Insight Enchantments List in 2022【Minecraft Guide】

Insight is an enchantment that enhances the experience you have gained while using a sword or bow. You can go up to level lll. Once you use a bow or a sword enchantment to kill a player or mob then automatically the amount of experience gets increased. 

Insight Enchantments 2022:

  • A special enchantment known as Insight allows players to gain more experience
  • Leech is an enchantment that makes swords, axes, and sickles heal their users
  • Multishot enchantments make bows fire multiple arrows simultaneously.
  • Smashing is an enchantment that makes pickaxes and similar tools instantly crush broken ore blocks
  • As the enchantment smelting ignites dropped items, tools can smelt them instantly.
  • When a player reaches the level of III in Soulbound, items will not drop when they die.
  • Vorpal: It is an enchantment that can deal great damage with swords, sickles, and axes

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Advantages of Leech Enchantments

This is an enchantment that helps in healing the players when it is defeated by a mob or some opponent. The amount mended is a little bit of the extreme health of the target mob. With every single tier, the amount of health gets leeched. You can easily measure a mob’s HP with this.

In case a targeted mob gets poison, shockwaves, or lightning then leaching won’t be applicable on it. There are altogether lll tiers in this. | tier has an effect of 5% of mob’s maximum health and it cost 1 enchantment point. || tier has an effect of 7% of mob’s health and it costs 2 enchantment points. ||| tier has an effect of 9% of mob’s maximum health and it costs 3 enchantment points. 

Smashing Enchantment:

This enchantment creates pickaxes and looks alike tools immediately crush broken ore blocks into different piles. When ore blocks are broken with smashing enchantment then it is equally divided into two piles of dust. It can further be divided into three piles depending upon the scenario.

It is only applicable one those ore blocks that drop themselves when broken. Once the tool is enhanced by smashing and smelting then the effect of 5% or splashing is applicable on smelting before breaking the block. Both of them can’t be applied together. When smelting is applied you can’t apply smashing enchantment on it.

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Vorpal Enchantment:

This enchantment gives power to axes and swords. It also increases the damage and usually drops mobs on players’ heads. The maximum level is |||. It can easily be applied on swords, sickles, and axes. Once a mob is destroyed with vorpal enchantment then there’s a lot of chance of the amount of damage that can easily be dealt with by multiplying by 5.

Once it gets killed with vorpal enchantment then there is a greater chance of dropping its heads. In level I the damage chances are up to 5% and head drop chances are 20%. In level II the damage chances are 10% and head drop chances are up to 40%. In level III the damage chances are 15% and head drop chances are 60%. 

Soulbond enchantment: 

This enchantment helps tools from being dropped when the player gets destroyed or dies. The maximum level is up to |||.  It is applicable on all items. Once the player dies by the soulbound enchantment its items and tools will remain constant in the inventory and there’s no chance of dropping in it. The level of enchantment can drop up to level l easily. In level I, level decrease chances are up to 50%. In level II, level decrease chances are 33% and in level III, chances are till 25%.

Holding Enchantment

This enchantment enhances the storage capacity of tolls and blocks. The maximum level is level 4. It has a thermal foundation that shows different aspects of knowledge which can be further enchanted to gain more experiences. In thermal expansion, few blocks and few tools can be enchanted. A few of them are as follows.

Energy Cell: 

It is a block that stores a greater quantity of Redstone Flux. It can be easily picked up and discontruct by using a wrench. You can easily store its energy for later use. You can mine it with the help of pickaxe. 

Flux Capacitor: 

It stores Redstone fluctuating and is used to charge all the tools used in the player’s inventory. It can be charged by using infuses. You can easily place it in electrical machines. It can easily manage 1,000,000 RF and can easily be charged up to 2,000 RF/t. It can easily hold upto 4. In level I the capacity multiplier is ×1.5. In level II the capacity multiplier is upto ×2. In lev III, the capacity multiplier is ×2.5 and in level IV the capacity multiplier is upto ×3. 

Portable Tank: 

It is used to store a greater amount of fluid in tanks. You can easily hold it up with the help of a wrench. You can preserve everything in the tanks. You can also mine it with the help of pickaxe. 


This gathers all the fluid. Although it is very much similar to the bucket its functions are different as it refills all the tools automatically and you don’t have to do anything manually. 


This is used to store and restore a greater amount of single items. You can easily mine it with the help of a wrench. 


These tools get stored. It can be secured and moved very easily. You can easily store as many items as you want to store. There’s no restriction or limitation to it. You can mine it with a wrench but the speed will be quite slow. 


Satchel is used to pick all the random tools, weapons, and items and store it automatically. 

Thermal Cultivation: 

In this, you can easily add more water cans so enchantment can be done easily. 

Thermal Innovation: 

The purpose of this thermal innovation is that it helps to enchant and enhance its capacity.

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Headhunter enchantment: 

Headhunter enchantment is very beneficial. It is based upon beheading as it gives various chances to players when killing the opponent player. In case your head drops during the fight this enchantment will trigger and will give a sign of caution.

Unstable enchantment: 

This enchantment is referred to OpenBlocks. It is applicable on all the armors till level III. Once the armor is enchanted with instability then it will trigger whenever there will be danger nearby. Gunpowder will be taken from the player’s inventory to secure this enchantment. In case an explosion occurs Unstable I or II won’t damage blocks.

Insight Enchantment Helmet: 

During the game, you need to save yourself from mobs, opponents, and enemies. So make sure to have your insight enchantment helmet along with you throughout. As it will protect your head from damage and will keep you safe till end.


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