How to unlock the Windows key on the keyboard

On your Windows computer, press the Windows key to open the Start menu and then click the All Apps button to see all your programs and files. From there you can access pretty much anywhere on your computer.

It also acts as a shortcut when you pair it with other keys; Windows + I would take you to Settings, Windows + Tab would switch between open and recent Windows, and Windows + G would open your game capture settings.

If your windows key doesn’t work when you press it, there are several reasons for it. Some of them include a bad cable, bent keys, or some sticky residue.

In this article, we will discuss different methods of unlocking the Windows key on a laptop’s keyboard and give you tips to make it easier for you to do so.

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How to unlock the Windows key on the keyboard by turning OFF Game Mode

The Windows 10 OS has a setting that optimizes your computer for the best gaming experience whenever you start a game.

But enabling this setting might prevent your keyboard from working properly, which is why you should turn it off.

To deactivate Game Mode:
Move your cursor to the bottom left of your screen and click on the Start button.

You’ll need to follow these steps to configure Game Mode. First, go to the Settings page and scroll down to find Gaming. Click on it to open its Settings. Look for Game Mode and toggle it off.

How to unlock the Windows key on the keyboard by turning OFF the Windows Lock Key

Many keyboards come with a Windows lock key that can be toggled ON and OFF.

You need to check if your keyboard has this key to turn it off.Q:

There are many websites that will let you check your keyboard’s model if you’re uncertain whether it’s the

How to unlock the Windows key on the keyboard by turning OFF Filter keys

Filters are a helpful accessibility feature that takes no action when repeatedly pressing a key.

One of the reasons your Windows key might not be working is because this part is worn or broken.

To turn ON the filtering, do the following:
Open the Control Panel, then look for Filters, and then click the Enable

Next, open Ease of Access. When you find it, click on “Change how your keyboard works” and then “

If the “turn off all filter keys” option isn’t checked, click on Apply, then OK.

You can access the Sticky Keys by repeatingly pressing Shift.

How to unlock the Windows key on the keyboard by updating your keyboard drivers

An outdated keyboard driver might be why your Windows key isn’t working properly.

You can either update the driver or uninstall and then reinstall it to fix the issue.

Go to your Device Manager and find your keyboard driver:
In the Device Manager menu, expand the Display category.

In the drop-down menu, click on your keyboard to select it. Then right-click on the keyboard you use to upgrade it.

Your computer will search for any drivers needed for your system automatically. It will check the internet for updates and install them, when it finds any.

You can uninstall a driver from here, and then you can reinstall it.

How to unlock the Windows key on the keyboard by performing an SFC scan using Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell

You use the command prompt to launch a system file scan.

To begin:
Open your Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon.

Open a new window and type the following: cmd (hit Enter). If you see a blank line, type in: %appdata%. Hit Enter again to return to the command prompt.

Type “sfc /scannow” into the Command Prompt terminal and press Enter to begin scanning.

This takes a long time, so don’t restart your computer until it’s complete.

You can perform a similar command in Windows PowerShell, too:
Search for Windows PowerShell the same way you did for Command Prompt and run as administrator.

Type this command in the PowerShell terminal, ‘Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers | Foreach{Add-AppxPackage –DisableDevelopmentMode –Register “C:\Windows\System32.ppxmanifest.

Ignore the errors, and wait for it to finish. Then, if you still get errors, restart your computer.

What does the lock button do on the Corsair keyboard?

When you press the lock button on the keyboard in the middle of gaming it locks your windows key so you won’t accidently press it while playing games.

How to turn OFF the Win lock on the Redragon keyboard?

There are two ways to turn off the Windows lock on a Redragon keyboard.

First, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Delete, which works regardless of your PC

Don’t repeat commands when you need to unlock them.

How to disable the Windows key in games?

Gaming keyboards are unique. They have a button you can turn ON and OFF to lock your Windows key, but on regular keyboards, there are longer routes you can take.

Locking your Windows key using WinKill

WinKill is an easy-to-use third-party application that you can toggle ON and OFF to enable or disable your Windows key.

To use WinKill:
Download WinKill to your computer and extract the contents of the zip file.

Finally, double-click on the WinKill application file to run it.

WinKill does not require installation, so it should show up as a tray icon. If you don’t see it, try checking the notification tray or hidden icons to make sure it is there.

A cross represents it with a red circle around it.

If you want to disable your Windows key, click the icon to the left of your Windows key to toggle it or right-click it and choose Exit.

Disabling Windows using the Registry Editor

The Registry Editor in Windows 10 is a powerful tool that lets you edit the key settings.

Right-click on the file called ‘Software’ in the left navigation pane, then click on ‘Open With…’ from the menu that appears.

Then, open the explorer window again. Paste the following in the access bar and press Enter:

If you click the “Yes” button on the right-hand pane of the window, the game will start automatically.

Right click on the open window and select New, then select DWORD (32 bit).

Click the Value field to add a new column and enter NoWinKeys in its place.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard. This opens the Start menu. You can’t pair it with other HotKeys.

You can enable it by going to the same registry key, deleting the value, or changing the data to 0.

Disabling Windows using PowerToys

You can remap your Windows key using Microsoft PowerToys, so it’s no longer the super-hot key that opens your favorite programs.

A PowerToys is a free program that is used for tweaking features in Windows 10.

First, download PowerToys by visiting the GitHub page for PowerToys.

Next, install the software on your PC, then launch it.

Open PowerToys from the Menu bar, then open the Keyboard Manager.

When you click on Settings, go to Keyboard Manager. Enable this so that you can change between keyboard layouts.

After that, you click on Remap a key to open the Remap Keys window.

Open the box, and then click on the + icon.

Scroll to Win and select it. Next, click on Mapped To to open a drop-down and select Disable.

A warning message would pop up that you won’t be able to use Windows anymore; click Continue Anyway. After that, your Windows key would be disabled, and you won’t have to restart your computer.

You can unlock PowerTools by right-clicking on its icon in the taskbar tray and clicking Exit.

Corsair keyboard Windows key not working? Things to check and tips to fix it

Resetting your keyboard could fix whatever problems you had with your keyboard.

Resetting your keyboard depends on which model you are using.

If you use the MK2 keyboard or a K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, you can reset the keyboard by unplugging it, pressing the ESC key, and then plugging it back in.

Hold down the ESC key, until the computer screen starts flashing.

Restart it. If your computer is equipped with a K55 keyboard, just press and hold the Fn + F4 keys while your computer is turned off.

Release the Fn + F4 keys and wait 10 seconds. The keyboard should flash after this.

Next, open the iCUE and update your keyboard’s firmware.

The keyboard will work fine, but if it’s a warranty issue, contact Corsair for a replacement.

Press the ESC key after about 5 seconds, and the keyboard’s lights will flash.

If your keyboard is stuck on a number you don’t recognize, it’s time to reboot the keyboard. Turn off the keyboard, hold down the ESC key and then turn it back on.

After about 5 seconds, press the ESC key to release the ESC key.

The keyboard is flashing. Congratulations! Resetting the Arduino has been successful.

If resetting the keyboard doesn’t fix the issue, you can contact their Customer Support for assistance.

We have the technology and capability to provide our clients with the most current and accurate information available.

Shorten the response time by including the model number of your keyboard and the sticker’s photograph. Verify the part number by consulting the information included on your keyboard.

How to lock a Windows computer with the keyboard?

You can lock your keyboard without having to use your power button by pressing the Windows key plus Ctrl plus Alt plus Del to open a quick menu, then clicking Lock to lock it.

You can press the Windows key + L to lock it.

How to unlock your Logitech keyboard

To unlock your Logitech keyboard, hold down the right Shift key for 8 seconds or press it repeatedly to bring up Filter Keys and turn it OFF.

Turn OFF the ON/OFF button or slider from your Control Panel.