How to Undisable a Discord Account that is Banned or Deleted

It comes with lots of features that are pretty attractive, like voice channels for hangouts, streaming services, and screenshare with virtual drawing, making it a worthwhile download.

If you have a number of subscriptions to websites and services then having them all disabled at the same time is going to be pretty traumatic.

Discord also has community guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you can continue using it.

Disregarding the following Amazon Seller Guidelines may result in your Amazon account being closed.

There are many ways to disallow an account on Discord, but I’ve come up with some that are relatively easy to do so as you read on.

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Why Was My Discord Account Disabled?

To undelete your discord account, you need to find out why it was deleted in the first place.

This could be one of these:
Sending unsolicited messages or sending messages to other users, or
Sending messages to users who aren’t your friends.

Inappropriate content that doesn’t fit Discord’s guidelines will be removed.

You’re no longer a “young” user. Your account has not been active for three years.

Users report your account for posting abusive content.

The following example shows the difference in the results you’d expect when you search for the word “best”.

You use your account for fraudulent activities. Your account could also be affected by a false positive.

This is a rare case of Discord disabling multiple accounts for suspicious actions, and your account ends up disabled by mistake while using the crossfire.

How to Undisable a Discord Account

If you haven’t been able to figure out why you’ve been removed from Discord, an email will be sent to you with the reason why.

Although the disabling might be done in error in certain situations.

It looks like your Amazon account has been affected by a bug in the system or reported by bots. Please check your email for a message from us.

Whatever it is, we have some recommended solutions to help you fix it.

Tip 1: Send a request form to their Trust and Safety Team

In the Name field, type in a name that you will recognize or want to use when talking about your business.

After choosing Trust and Safety, select the dropdown menu and pick Trust and Safety. That will load the website and show you the image below.

To file an appeal in your Amazon Account, follow these steps. Choose the “Appeal an action taken on my Account or Bot.”
On the heading that says what you want to appeal, choose “An action taken on my account.”
Check the three boxes available and submit your appeal.

Then fill in the Subject of your complaint and the Description of what happened to your account.

The form should look like this.
You should include any important details, like a screenshot of the disable prompt you saw when you tried to log in.
Submit the form. Their response time is around a couple of hours or some days, and a unique ticket ID would be assigned to you while they work on your case.

Tip 2: Send an email to their official support page.

A short appeal letter that mentions your willingness to obey all of their stated guidelines.

Send the letter to, then put “send email to support” into the search bar.

Tip 3: Reach out to them on their social media platforms

For a fast response on Twitter, DM them instead of just posting your issue on their Timeline.

It’s a good thing Discord isn’t lost in other messages.

If you follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit, you’ll see that they have many followers.

Add your information, including your email address, support ticket ID, Discord username, and what you need from the Amazon team.

Note that your disabled account stays on the app for 14 days, after which it is deleted permanently.

Get all of your applications finished before the deadline.

How To Secure An Account On Discord With 2fa And Backup Codes

Two-factor authentication is a preventive measure done so Discord would recognize that the account belongs to a real person, not a bot.

You must take a few steps to secure your Amazon account. First, log in to your account, then check the security settings.

To enable two-factor authentication, here’s what you need to do.

Go to the Google Play store, search for the Google Authenticator app, and install it.

Next, in the discord application on your PC, log into your account and click on “User Settings” and “Enable two factor authentication.”
You will see a prompt with three steps to follow on your screen.

A QR code will appear on your screen when you complete the prompt. After seeing this, go to your phone and open the Google Authenticator app.

You should add a 6-digit code by tapping the ‘Add’ button in the top-right corner of the app. When you’re done, you should have a new 6-digit code.

In Discord, open the chat channel where you want this link to appear. Then, type this in the required field and click Activate.

You can use the backup codes to download your files at any time or even have the ability to back up files as frequently as needed. It’s a great feature to have on your mobile device.

You might need it to access your account at any time.

How to Undisable a Discord Account That Has Been Banned?

Whether you’ve already got an established ecommerce business, a great idea for a new product, or just a passion for selling

Server ban: This is when you’re blocked from a server by a specific administrator.

You can join any server except the one you have been kicked out of.

Platform Ban: If it is a platform ban, it’s the same as disabling your account.

You have to follow the same instructions that are used to disable a discord account.

How To Reactivate Discord Account

Another scenario is when you voluntarily deactivated your Discord account because you want a break from the app.

To reactivate your Amazon Fire TV Stick from the Amazon Fire TV app, follow these steps:

When the “Your account has been disabled” dialog box appears, press “OK.

There would be an option to “restore my account”.

If you have Discord, click on this button to reactivate your account.

How To Reset Discord Server

Here’s how to change your discord server name or reset it.

It can only be done manually.
First, open your discord app on either your phone or desktop.
Select the server you wish to reset.
A dropdown menu will appear.

Select “Roles” among the available options. Choose what you want to change and then adjust the changes to fit the roles.

There are no automated options to make the changes yet, but you can start to make the change and watch how it affects the site.

How to Use Two Discord Accounts at Once

The best way to use two discord accounts at once is to use your laptop and your phone. Download the Discord app on your phone, then log in using your mobile credentials and start chatting away!

You can open a browser on your PC and visit Discord’s website.

In order to get Discord, choose the option that says “Open discord in your browser”. Then enter your email address and password for the second account.

Now you can use two Amazon accounts simultaneously on your chosen devices.

Another alternative to Discord shutting down your account is to use a third-party app, which may lead to your account getting disabled.

How to Tell If Someone Disabled Their Discord

When a user disables their discord account, there will be some changes made to their username.

When you search for the person, it will show **Deleted User ****, with the asterisks being randomly generated numbers.

You can check back for activity within 30 days.

After this time, Discord would delete the account

How To Find Your Discord Password

Need help remembering your Discord password when you log in? There is a way to do this easily and quickly. Just type /help! for an answer.

You will need to use the Google App.
Click on the profile icon at the top of your Gmail account.
Select “Manage your Account.”
A navigation bar would appear at the top of your screen with these options: Home, Personal info, Data and privacy, Security, etc.
Choose “Security”
Underneath it, select “Password Manager”
Scroll down and check for the Discord App or website.

Then click on the link. Your password should show with your username.Q:

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Tap the eye icon to see your password. If these options are not available on your device, you would have to click on “Forget password” after logging out, and a password reset link will be sent to your email.

How To Find My Discord Id On iPhone

Switch to the developer mode, and find your Discord ID on your iPhone.Q:

Can I create a UITextField in a UIStoryboard from a UIViewController?

On the bottom right corner of your screen is the icon you’ll want to select.

To enter developer mode, choose the “Appearance” option out of the available options. Under that option, there’s an option labeled “Developer Mode”.

Tap on your profile picture. After this, click on the three dots beside it and select “Copy ID” You can then paste the ID on your Notes app for future reference.

How to Disable and Undisable NSFW on Discord

NSFW on Discord are channels that are not suitable for people under 18.Q:

How to get the last id of the inserted data?

To stop yourself from stumbling on bad links, you can remove them right from your settings.

To prevent an explicit image from showing up on the screen, click the “Keep me Safe” link at the bottom of the dialog box.

The age limit will block you from joining discord servers which may contain mature content.

How To Make Another Discord Account With The Same Email

To make another discord account with the same email as your original, you would have to add a plus sign and a keyword to your original email.

In Gmail, this would cause all notifications to be sent to one inbox. For example, [email protected] is your main account, and the second account using a different username can be youremail+second@gmail.

While there is a small chance of being banned from a popular website if your email address is used on other sites, there is a much bigger risk of getting banned from the service if Discord believes one of your email addresses is involved in suspicious activity.

After that, all the connected accounts are shut down.


If you want to get the Discord support team to undisable your account, you should be quick to do so because of the short time window.

If you follow the tips below, you will be able to get your Amazon account back and prevent it from being disabled again.