What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone – Best Fixes

Many users see the “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error at times. It can get tiring when we need to send an urgent message.

And the fact that text messaging is such an important part of our daily lives, if anything happens to interrupt that vital part of communication, it could be devastating.

Users with iPhone (iOS) or Android devices have seen the “message blocking is active” error immediately after sending a text, and for most users, T-Mobile is the only carrier that causes this issue.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘unable to send message’ message and see what options we can explore.

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What does message blocking is active mean?

On Android devices and iPhones the message block feature is active when you block another user. If you block another user you get a popup error that says “Message Blocked.

The first thing to note when you receive this error message is that the sender either has you blocked or blocked you.

Service outage

The “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error message could mean that you have a service outage.

So you should give it a few minutes or hours before trying again, as your network provider might be doing maintenance and pause the messaging service.

Shortcode issues

We’ve heard from T-Mobile that it could be an issue with the shortcode.

There are two types of “message blocking is active” errors: one which is caused by shortcodes being either inactive or incorrect, and another which is caused by incorrect plugin activation.

Make sure the number is definitely your own. If it’s not, then the issue could be on T-Mobile’s end. Contact them to let them know.

Text message app restrictions

The “free msg: recipient unable to receive message – message blocking is active” error would mean that the recipient has restricted messages coming from a certain group of users.

Some messaging apps might have trouble working seamlessly with your carrier.

If any of these was used, you might have to check to see if you can manually allow these applications.

A: If you were to start your own business selling anything, this would be the first thing to do.

If there isn’t an option to allow these applications, then it’s possible that you cannot resolve this issue on your own.1.

Data plan issues

You should subscribe to a plan that offers a money-back guarantee so you can cancel it within the first month if it doesn’t work for you.

If you’re trying to send text messages from a Data only plan, then there’s a chance that the message won’t go through and you’ll get this error message.

Check for premium message support

You should make sure the service you’re sending messages to supports a premium text messaging service.

For this tip, we’ll be talking about how to check if your recipient can’t receive messages from you, and if it is, what to do about it.

How to fix and unblock “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error issue on Android and iPhones

To have this error message fixed, you should try one of the following possible solutions.

Which option was better for you? Let us know in the comments.

Fix 1: Check coverage

If the coverage in an area is listed as None, then you won’t be able to send or receive text messages or make and receive phone calls

Fix 2: Is your phone active?

The device settings page in your account shows all of your active devices. If it’s listed as Suspended or Still Porting, then you can’t receive or send text messages.

Fix 3: Are text messaged part of your plan?

In the “Device” section of your Amazon account device settings page, check to see if the Can Send/Receive Text Messages setting is enabled.

Enable this option if not yet enabled. If you don’t seem to be able to enable the option, then likely, you don’t have text messaging as a part of your plan or your number is inactive.

Fix 4: What’s the country code?

A simple Google search of the country code will help you see if you are using the correct one.

How to turn off message blocking Fix 5: Restart the process

If the “free msg: receiver unable to receive message – message blocking is active.” error is only on one phone, there might be issues with the number.

Delete and re-save the number and try again.

Fix 6: Eject and Swap the SIMs

Swapping the SIM cards in your Samsung phone will make it possible to test out a new SIM before you’re ready to commit to using

If it works, then the issue is probably with the SIM.

If you need to use your SIM card in a different country, it’s probably not SIM-specific, so make sure you know what

How to deactivate message blocking Fix 7: Unblock

If you’re getting the “unable to send message – message blocking is active” error, it’s worth trying to get the person who’s blocked to unblock you. Often, this will work.

When you’re not sure if you’ve been blocked or not, call the number.Q:

There is a very high possibility that you’ve been blocked.

If your calls aren’t going through, then it might help to try other solutions.

How to unblock message blocking Fix 8: Text Content

Some users have been able to resolve this by sending only plain texts in messages.

There is a chance that this error was caused by all the other non-plain-texts added to the message.

Delete all attachments, emojis, pictures, or graphics in the message and then try again.

Do you have an android message blocking is active problem, or are you experiencing the “message blocking is active” error on iPhone?

Which of these fixed the “message blocking is active” error for you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Fix 9: Do A Complete Factory Reset
The last resort would be a factory reset of our device.

To do this, go to Settings >> select Reset >> tap Factory Data Reset >> enter the information it asks for and do a complete factory reset of your phone.

The trick is to be very last resort, because it doesn’t work most of the time, and will cause some damage to your credit.

How to Turn OFF Message Blocking Is Active on iPhone 6, 7, 8, XR or 12

There are many fixes you can try to make sure message blocking is active on iPhone. We’ll be sharing some of the best ones here.

We’ve noticed that iPhones users have more things (beyond the ones we recommend for Android users) to take attention should they see the error: “Free Msg: Unable to send message – Message Blocking is active.

This might include a software update or an app to fix a problem.

So, if you want to try these fixes as we’ve arranged them from easiest to more difficult, go to Amazon and download the Kindle version of the book.

Make sure your phone is restarted and that this issue occurs again.

Fix 1: Check That the Recipient Information Is Entered Correctly

Mistakes happen so if you’re having problems with messages and emails being delivered, it could be a simple mistake of entering the address incorrectly. So, make sure it’s correct!

Misspelled words would cause a text message or an email to not deliver to a recipient.

Check your phone number and email is correct.

Fix 2: Eject and Swap the SIMs

Swap out your SIM card for a new one in your Samsung phone. Use the new one to text message your friends.

This isn’t your iPhone. There’s a good chance it’s your SIM that’s broken, not the

If you’re having issues sending or receiving text messages, then you may want to check to see if that issue is device- or SIM-specific

Fix 3: Turn iMessage OFF

Turning iMessage off is both a fix and a way to isolate the problem.

One of the iPhones could be the culprit, so turn one off and try messaging with the other, and in this case it will be the regular text app on your iPhone.

To do this, go to Settings >> go to Messages >> select Turn iMessage OFF.

If that doesn’t work, try sending another message. And then another, and then maybe a third time.

Fix 4: Try to send a Text Using iMessage

It looks like this might be an issue on your iPhone’s iMessage App and I’m going to focus my troubleshooting task to the iMessage app.Q:

C++: how to convert a char array to a string?

I need help to convert this character array to a string:

When sending a photo to someone, ensure that your phone has a good internet connection (always leave iMessage OFF when you don’t have internet connection or an active data plan) >> go to Settings >> select Messages >> select Send & Receive >> tap on the Apple ID >> and select Sign Out >> reboot your iPhone >> go back to the Settings app >> select Messages >> and tap Use Your Apple ID

Fix 5: Check Quality of the Network

Since iMessage uses an internet connection, having a fast internet connection on your phone is extremely important. A lot of people recommend resetting your network settings, but there is absolutely no reason to do that if other internet-based apps on your phone are working fine.

Some applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Chrome can use the internet as long as they have a good Wi-Fi connection.

If it’s not an issue with your texting, then it must be an issue with your phone.

Fix 6: Are They Blocked? Are You Blocked?

This is self-explanatory, when talking about how to turn OFF Message Blocking Is Active on iPhone and android, we recommend this a lot.

If either of you is blocked, you will get this error: Free Msg: Message Blocking is active.

Fix 7: Update to the Latest iOS / Consider the Age of Your iPhone

If you’re using a phone, tablet or computer with Windows 10, be sure to make sure the software is the latest.

Android phones need to update their software more frequently than iPhone’s.

The difference between the first three iPhones and the last three iPhones is the upgrades in the iOS software.

If you’ve got an old iPhone that is probably not getting any new over the air updates, or if you haven’t installed an update for a while, that might be our culprit.

To check for updates for Apple, go to Settings >> select General >> select Software Updates. You can then complete any available updates to your iOS device.

Fix 8: Do A Complete Factory Reset to Fix Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone

If all else fails, you could always try a complete factory reset of your device.

To do this go to the Settings app >> tap General >> select Reset >> select Erase ALL Content and Settings >> enter your Phone PIN code and your Apple ID password to turn OFF Apple Find My service >> the screen will go blank, a progress bar will appear on the upper left hand side of the screen and you will be greeted with flashes of “Hello” in different languages, when the reset completes.

If you’re having trouble getting rid of the fat under your chin, you should try this method, but I should warn you that it may not work.

How to Turn OFF Message Blocking Is Active on Samsung S8, S9, S10, S20, A20, J3, J7

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, all the fixes we recommend for android phones apply to you, and some of them work especially for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Fix 1: Enable Premium SMS on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Android Messages is probably the most popular app on any phone. It’s been around for years and still going strong. If you need a message app that’s different than others, this is it.

Go to Settings >> select Apps >> click on the three dots on the upper right corner of your screen >> select Use the Premium Text Message Services >> select the APP and if you get a popup on allowances, select Allow Always.

Fix 2: Eject and Swap the SIMs

Swap the SIM cards in your Samsung phone and try messaging with a new SIM.

If it works, then it’s probably a SIM issue. In those instances, we’ve had clients run into problems where the inability to send texts was SIM-specific, so it might be worth it to double

Fix 3: Do A Complete Factory Reset to Fix Message Blocking Is Active On Samsung

You can try restoring the device. If that fails, you’ll need to factory reset it to recover it.

Go to Settings >> select Reset >> tap Factory Data Reset >> enter the information it asks for and do a complete factory reset of your phone to have it return to default.

You’ll have to try this, but you should expect it to work if you’re willing to risk it.

Message Blocking Is Active Text Messages Problem on Lycamobile

If you are experiencing the message blocking is active text messages on Lycamobile problem, here are some possible fixes that could work for you.

With the message blocking is active notification when you send a message on Lycamobile if your plans expire and you haven’t recharged.

To resolve the “Message Blocking Is Active Text Messages” problem on Lycamobile, visit the Lycamobile website and purchase a plan.

If you’ve been seeing this issue on your Amazon pages, now is a good time to upgrade your plan.

We’ll recommend turning off your Wi-Fi to see if messages are able to send.

A fix for this problem has been discovered and we have a solution in the pipeline. We are working to provide an update as soon as possible.

You should put the Lycamobile sim card in another smartphone because we are going to recommend using another smartphone.

We’ve noticed that some sim-related issues are device-specific. To fix it, we suggest using a different device.

It’s possible that the problem lies elsewhere on your computer, or maybe even that the problem is on Lycamobile’s end. You can test out different things until you isolate the problem in question.

Sometimes, you might be able to send from your phone to your email, but you can’t send from your email to your phone. We recommend that you go to Settings >> Networks & Mobile Networks >> Access Point Name >> Input and save the recommended settings from Lycamobile. Another way of fixing this problem is to check if you have the preferred message center settings for Lycamobile.

Go to Menu >> Messages >> Message Settings >> Sending Profiles >> Tap the first profile to see if the figures fit the latest Lycamobile message center.

To reach the Lycamobile message center, call 1-845-301-1612.

How to deactivate Message Blocking is Active on Metro Pcs

An Active on Metro Pcs issue is caused by the message plan you’re using does not allow the feature you are trying to use.

Many of the plans are international calling-only and include a very reasonable rate. If your plan doesn’t include international calls, then it’s best to switch to one that does.

Try switching your phone out for a new one to see if the sim card works with your other device.

If you do, then you should definitely try to find out what might be causing your problem.

Reset your network and then try again. There might be an issue with either your message preferences or your network.

When you have a need for a phone that is up to date and that uses the latest technologies, Metro Pcs is a great option.

You will definitely be happy with this solution.

You should consider the recipient, too. This might cause you to see message blocking is active on Metro Pcs if the recipient’s phone bill isn’t paid.

Can You Still Receive Texts If Your Phone Is Disconnected on Metro Pcs?

No, your call or text may not get through to or from a disconnected phone, if your service is off.

Anyone who texts you when the service is disconnected should receive an error message such as “Subscriber unavailable; service blocked” or “Message blocking is active.

Their messages will be stored in the service provider’s computer system for a limited amount of time.

You can only receive text messages when you are using apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, etc. that require internet connection.


You can use secondary number apps like Google Voice, Sidekick, Pinger, Text Plus, Text Now, Burner, Wickr, BackChat, TextFree, or TextNow

Premium Message Blocking – What It Is and How It Works

Premium message blocking is a feature used to intercept messages or other content from any shortcode or service code, for example, *622, 422618, etc.

These blocks aren’t available for free trials or paid memberships. In order to protect against fraud, the seller needs to use a unique code for each trial and paid membership.

Content like;
Downloads (SMS ringtones, wallpapers, etc.

This will also block standard messages such as one-time pins, fraud alerts, promotional codes, and security codes.

To avoid blocking the important standard messages, you can whitelist the shortcodes that send essential information or reply STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, END, QUIT or CANCEL to any unwanted content from shortcodes.

You’ll be charged for each email you send and received. For more details and to learn how to remove the ads from your inbox, read this post: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/.

Although premium messages cost more than regular messages, the price varies based on the particular content and provider.

1.It is common for Amazon to charge anything between $

2.55 to $

3.00 for each premium message.

Do Texts Say Delivered If Blocked?

The text messages that come from iMessage do not indicate if they were delivered or not.

This is because the message will be sent to the server but the recipient’s mail provider may block it, so it will not be delivered to the recipient.

The same goes for WhatsApp—a single tick indicates Message Sent, and a double tick indicates Message Delivered.

You have to click the box at the top to block the other email address.

This is not possible to know if your regular text messages have been blocked. If you think that might be the case, try to call your friends to see if they can reach you.

But, if the text is not sent due to a poor signal or the phone is turned off, the text will not be delivered. It might say, “No Internet Connection.

A good way to know if you are blocked is to ask directly.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Blocking Your Texts?

Some people can see your texts even if their devices are in Do Not Disturb mode. You may not get any kind of automated response, like “Not Delivered,” but it will still say “Not Delivered.

If your previous texts to the person indicate Delivered, but your latest ones don’t, you may have been blocked.

This is very frustrating and makes it difficult to know if you have your regular texts blocked. There is no confirmation on iOS so there is no way to know if your messages have been blocked.

If your text messages are blocked on WhatsApp, you’ll only see single ticks on your texts which mean it has been sent, but is not read yet.

This is the common thing. Sometimes you don’t see their display picture anymore.

With an Android, you can tell if someone is blocking your texts by deleting their contact and checking if it appears as a suggested contact in your contacts list.

Another way to know if someone is blocking your texts is by calling them.

You might get dropped, but never blocked by an operator.

If you leave a voicemail, the message will go to blocked messages. The recipient won’t know about it unless they call you back.

How Can I Text Someone Who Has Blocked Me?

When someone blocks you, you’ll have to use a social media network, an online messaging service, or a free text messaging service to contact them.

You can text someone who blocked you via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber if you are not blocked there.

Text messaging services allow you to send an anonymous email to the other person’s mobile phone.

You can also just send a regular email or text if you have the person’s email address or phone number, spoof your number to send the text, or text them with another number.

You can also write them a letter, get a new number from Google Voice, use a burner phone, or use anonymous texting services like Flash SMS, SendAnonSMS, Pinger, TextMagic, Infobip, Nexmo, Text Plus, TextForFree, or TxtDropAnont

How Do You Know If An iPhone Message Is Blocked on An Android Phone?

If an iPhone text message is blocked on an android phone, there will be no indication.

Currently there is no way to know if your normal text messages have been blocked.

To display your sent status of a message in WhatsApp, you’ll only see single ticks, meaning that the message has been delivered to the other person’s phone.

You may not see the person’s display picture or status updates anymore.

How Do I Unblock Premium Messages On iPhone?

To unblock premium messages on your iPhone, you’ll need to contact your service provider.

With an iPhone, you can only enable or disable SMS, MMS, and iMessage; there are currently no settings for premium messages.

If you’re having issues with premium messages, first make sure you haven’t blocked the service or shortcode.

You can turn off or turn on your iPhone’s text message alert service.

To manage your blocked numbers on your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts.

Your list of blocked numbers is displayed here.

Go to Settings > Messages > Send as SMS > iMessage and make sure “Send as SMS” and “MMS Messaging” are enabled.

How To See Your Android And iPhone Blocked Messages

To view your blocked contacts:
Go to your messaging application
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner (the three vertical dots)
Select Blocked Contacts
Here, you will see all the blocked contacts for you
You can also choose to delete or restore the contacts, simply press and hold on the contact to reveal some options, then select either Delete or Restore

This app lets you block contacts, text messages, calls, and iMessages. No matter how much they try, they’ll never get through.

These messages are available to you on the person’s Messages app on their phone.

How To Turn OFF Message Blocker On Android

To turn OFF message blocker on Android, you can either unblock the particular contact you are trying to reach or enable premium SMS.Q:

To unblock a contact:

Go to Settings
Find the phone icon and click on it
Tap Call Blocking &Identification
Here, you’ll see a list of your blocked contacts
Click on Edit or swipe left on the contact you are trying to reach to un


Go to your messaging app, tap the menu icon in the top right corner (the three vertical dots), select Settings > Spam filter > Add to spam numbers. Tap and hold the contact you are trying to reach. Select Delete > OK.

To enable premium SMS:

Go to Settings and select More in the top right corner
Tap Application Manager >> All >> Messages
Select Premium SMS and Always Allow

What Apps Can I Use to Block Text Messages?

Some apps you can use to block text messages on your BlackBerry are:
Calls Blacklist
Mood messenger
Hiya caller ID and block
Call Bliss

SMS Shield
Block SMS on iPhone
Number lookup app
Text Blocking App for iPhone
BBM for iPhone
SMS Blocker for iPhone
Unblock SMS on iPhone
Number lookup & Call Block Apps for iPhone
Best Texting Apps for iPhone
BBM for iPhone
SMS Blocker for iPhone
Block and Unblock SMS on iPhone

How To Stop A Message From Sending

To stop a message from sending quickly turn on airplane mode before it’s done sending.

This will work, but it’s better to just call customer service for support. They’ll know what to do and be able to help you much quicker.

The message will be easier to send when it includes an image or a video as part of it.

If you have poor network coverage, then you should text over a photo. This will help you save the data charge and it will go through even if your connection is bad.

If the text is sent before you have the chance to stop it, then it cannot be recalled. However, you can rush over to the phone you sent it to and delete the text before the person sees it.

The same goes for emails – You can quickly turn ON airplane mode to stop the internet connection, causing the message to fail.Q:

With WhatsApp, you can use the Delete for Everyone option to delete the message after it’s been sent to everyone or after a specific number of people have seen it.

If the recipient knows that you deleted a message, they will know that you sent it, but they will not know if you received it.

To stop a text message from sending on an android phone, you can try the same method as explained above or after turning on airplane mode, go to Menu > Settings > Manage Apps > All > Messages > Force Stop and tap it.

How To Send Anonymous Text Message On Android

To send anonymous text messages on Android, you can use apps like;
Signal, Linphone, TextMe Up, SpoofCard, AnonyText, Anonymoustexting, Mustache anonymous texting, Whisper app, Private text messaging & calls, and Cover me.

You can use apps like Google Voice, Sidekick, pinger, TextNow, BackChat, Wickr, TextFree, Textplus, or textfree to get a secondary phone number and send an anonymous text.

You can also send anonymous texts online with services like textrover.com, textusa.com, txtin.com, textforfun.com, sendanonymousmessages.com, sms-text-message.org, textplus.co.uk, and mongoplay.com.

You can write to an online service anonymously. They will read your message and forward it on to the person you want to contact. It’s a handy way of getting hold of people if you don’t have their telephone number.

Make a new Gmail account, and when you have it, get the person’s phone number. Use Google to find their carrier, and add that carrier with the area code to your new Gmail email address.

For example, if the number is 1234567890 and the carrier is T-Mobile, then the domain will be @tmomail.net.

So you will be sending the message to 1234567890@tmomail.


When you see the ‘message blocking is active’ error, you might start to wonder if you’ve been blocked.

Blocking your enemy could be fun, but it becomes much less fun when it’s you who gets blocked.

In this article you’ll learn how to verify that you are really blocked, and how to fix the’message blocking is active’ error.