MacBook Keyboard and Trackpad Not Working? Tips to Fix

It can be frustrating to find your laptop or Macbook keyboard and trackpad not working properly.

Even though it may be difficult to keep your calm in such situations, I would advise that you try to remain calm.

What happened before your MacBook was not working? Can you remember the circumstances surrounding the situation?

It’s most likely a software related issue whenever your keyboard and trackpad stop working at the same time.

Your MacBook may experience a variety of issues, including a keyboard that isn’t working and a trackpad that doesn’t work.

We’d cover some of the most common problems we’ve seen over the years and help you figure out how to get things back up and running again.

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MacBook Keyboard and Trackpad Not Working? Working Fixes You Should Try

It might be possible your keyboard and trackpad have stopped working, but there are a few things you can try to

Fix 1: Check for updates

If your computer runs slowly, your most likely culprit is not a virus, it’s probably the system software. Most of the computer issues we encounter in the office come down to software that hasn’t been updated.

A running system software can cause a MacBook to malfunction.

You need to check for new updates in your system, and then install them.

You can follow the process below to install a Windows update:
STEP 1: Go to “Start” and type “Windows Update”
STEP 2: Click on “Windows Update”
STEP 3: Click on “Check for updates”

Fix 2: Clean your keyboard

Dust and dirt can damage your keyboard and make it not work properly. Cleaning it will prevent these issues and get your computer back up and running quickly.

You should clean your keyboard if it doesn’t work as well as it used to. If you still use a mechanical keyboard, make sure to clean out the keycaps.

1.Follow these steps to clean your keyboard:

2. Hold your MacBook at a 75-degree angle

3. Spray compressed air on the keys in a left-to-right and top-to-bottom motion

Fix 3: Delete recent apps

If you lose your password after downloading an app, delete the app and then log back into Amazon to create a new password.

If you don’t know which app is interfering with your keyboard, you can quit all running apps.

Just click the “Quit All” button in the menu bar. If your keyboard starts working again, then you should check which apps you recently downloaded.

To see your latest apps, click on “Finder” then select Applications from the menu and sort them by Date Added. Now you’ll be able to see only your most recently installed apps.

Fix 4: Reset the SMC

Sometimes your computer gets out of control, and you have to reset the System Management Controller to fix it.

Below is a guide on how to reset the SMC.

If your Macbook has a non-removable battery, follow this process:
STEP 1: Shut down your MacBook.
STEP 2: Press and hold down the “Shift,” “Ctrl,” and “Option” keys together.
STEP 3: Hold on to the keys for about 8 seconds.

Don’t worry. If you press and hold the Power button for three seconds, your Mac will restart and display the Apple logo on the screen.

Step 1: Shut down your MacBook
STEP 2: Remove the battery
STEP 3: Press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds
B: Step 4: Fix your battery back
STEP 5: Turn ON your MacBook
A: How long should I wait before buying a used car?
B: You should only buy a used car if you can do a pre-purchase inspection.

Fix 5: Delete .plist files

Property List list files are used for storing user preferences. They allow us to store information about each item such as user name, title, or other data for each preference.

They contain some files that are required for your keyboard and mouse to function properly.

Changing the settings of your.plist file can sometimes cause your mouse and keyboard to malfunction.

This will usually reset your keyboard and trackpad to the factory settings, which should solve your problem.

In case you don’t know how to delete your.plist files, you can refer to the process below;
STEP 1: Back up your Macbook
STEP 2: Open “Finder”
STEP 3: Press Command + Shift + G
STEP 4: Enter “~/Library/Preferences/” into the bar and click “Go”
STEP 5: Find and highlight the following files:
“” – Magic Trackpad
“” – Magic Mouse
“” – wired USB mouse

Fix 6: Reset PRAM

Resetting your Parameter RAM to zero will resolve most of the software glitches in your computer. It may take you more time, however.

You need to reset your PRAM;
STEP 1: Shut down your MacBook
STEP 2: Reboot your Macbook.

In the process of rebooting, press and hold “Command”, “Option” and “P” and “R”. Wait until you hear the reboot sound or until you see the Apple logo on your screen before you release the keys.

Leave the system to reboot normally


Why Is My Macbook Keyboard and Trackpad Not Working?

Macbook keyboard and trackpad not working can be due to overheating, dead batteries, a faulty track pad, dead touch pad cable, a loose wire, or a dead connector.

Running an outdated software system can affect the performance of your MacBook.

You need to check if there are available system updates for your Macbook.

If you downloaded a recent update for an app on your mobile device, it may be time to download the latest version again. Here’s what you need to know about how to troubleshoot an issue with your computer keyboard or mouse.

It’s working fine. I haven’t tried to access the App Store lately. Try to remember the apps you downloaded a few days ago.

It may be caused by something else in your system such as a virus or an app that’s causing a conflict with the other apps you have installed. Or it could even be a software issue or a hardware fault.

It’s time to clean out that dirty keyboard. If your keyboard’s panel has accumulated too much dirt and debris, it will likely not be as responsive as it should be.

A spill of any kind on your computer can do serious damage to the internal circuitry inside.

If you spill liquid on your Macbook, quickly turn the computer over to prevent the liquid from getting inside the circuit board.

Turn off your computer and leave it to dry out for at least three days.

Why Is My Macbook Mouse Not Working?

If your Macbook mouse isn’t working, try one of these tips.

Your system software may need updating. Apple usually makes some updates to your system so it will work fine.

If you don’t install the updates regularly, it may affect the efficient functioning of your Macbook.

There are a few things you can do to fix this.

In this case, you’ll need to delete some files or else you may have to restore your computer to its default settings.

Your computer’s mouse can break down if it’s filled with water or other liquid.

If you recently spilled liquid on your Macbook mouse and didn’t take proper precautions, it could be why it stopped working.

Your mouse needs to be charged. You will need to purchase a new battery if your mouse is battery-powered.

If your mouse isn’t working, you may have Bluetooth pairing problems.

You should try reconnecting your mouse.

How To Restart Macbook Air With Keyboard

To restart your Macbook Air, press and hold down the Command (⌘) key, then press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key, and

After you’ve logged into your email, click on the Apple Menu in the upper right corner and select “Restart”.

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How To Turn Off Macbook Pro Keyboard

You can easily disable your keyboard by pressing Ctrl + F1.

You can also disable your keyboard by using the Apple Script on Terminal.

You’ll need to use a Terminal Command to use this method.

If you have a Mac, you can open a terminal on your Macbook and enter this command:
“sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.

How To Unlock A Macbook Pro Keyboard

Turn your Macbook off and then back on. Then, when you get to the sign-in screen, press the “option” key five times.

Here’s another keyboard unlocking process for you to try:
STEP 1: Go to “apple menu”
STEP 2: Click on “System Preferences”
STEP 3: Click on “Accessibility”
STEP 4: Click on “Keyboard”
STEP 5: Click “Viewer,” and then select “Enable Accessibility Keyboard”
STEP 6: When the on-screen keyboard appears, click the “option” button five times.

To make your MacBook keyboard light up, tap the F6 key until your keyboard is lit up to your desired brightness.

Your Mac will need to have a check up if it’s not working correctly and you have tried all the tips on this page.

In some cases you may need to contact Apple Support

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