If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts?

Do you think your contacts might be blocking your phone number? If so, how can you find out if they’ve blocked your phone number?

While you’re thinking about texting them, you’re wondering if someone will see your message if they block you. Unfortunately, you might see the text message sent to you, but the person will not receive it if the contact has truly blocked you.

There is no way to hide your caller ID or use anonymous SMS services that don’t include your phone number.

How do you know if someone blocked you? In this article, I will answer those who ask, “if someone blocked me will they still get my text?” You’ll learn how to tell if you’ve been blocked and how to text messages to a contact who blocked you.

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If someone blocked me will they still get my texts?

If you try to send an SMS to someone who has blocked you, you won’t receive any kind of notification if the message is delivered successfully. On Android, you won’t receive a notification that the SMS was sent, or that the SMS was received, nor will you see it arrive in their inbox.

Some people might not get your text messages because of the way you have your cellular service set up.

The difference in Android is that when the contact blocks you from sending them text messages, your messages will go straight into your Blocked or Spam section, just like in your email account, as can be seen below:

How do you know if someone blocked your texts or number?

One way to find out if someone has blocked you from texting is to call them and see if they answer. If they don’t answer, you can suspect they have blocked you from texting.

If you send the same text to a contact who has blocked your number, they won’t get a message.

Sometimes, you’ll hear no ringtone when you try to call them, or you may be redirected to voicemail after hearing the ringtone for some seconds.Q:

A block can happen if two or more rings appear simultaneously. This means that you have not been blocked.

The same results will occur regardless of whether or not the person has a good reception or phone line. What is more likely to happen is that you will receive only one or two rings of the mobile.

Don’t let a missed contact leave you without a chance to make a new connection. Use a phone number only people will see so they know to give you a chance.

If you have an iPhone, to make a hidden number call, go to Settings >> Phone >> Show my Caller ID and toggle it to OFF.

On Android, tap the three dots at the top right of the screen, then select Settings > General > About.

Then go to Settings >> Call Settings >> select your SIM >> Other Settings >> Caller ID >> Hide Number.

If that’s not the right path for your Android, go to phone, and tap the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.

Next, go to Settings >> Phone >> Accounts and toggles the Hide Number option off.

Smartphones do not block unknown numbers. If you make two phone calls, one with your number and one with a number that you don’t know, and the latter does not automatically redirect you to voicemail, then your recipient will not be able to block your number.

Sorry about that. Here are ways to still send them messages.

When you have to dial hidden numbers, don’t rely on or abuse them, because it could be illegal, which can result in legal consequences.

Telephone operators can reveal the identity of the caller if they’re asked to by a customer who thinks a call was made from an unrecognized number.

You could also text your blocked contact, although not in a conventional way.

How can I text someone who has blocked me?

Since you blocked her, she can’t text you via your phone’s message app.

But you can always text them anonymously using an anonymous SMS service like Send Anonymous SMS, which is free.

Send a spoofed number, which can be your number or any other recipient’s phone number, a text message, email, or tweet to the service to set up the call with the person on

If a phone is OFF, will the message say delivered?

You won’t be notified when your customer’s phone is turned off. You’ll be notified when their phone is turned back on again.

The same happens to iPhone and Android users. When you send a message to someone on WhatsApp or other platforms it appears as a notification on the recipient’s device.

For example, if you send a WhatsApp message to someone with their phone turned off or their data connection not connected, you’ll only get one checkmark that signifies that your message has been delivered.

This looks so easy! You just tick “send as a gift” and the box next to it will light up.

The blue checkmark indicates that this email has been delivered, received, and read.

How to know if someone blocked you on iMessage

You can know whether or not your number has been blocked on someone’s iPhone by sending a text.

As an example, if you send an iMessage and the message never shows the “Delivered” or “Read” indicator and remains blue, you may have been blocked, but not always.

If the iMessage goes through and displays the “Read” prompt, it’s not blocked.

Although the read indicator may not be active on the recipient’s iPhone.

You may not have received any delivery notification if the iMessage goes through and shows the “Delivered” indicator.

After trying everything we can think of to send the message, if the message still doesn’t go through, it can mean that we need to think about other options to solve the issue.

For example, perhaps the recipient doesn’t have service on their iPhone, does not have a data connection, has iMessage turned off, or uses an Android (or other operating systems), etc.

There are many reasons why some iMessages might not work, and it is not always an indication that the recipient has blocked you on their iPhone.

I’m guessing you’ve already guessed that when you’re reading this sentence, the iPhone is trying to send you a traditional text message (SMS).

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How to get someone’s messages to come to your phone

You can read someone’s message on your phone by using spying software.

This is one of the ways that intruders and hackers get access to a target’s phone. They could access passwords and pins.


If you have been asking, “if someone blocks you will they still receive your text messages now? I hope you’ve received your answers.

You won’t get a call or message if the number is blocked.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone has blocked your phone number.

If your contacts never respond or call you back, I’ve shown you several things to do. However, you need to know that repeatedly calling the same recipient in an unknown caller mode is considered harassment and has serious legal consequences.