Things to Do If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

If you’re using an android phone like a Samsung or a Huawei device or you’re using an iPhone, a phone losing signal is an issue that many of us have had to deal with.

My phone loses network connectivity 99% of the time, so I always reboot my phone before I do anything else. If you have this issue, I recommend rebooting the phone the first thing.

If we haven’t seen cases where a phone keeps losing network connection even after a reboot, there’s a good chance we have never seen them before.

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Fix 1: Check the Wi-Fi Coverage If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

If your phone is losing network connections, you’ll want to check that the Wi-Fi or network coverage in the area is strong enough, and a good way to tell is to check if all the Wi-Fi signal bars are green or if the network service bar is full.

If you’re noticing that any of these, depending on where you live is between one and two bars, chances are that your phone is losing internet connection because of the weak signal, and should generally start working fine when you’re within a healthy range of a good Wi-Fi or network connection.

Fix 2: Turn OFF Wi-Fi If Your Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

Another fix for these types of cases is to turn the WiFi off, then turn it back on again.

The reason for this is that most devices are designed to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot they find, so if you’re in a city with a couple of businesses that offer free – no password-protected – Wi-Fi, your mobile device might drop the regular cellular connection and try connecting to the free, but really slow Wi-Fi hotspots, so turning OFF the Wi-Fi will make it that you only connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when you choose to.

Fix 3: Adjust Smart Network Switch Settings

In the iOS 11 OS, Apple sought to create a system in which an iPhone won’t be connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot if the connection is weak. However, since this is an issue that happens to people who use Android devices like Samsung and Huawei, here are some settings that can help.

Adjust smart network switch settings on android

If you have an android phone and you keep losing the network connection, this may be something that you could find useful.

If you’re using a Samsung device and are seeing the error message that it isn’t responding to the set-up app, try another device.

Open your Samsung menu and select Settings, then Wi-Fi, then Advanced, then Smart Network Switch and make sure that it is turned OFF.

Some devices don’t have the ability to turn on a hotspot without user intervention.

Adjust smart network switch settings on iPhone

In iOS 9, tap on Settings >> select General >> scroll down to Wifi, if Ask to Join Network is not ON, then tap on Turn on Wifi to turn it ON.

What this accomplishes is that your iPhone will ask you for permission to join Wi-Fi hotspots every time you turn it on.

If none of these settings work, or if your android phone doesn’t have similar settings like Samsung’s, a simple solution is having your Wi-Fi turned off until you want to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Fix 4: Reset Network Settings

If you’re using an iPhone, a setting that is similar and that should accomplish the same things is this: go to Settings >> select Wi-Fi >> scroll to the bottom and check if Ask to Join Network is turned ON, if not, you should have it turned ON.

The purpose of this is that your phone will ask you for permission to join Wi-Fi hotspots every time.

Wi-Fi is a major part of every smartphone so if you don’t have access to the settings, or if your Android phone doesn’t have similar settings as the Samsung Galaxy S8, then a simple fix will be turning off your Wi-Fi until you want to use a Wi

Fix 5: Router / Modem Fixes

Whether your internet connection keeps losing at work, at home, or even when you’re using your smartphone, check to see if there’s an issue with the router or modem first.

It may not look like it, but if there are a lot of devices connected to the router, chances are the constant dropping of the internet connection is a result of the number of users on the Wi-Fi hotspot

Make sure the phone you’re planning to use with the router in question is compatible.

Make sure you try restarting the router, unplug and re-plug it and see if the connection stays.

Fix 6: Phone Fixes

Other ways to fix your iPhone 4’s problems include fixing the baseband or updating the software and operating system on your phone.

This would mean that you have to manually configure your wifi router, or wait for it to do auto configuration. If there’s any way you can disable your wifi, try that, and then enable it again.

Check if your device has any recent software updates, and try installing them.A. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to an apparatus for storing and transferring data and, more particularly, to an apparatus for receiving, storing and transferring data in a computer system such as a digital or analog video camera or other data generating equipment.

If your internet drops randomly then you should uninstall any apps you suspect could be the cause and check the SIM card. A faulty SIM card may be to blame.

If the copper plates are damaged or non-existent, it might be time for a change.
You would also want to do a complete factory reset.
Taking the device to a hardware specialist would be the way to go if none of these software fixes work in resolving the issue.