Light Up Your Christmas Decorations With Boxes

The business owners who need to ship products usually use simple custom boxes or custom printed boxes for this purpose. Yes! Good quality boxes are significant for two reasons. The first reason is that it keeps the products inside it safe & secure till its delivery. The second reason is that it proffers the customers a pleasant unboxing experience. 

The companies spent a lot of time & effort in making their products up to the mark. But, these days, every business owner has also identified the significance of packaging or custom printed boxes. 

  • Creatively Use All Spare Boxes At Your Home 

Like me, this guide is for you if you have a huge collection of custom boxes from various companies in your store. I recently used these creative ideas. It doesn’t only free up space from your house that these boxes have occupied for years. But also, it lets you enjoy your creativity. 

Christmas is the most exciting time for all of us. Why not use all of these boxes on this special occasion to lighten up or beautify your house. At the same time, you will be able to free up that space as well. These are just a few ideas. You must give it a good read & you may have new & amazing ideas in your mind after reading it. 

  • A Tiny Gingerbread House 

Have a look at this house in the picture first. It is the easiest to make. Even your children can help you with this if you have. Create a house like this to lighten your Christmas and all season long. 

If you have free space, you can choose to make such houses, like 5 to 10. Please place them in a row with different bulbs lightening inside. It will simply look incredible. 

  • Christmas Tree 

Look at this second item, which is even easier than the previous one. You can make as many trees as you want on the tabletop. Then, place a candle beside them to highlight that area & its surroundings. 

The people who will come to meet you at Christmas will surely love this. 

  • Scandinavian Reindeer

However, to cut this, you need to have a little creativity. You can let someone else help you with this if you aren’t very good at cutting or crafting. But, once done perfectly, it will look incredible. If you make it successfully, share with us a picture as well. 

  • Pinecones

As shown in the picture, these pretty pine cones are the perfect décor for your Christmas. You can hang them easily anywhere, like on windows, doors, cupboards, etc. 

To make it a little more appealing, you can choose to add bulbs inside them to glow. It is surely going to look incredible at night. 

  •  Clove Scented Stars  

The last one, as well as the easiest way, Clove scented stars garland, looks incredible when hung like this as in the picture. 

Hang a bulb over it or add this décor where the bulb is already hung to make this more interesting. 

The most amazing part is that it doesn’t cost you much. All these decoration items are made from recycled custom printed boxes at your home. So you only need a few small things to decorate it well, scissors & glue. 


I hope this guide will help you. If you have created a new decoration item or something just hit your mind, i.e., a new idea. We would love to hear that from your end. So please share that by commenting below.

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