Is Sonic.Exe Real? – Here Are Some Things You Don’t Know About Sonic.Exe

The user submitted this short story titled “Sonic.exe” to, a horror site, in August 2011.

The story was centered on a violent, murderous character, a reimagined version of Sonic, the main character in the popular video game, Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the story, the narrator receives a CD-ROM from a friend with ‘SONIC.EXE’ written on it.
In August 2012, Sonic.exe became popular, and a video game based on it was developed by MY5TCrimson, including other tributes and parodies.
Sonic.exe possessed abilities of flight, levitation, and teleportation into a space of black smoke cloud.

In the game, he could manipulate the game’s code and create illusions and shape-shift to look like his original version, Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Due to his supposed manipulative and charismatic character, he’s earned a cult following.

He’s super fast, invulnerable, and he can’t be killed. So what?

He is a black hole in the fabric of the universe and can create, and manipulate, the very material he is made of; dark matter.

What does Sonic.exe look like?

This computer program, called “Sonic.exe,” is described as a replica of Sonic the Hedgehog with a few minor differences

Exe’s fur and quills are a darker shade of blue and have shorter tails.

His skin is pale, and as he gets older, it’s easy to see that his skin is losing some of its color, which

His claws are pitch black and sharp, and they can be a bright purple sometimes.

He has a smile that is wide and his teeth are yellow. He’s got black eyes with glowing red irises and tiny pupils.

His eyes will also always have blood under them or a noticeable red rash to show he’s been crying blood.

Things you don’t know about Sonic.exe

A Sonic.exe fanfic where Sonic.exe is thought to be a demon possessing the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite the two of them being different entities.

Is Sonic.exe real?

Yes, Sonic.exe is real and it’s also a horror story about an evil robot named Robotnik that

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