Is the Cisco CCDE exam harder than CCNP SP?

You might have heard about certifications. These certifications have proved to be beneficial for people. People can earn reputable jobs by getting these certifications. CCNA and CCNP Certifications have gained much popularity among people. CCNA is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Associate, and CCNP is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Professional. Cisco is the company behind these certifications.

A lot of people think that Entry is the lowest of the certifications, and Architect is the highest of the certifications. This is not always the right case. However, it is to be mentioned that certified professionals are better than non-certified professionals.

CCNA and CCNP are different certifications under the same Cisco. However, many people struggle to find which certification is hard to get and what the difference is between these two certifications. These certifications are on different levels in the Cisco certification hierarchy. The candidates can also see CCDE written exam page.

Differences in terms of depth

You can know the difference between CCNA and CCNP in terms of depth. CCNA is a broader term. CCNA certification is wider than deep. The candidates are tested on fundamentals of things and surface-level concepts. On the other side, CCNP certification tests a particular technology.

The difference in terms of difficulty

It is to be mentioned that CCNP certifications are more difficult as compared to CCNA Certifications. The candidates must cover a lot of content when passing the certification exams. Cisco can also set some subjective questions in the exams. So CCNP certification exams are hard to pass.

There lies a difference between the number of questions and the timing of the exams. Cisco gives the candidates fewer questions in CCNP exams as compared to CCNA exams. For example, the CCNA routing and switching exam 200-125 has 60-70 questions that the candidates have to solve in 90 minutes. On the other hand, the CCNP routing and switching exam have 50-60 questions that the candidate has to solve in 120 minutes. Thus, the candidates have more time for the CCNP exam as compared to the CCNA exam.

The difference in terms of the number of exams

You can know the difference between CCNA and CCNP in terms of the number of exams. In the majority of the CCNA certification exams, the candidates have to pass one exam. Some certification requires two exams. On the other hand, CCNP certification makes the candidate pass as low as four exams.

This is how you can know the difficulty of CCNP exams. CCNP level exams are more challenging as compared to CCNA exams. These differences are enough to conclude that CCNP exams are more challenging than CCNA exams. Candidates also have to take a CCNP Service Provider SPCOR-350-501.

These are some of the most significant things you need to know about Cisco certifications. It is to be mentioned that Cisco certifications have made a significant place in the world of technology. Regardless of the difficulty level of an exam, the candidates must struggle and try their best to pass the exams.


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