King Von The Black Disciples – A Compelling Look At The Young Rapper

The King of the Black Disciples, or Grandson, as he was known, was a member of the group and also became involved in over twenty shootings. He had three children.

‘Grandson’ was his nickname

King von autopsy is a young rapper from Chicago. His debut mixtape Grandson Vol. 1 debuted at number 75 on the Hip Hop/R&B albums chart. It’s a compelling look into the young rapper’s life and upbringing.

His debut single “What It’s Like” is a piano-led drill ballad that explores his environment. It features a beat from Chopsquad DJ. The song is less confrontational than the hits that preceded it.

King Von’s music style is very different from other Chicago Drill artists. He has a ferocious delivery, and his lyrics are captivating. He’s on a fast track to national fame. He’s also a very good rapper, with an intricate nose for detail.

The rapper also released a pair of singles that became major viral hits. One of them was Took Her to the O, which was a hit on urban radio. The other was Rolling.

King Von is a member of the Lil Durk’s Only The Family label. He’s released several songs, including “Grandson,” “Twin Nem,” and “Twin Nem,” all of which have hit urban radio.

He was a member of the Black Disciples

King Von was a rapper from Chicago. He is allegedly a member of the Black Disciples gang. He was shot and killed in 2020.

During his childhood, King Von was from the O block area of south Chicago. After his music career, he moved to Atlanta, where he died.

During his music career, he was known for his songs like “Mega Man” and “King Of O”. He was also a rapper from the O-Block gang in Chicago. He is the grandson of David Barksdale, the founder of the Black Disciples.

Before his death, King Von was accused of killing three street-gang members. The first two were Ty and Shondale Gregory. He was also suspected of the shooting of Malcolm Stuckey.

The Chicago Police Department released a report on the homicide. They said that the gun used in the murder was found at the scene. The police also said that the surveillance camera captured the shots.

Several other gang members were also charged with the crime. In the end, the charges against the other gang members were dropped.

He was involved in over 20 shootings

If you’ve been following the rap scene over the past year, you’ve probably seen that Von O’Block (real name Bennett) was one of the hottest new stars in the industry. Born in Chicago’s O’Block neighborhood, he was known for his storytelling skills. He was also a devoted father and a loyal friend. Despite unjust circumstances, he continued to give back to his community.

On Friday, March 1, 2019, King Von died in an Atlanta shooting. According to TMZ, he was killed along with two others. The shooting occurred outside Monaco Hookah Lounge, a nightclub in the downtown area. Apparently, the incident sparked from an argument between two groups of people. Several people were injured and three were taken to the hospital.

The suspect, Timothy Leeks, is in police custody in Atlanta. Neither of the police officers involved were injured.

A video of the shootout has surfaced on social media. According to TMZ, it shows an off-duty officer and an unidentified M/1 wearing a blue hoodie coming together to fire a gun at unknown individuals.

He had three children

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