Is 2ms Response Time Good for Gaming [A Recommended 144Hz Monitor]

If you are in the market for a gaming monitor, response time and refresh rates are two of the most important factors you should look for.

While this might seem expensive, a good monitor is worth every penny. If you’ve been using a 16ms or 8ms gaming monitor before now, getting anything lower, either a 5ms or 2ms will show a remarkable difference.

In reality, is 2 ms response time good for gaming?

If you want to get the best gaming monitor in 2020, then these are the ones that will be perfect for you:

Of course. A 2ms response time is good for gaming.

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With a 2ms response time coupled with a decent refresh rate, you will see a significant improvement in the gaming experience, including how smooth, fast, and responsive-to-control your gameplay is.

So, what does a response time mean? And why do you want to consider that before you buy? We’ll talk about that first.

Response Time Definition in Gaming Performance Testing – What Does 2ms Response Time Mean?

Response time is the amount of time it takes to receive a response to a request. This is an important metric in game development and game testing.

A monitor’s ‘fast-switching technology’ allows you to see a wider spectrum of color than the human eye can.

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It is expected that in-game characters respond to your commands as soon as you press the appropriate button, command, or keys.

Generally, the slower the response time of a gaming monitor the better the gaming experience.Q:

Gaming monitors with a response time of 5ms and below are the best.

2 ms is the sweet spot.

Switching to a 5ms gaming monitor will increase your gaming performance, but if you have had to game with 16ms gaming monitors you’ll notice a noticeable improvement.

2ms Response Time Vs. 1ms

A 1ms response time and a 2ms response time are technically the same.

While similar performance from 1ms is the top option for gamers, the Titan Xp is slightly faster in terms of response times.

And if gamers are using it a lot more, then there’s a chance it trumps a 2ms gaming monitor.
1ms and 2ms gaming monitors have almost similar pricing, so if you’re in it for a monitor that will last quite some time, then why not just invest in a high-quality 2ms gaming monitor.

2ms Vs. 4ms Response Time

While it doesn’t show a remarkable difference unless you’re coming from 1ms response time, you should be able to use any of these two and still be just fine if you’re a casual gamer.

You’ll enjoy the best gaming experience when you play with a 2ms response time monitor over a 4ms response time monitor. You’ll always enjoy gaming with a 2ms response time monitor.

Response Time Monitor 2ms Vs. 5ms

In general, I wouldn’t bother to go any faster than 5ms on my gaming monitor. Anything slower than 5ms is just too slow to make much of a difference.

For a gamer, the difference between a 5ms and a 2ms monitor is definitely noticeable, but if you have a slow monitor, it might not make much of a difference.

However, this is mostly noticeable when you deliberately look for the difference, and for the most part, most casual gamers can get away with 5ms response time monitors.

2ms Vs. 6ms Response Time

Most gamers can get away with a 5ms response time monitor. 6ms response time is a bit high for most gamers, though.

You will surely notice a noticeable difference between 2ms and 6ms monitors.

You should always shoot for a response time of 2ms or less, and a lower latency is better than a faster response time for optimal performance.

8ms Vs. 2ms Response Time

With a 2ms response time monitor, you’ll always get a perfect view. If you’re serious about gaming and you play a lot of console games, then a 2ms gaming monitor will improve your efficiency. 8ms response time is not good enough for games and gaming consoles these days.

2ms Response Time Monitor – Gaming Monitor with 2ms Response Time

If you are looking for a high-quality gaming monitor with 2ms response time, then you should try the ASUS VE248H 24 inches Full HD monitor.

2ms Response Time TV

If you want a high quality, high response time, 4K TV for gaming, I’ll recommend the TCL 55S425.

If you want an amazing refresh rate, a great response time, and fantastic picture and color quality, then the Xbox One X is the

Samsung Monitor 2ms Response Time

If you are looking for a good Samsung monitor, either for work or gaming, the Samsung 850 is one of the best options on the market.

If you want a versatile laptop that works great, is easy to upgrade and is built to last, the Alienware 17 R3 is an ideal choice.

IPS Monitor 2ms Response Time

If you’re looking for an IPS monitor with healthy response time, look no further than the LG 27GL83A-B.

You’ll find a 1ms gaming monitor for the same price as one that only has a response time of 2ms.

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