Is CSAT counted in the IAS exam?

There are three levels in the UPSC exam through which you can become an IAS officer. The first level is the prelims which are just meant for choosing the level it is not scoring; the second level, known as the main Exam, is the Exam which is cutting.  On this basis, your rank is decided, and when you pass second, you will have to give an interview in the third level, and when you cross all three levels, you will become an IAS officer. 

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Do Marks of the prelims paper count in the final score?

So basically, the preliminary Exam of UPSC is just the qualifying Exam, and the marks of the initial Exam are not counted when we count the final score in the UPSC exam. Only the effects of mains and interviews decide your future and rank, and these exams are the scoring exams; it is first essential to cross the preliminary Exam. Without passing this examination, you cannot be qualified to give the mains exam. This examination makes it easier for the selector to sort some students from millions of participants, and it provides information about the seriousness of one person.

Two papers for the preliminary Exam:-

Preliminary exams contain two papers, GS-1 and GS-2, also known as the CSAT exam, and when we talk about both, the Exam, GS-1, is 200 marks. It is essential to score more than the cutout offered for this examination. When we talk about the CSAT exam, it is not cutting; It is just a qualifying exam, and in this, you have to get 33 percent and barely 67 marks to sit in the main examination.

CSAT exam in the UPSC examination:

The complete form of this examination is the Civil Services Aptitude Test, and it is given to students to check their reasoning ability, analytical skills, and aptitude of IAS students.

Exam pattern of the CSAT examination:

 There are 80 questions in the MCQ form, and there is negative marking on the wrong three questions. 1 mark will be deducted for a total time of 2 hours, and you can choose any medium of language for giving the Exam, whether Hindi or English.

Basic syllabus of the CSAT examination

This includes comprehension, interpersonal and communication skills, logical reasoning and analysis, decision-making and problem-solving, general mental ability, and so on. In the end, what matters the most is your self-confidence.

Format of the UPSC mains exam:

Since this is the scoring Exam so, we will focus on this more, and it contains a total of nine papers.

GS-1, GS-2, GS3-, GS-4:- these are four papers of GS, and each paper is 250 marks, and when we combine sports of all four, it will become 1000.

Two documents of Optional each of 250 numbers together sum up to 500.

Paper of English and Hindi language each of 300 is qualifying exams.

Essay paper of 250 marks.

Overall marks in the mains exam are 1750.

The most important and last part is an interview:

And the last step is the interview for the UPSC exam. The total weightage of the interview is 275 marks. It would help if you cleared this to clear the Exam, and overall marks contain both mains and interview marks, and based on this, your rank will be defined.

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