A job experience section in your CV explains a lot about your background and professional qualities. It gives employers an understanding of your duties and how you deal with them. However, to complete your resume and make it more attractive to recruiters and potential employers, you have to fill in the skills section too. This field lets you crystallize what knowledge and professional features helped you succeed at your previous workplace and why the next company will urgently need them. 

If you are looking for a full-time job, the importance of the hard/soft skills description is hard to overestimate. Companies scrutinize dozens or even hundreds of candidates for a particular position. They don’t have time to analyze each job experience and extract the necessary skills the candidate might have. The more self-explanatory your presentation is, the higher your chances are to land this job. Specialists from Jooble, a leading job search engine worldwide, have examined the most wanted skills employers want to see in the resume. 

Computer skills

Nowadays, you can barely find a vacancy that wouldn’t require at least basic computer literacy. Most well-paying and promising jobs presume a higher, intermediate, or even advanced level of computer skills. However, it is a broad term, and we should clarify it. So, what exactly do employers expect you to know?
For example, being a confident user of Microsoft Office and Google Apps programs are a must in most companies. On the other hand, knowledge of coding languages (HTML, Full Stack Java Developer, Javascript, or C++) as well as using helpful tools like the best vpn for a better connection is highly tailored for particular vacancies.

First, let’s highlight that computer skills fall into two categories: software and hardware. Thanks to the first ones, you can fulfill various tasks, such as analyzing data, producing illustrations, managing processes across teams, visualizing calculations, communicating with other employees etc. The list is long since functional software abilities are developing at light speed. On the other hand, you don’t need to know all of them. While some skills are common in different fields and can be marked as default ones, the others are too specific and applicable to particular spheres. Hardware skills comprise the physical operation of the computer. It can be anything from turning it on/off to connecting complex devices and creating more powerful data processing centers. Hard computer skills mean you can make the device work, change its quality features, use the best tool where it’s needed, for example if you need to create a logo or edit a photo you can use a luminar neo,  fix the machine if it’s broken and so on. They are less common in job descriptions yet very welcome among employers. 

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills include a wide range of various features that help you effectively exchange messages with other people. Although we live in a highly digitalized world where people can successfully avoid live communication for a long time, skills contributing to a productive interpersonal dialogue matter as much as never before. Employees who can build relationships with other team members perform well and feel a more personal attachment to work. As a result, they advance in their career and become sought-after specialists.

Usually, candidates mention interpersonal skills without a deep understanding of their nature. Every second resume tells its owner is responsible, motivated, flexible, patient, enthusiastic about her job, and has leadership qualities. Good when it’s true. However, the best way to present these features is to showcase how you used them while dealing with career challenges. For example, don’t write that you possess management skills. Briefly describe the success story from your previous work when you organized people and resources efficiently and reached the set goal using unusual approaches. Don’t just claim you are motivated. Everyone is motivated, while looking for a job. We all need money. Emphasize what technologies or methods you implemented in your previous workplaces to make the company more profitable or more responsive to its workers or customers. If you have an opportunity to show that your skills are traced to cases, you will immediately grab employers’ attention. 

Remember, while hiring people in a full-time position, all companies expect to have hard-working and devoted specialists. May your empathy, teamwork spirit, active listening features, and mentorship approach speak for themselves. 

Leadership skills

Leadership skills belong to one of the most sought-after ones in the resume. Even if you are not applying for a senior position, this feature will help you move up the career ladder faster. In a nutshell, leadership skills are all about getting people organized and making them reach a set goal. As a leader, you must know how to motivate people and help them stay focused on their personal aspirations. When we say someone demonstrates leadership skills, we think of a combination of many transferable skills you will need everywhere, no matter what position you want to take. Many positive professional skills can be marked as leadership ones. 

For example, such interpersonal skills as active listening help people complete projects faster. When employees can freely express their thoughts, doubts, or opinions on the tasks, they are more confident about the project outcomes and its value for the customers and the company itself. Empathy makes leaders more approachable to the team and other managers. If people know you are a human being who can listen to others, give advice, react to feedback and share corporate and personal values, they will collaborate with you more eagerly. A leader is also a mentor who can teach and supervise. It’s not enough to know something. The best way to apply knowledge is to share it with others.

If you aren’t afraid of taking responsibility not only for your results but also for the results of the team, you are likely to have strong leadership skills too. Developing such inclinations helps you find a better workplace and realize your potential to the fullest. 

To sum up, looking for workers for a full-time position, employers expect candidates to have many positive features. However, computer, interpersonal, and leadership skills belong to one of the most sought-after skills of the latest years. Before applying for any job, find a moment to review the most wanted skills, employers expect workers to have. They definitely help you succeed in your career. 


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