known plan) priced at $15.49 monthly. A Premium edition of Netflix costs $19.99 per month and includes streaming that is 4K high-definition. Each of these plans gives access to the complete Netflix library. The main difference between these package options is in the high-quality of the video streaming as well as the number of devices you’ll be able stream to simultaneously.

Amazon Prime Video is free for Amazon Prime subscribers. There is also the option of subscribing Amazon Prime Video for $8.99 per month. If you’d like to have access to the entire Amazon Prime Video catalog, Prime music, discounts on shopping and shipping benefits with the Amazon Prime Membership, you’ll be charged $12.99 per month or $119 per year for the full year.

Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which Should You Pick?

If you’re already a subscriber to Amazon Prime and have a Prime membership, the choice is straightforward: Amazon Prime Video is included in the price of your Amazon Prime Membership. While Netflix’s offerings are certainly different from the content in Amazon Prime Video, you might not have the need to purchase Netflix since your current Prime membership offers on-demand video.

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime subscriber, you face a difficult decision to make. If you’re a fan of football it’s possible to choose Amazon Prime Video because it gives live streaming from Thursday Night Football with an interactive element. The sports content on Netflix is restricted to a few selections of sports-related movies and shows.

Beyond live sports, however Netflix’s catalog is tough to beat. It’s massive as well as full of new and unique content. While some of the content on Netflix is top-quality, there are many critically acclaimed treasures.

If cost is your main priority and you’re looking to watch the best quality video, Amazon Prime Video provides more value. Consider you can also enjoy Amazon Prime also provides Prime music as well as shipping benefits and discounts with its Prime membership, and you’ll have added reasons to opt for Amazon Prime Video over Netflix however the calculations change when you consider Amazon Prime Video as a standalone subscription.

Of course you have the option to choose!

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