How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [Toshiba, Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Asus, MacBook]

If your power button is completely damaged, you might be inclined to learn how to turn on laptop without power button.

These tips are sure to help make your laptop more functional. Whether it’s temporarily or permanently unusable, you’re likely to get it fixed quickly using these tips.

Some experts recommend that we take the laptop apart completely, but we will show you how to turn on laptop without opening the chassis of the laptop and, in some cases, how to turn on laptop with keyboard.

Your laptop battery life may depend on how frequently you plug your computer into the wall, and how often you use wireless devices, such as your mouse, touchpad, and keyboard. Here’s what to do to maximize the amount of time you can work and play.

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If that’s the case, you might want to get a good quality screwdriver instead of breaking things apart or buying an external keyboard.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [From the Motherboard]

Open the chassis of your laptop. Locate the port where the power button ribbon cable is plugged. It should be easy to remove from there.

Connect the USB cable to the back of the phone. Open the battery door, remove the battery, and replace it with a fresh battery.

If this doesn’t work for your laptop, or if it short all the pins at the same time, then you can use the reset button to short all the pins.

This can’t hurt anything, so you don’t need to worry.

If you correctly short the circuit, the laptop should boot up in no time.

Nowadays, opening your laptop every time or short-circuiting your battery every time will cause long-term hardware problems, so before repairing the power button you should look for other ways of safely starting your laptop.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [With Lid]

You should turn your computer on again after it’s closed. You should check the BIOS for an option called “Power ON While Open Lid”.

Most laptops are good for this option, even when the computer is turned off, so we’d want to check out how to set up this feature.

If you’d prefer, put your computer into sleep mode. This will help prevent data loss from battery failure or sudden power loss and allows you to more easily find your laptop if it goes missing.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [With Wall Socket or Extension]

If you’re using a Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, or even a Toshiba laptop, this is one option you may want to try.

If you’re a laptop user and hate the idea of short-circuiting your laptop to turn it on, this is an awesome solution.

Find the cable that connects the power button to the motherboard >>> disconnect and leave this cable unplugged >>> now > remove the battery from the laptop > and > plug the laptop into the socket > this should power it ON > if the laptop is powered ON, return the battery into the laptop, disconnect from the socket, if you choose to, and you should be fine.

Most laptops come preloaded with settings that automatically start up when the laptop detects AC. You just need to press a few buttons.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [With Keyboard]

This process can be performed without any configuration or changes to your BIOS.

If your system is already powered ON and fully operational, follow these steps:
1. Enter Settings in the Start Menu > Update & Security > from the options on the left, select Recovery > from the tab that opens, select Advanced Setup > Restart Now > from the window that pops up select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Power Management or ACPI Management tab > press Enter to enable or disable the option > select the key you want to use to power the laptop > Save and Exit.

If you did the instructions and if the settings are supported by your laptop, you should now be able to turn your laptop ON using the key you selected after you shut-down the system.

How to Automatically Turn ON Computer Without Pressing Power Button

When you power on your computer, you want it to turn on instantly without having to press a power button. To accomplish this, you can modify your motherboard’s BIOS (basically the software that runs when you start your computer) to automatically turn ON the power at the press of a button, a keyboard, or mouse.

To do this:
Shut the laptop down and turn it ON again
Then, tap the Delete or F2 key once the boot screen pops up
Move to Advanced or Advanced Settings option on the screen using the arrow keys, then tap Enter
Go to the Power Management or ACPI Management option and tap Enter
Next, move to the available power options and tap + or – to change the value to Enabled
Save changes with F10 and exit
Wait for the laptop to restart, shut it down, and then test your setting by tapping any key on the laptop’s keyboard or an external keyboard

Option 2

If you have Windows 10, you can also enable “wake on LAN” for USB devices.

Press the Windows and X keys simultaneously and select Device Manager from the options that pop up.
Click on the arrow next to Network Adapters and locate your network adapter.
Right-click on it and tap Properties.
Go to the Power Management tab and tap Allow this device to wake the computer.
Go to the Advanced tab and enable Wake on magic packet.
This will allow you to use a LAN connection and a supported router or networking app on your other device on your network to power on your laptop.

Option 3

It’s not easy to turn your laptop ON with a schedule using these steps. Shut the laptop down and turn it ON again. Tap the Delete or F2 key once the boot screen pops up. Move to Advanced or Advanced Settings option on the screen using the arrow keys. Then, tap Enter. Go to the Power Management or ACPI Management option and tap + or – to change the value to Enabled and set the desired time that your laptop should automatically turn ON every day. Save changes with F10 and exit. Wait for the laptop to restart.

How to Turn OFF Laptop Without Power Button

Tap the Windows key on your keyboard to shut off your computer. Or, you can just tap the icon on your taskbar.

Tap the Power icon or Power in the menu that appears, and then tap Shut Down.

Option 2

Press the Windows and X keys simultaneously, select or hover on sign-out from the menu, and then tap shut down.

Option 3

Tap the control, alt, and delete keys simultaneously, click on the power icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and select Shut down.

Option 4

Close all open tasks and apps, then tap the Alt and F4 keys simultaneously, open the drop-down menu on the page that appears, and select Shutdown.

Option 5

Set your laptop to shut down when you close the lid.

To do this:
Tap the Windows key or the icon in your taskbar
Click on the settings icon or search for Settings and launch it
Click on System and select Shutdown
Select Restart when prompted
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How to Shut Down HP Laptop with Keyboard

To close an HP laptop with a keyboard, you can use the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows + X’ to quickly shutdown

Press the Windows key and X, and then tap U, to pull out the Shut down or Sign out

Tap again on the home screen to shut down, then restart, sleep, sign out, or hibernate.

Press the alt key, and then the F4 key at the same time.


If you’re like many other people, you’re not sure how to get started with Kindle.

Press the ctrl, alt, and del keys simultaneously, click on the power icon in the lower right corner

Option 2

The shutdown command will cause your laptop to stop all programs, turn off all connected devices and shut down after you type in the command. If you want to restart your computer, you’ll need to use the stop-computer and restart-computer commands.

How to Start HP Laptop Without Power Button

Start a new HP computer using this process:
Make sure the laptop is shut down, not plugged in, and has a little bit of battery life left during this process.

Also, make sure to pull out the battery
Use a screwdriver and appropriate tools to remove the back of the laptop, the keyboard, and the hand rest to access the motherboard
Carefully remove the motherboard. Pull the keyboard out first if it is easy.
Remove the battery.
Also, remove the power button connections.

There will be about 3 to 6 pins underneath
Then use a screwdriver or any conductor to short-circuit the first and third pins or connect them with a wire
If that does not work, you can try shorting the other pins
This will turn the laptop ON immediately
This method should be reserved for when the fixes mentioned above do not work, or you cannot access the BIOS settings.

You should also know how to do it, because you never know when you might need to.

You can turn ON your laptop without the power switch by holding down the power button. You can do this by pressing it or hitting it with your fist.

Smaller Button

A lot of times the power button you see isn’t the actual button that does the work.

If the plastic button is not doing its job, you can just remove it.

When you have to remove the plastic button, you can use a small tool and then push the actual smaller button underneath.

This method saves you from having to play with your motherboard.

Clock Battery

This is a faster method compared to the motherboard method, which is detailed in the step-by-step process below.

To remove the battery without a battery puller, remove the two screws at the bottom of the computer and lift the keyboard off
Lift up the laptop and remove the battery connector by pulling the tab up
Put the new battery back in, put the keyboard back down and re

Disconnect Power Button

If you want to use your laptop but don’t want to short-circuit it, try these steps:
Turn off the laptop by unplugging the power cable from power.
Remove the battery from the motherboard and remove the connector from the power button.
Plug the power cable back in and then reconnect the motherboard and power button.
The laptop will now be able to turn itself on.

How to Turn ON Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

To turn ON your Lenovo laptop, you can either use a power button on the back of your laptop, or you can use a pin or open paper clip to push the Novo button on the side of your laptop.

Follow these steps:
Remove your laptop lid.
Measure 6.

This should turn your laptop on
Unfortunately, the Novo button is not available on every model.

There are 2 fixes that may help if you are experiencing this issue. One fix involves resetting the computer to default settings, and the other involves performing a hard disk repair. Try these fixes before attempting any other fix that may work for your system.


You can also use a docking station to charge your Lenovo laptop.

Laptops are getting heavier and heavier. The new docking stations have their own power switches and do not need the computer

Connecting a laptop to a docking station will turn it on.

How to Turn ON Dell Laptop Without Power Button

You can turn on your Dell laptop without the power button by powering it into BIOS recovery. Then press the Ctrl key and the Esc key at the same time to access the BIOS setup screen.

Plug your power adapter into a wall socket.
Press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys for 5 seconds.
Plug the laptop in. The laptop will now boot into BIOS recovery.

Select the option to restart the computer to continue the system restore process.

If you do experience the problem mentioned above, there are many different ways to fix it. You could try any of the other fixes that have been recommended in this guide or even some others I haven’t mentioned yet.

Almost all of them run on any laptop that runs Windows.

How to Turn ON Acer Laptop Without Power Button

To turn your Acer laptop ON, you have to plug in the power cord and the battery first. Then, make sure the power button on the front of the computer is not in the “on” position and the lid is closed.

Always turn off the battery before removing it from the laptop.
Use appropriate tools to remove the back of the laptop, the keyboard, and the hand rest to access the motherboard.
Locate the microchips connecting the battery and power source. Carefully press them together with a screwdriver, wire, or any conductor.
Alternatively, you can try the other fixes mentioned earlier.

How to Turn ON Asus Laptop Without Power Button

If you want to reset your Asus laptop without a power button, here are the steps you need to follow:
Ensure the laptop is shut down, not plugged in, and has a little bit of battery life left during this process.

Here’s what you need to do to remove the back of your laptop, the keyboard, and the hand rest to access the motherboard. Take out the battery and use appropriate tools to remove the back of the laptop, the keyboard, and the hand rest. Make sure you use a safe tool for removing the keyboard.

There will be about 3 to 6 small pins under the keyboard of a laptop. You will need a screwdriver and some conductive material to short-circuit those pins. This will make the laptop turn on immediately.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to get a new laptop. Otherwise, you can go to a service center and have it fixed.

How to Turn ON MacBook Pro Without Power Button

Press and hold the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys together until the MacBook pro turns on.


These newer MacBook Pro models, the 2016 models, don’t actually come with power buttons.

Instead of a traditional power button, LG watches come with a touch ID, which you just tap on your wrist and the watch automatically turns ON.

If you have a newer MacBook Pro model, you can just lift the lid to turn it ON.

This article will teach you some easy techniques for turning on a MacBook Pro without the power button.


You can also try to remove and replace the battery to turn ON your MacBook Pro.

If you need to do this:
Carefully remove the screws from the back of the Kindle
Use a plastic tool or your fingers to carefully remove the battery
Wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the battery
Plug the Kindle into the charger, and wait
It should work normally

Power on Schedule

It is possible to avoid being stuck without a method of turning your MacBook back on if you set it to turn on at a schedule.

To wake it up:
Go to Apple menu >> System Preferences >> Energy Server
Tap Schedule in the bottom right corner
Set the schedule by checking the box next to Startup or wake.

You can decide to set a daily or specific schedule
You can also check the box beneath to schedule sleep, restart or shutdown time
After editing, click OK
Ensure your laptop is connected to power to allow the schedule function

Using the Internet

If your Macbook Pro can be woken up by ethernet cable, then you can also turn it on remotely using Apple’s “Wake on LAN.

To do this:
Connect your Mac to a network
Go to Apple menu >>System Preferences >> Energy Server
Check the box next to Wake for network access/Wake for Wi-Fi network access
Return to the System Preferences window
Select Network >>Wi-Fi and note down your IP address
On your phone, download and install Fing and connect to the same network as the Mac
Launch the app and tap the refresh button in the top right corner to scan
Locate the Mac’s IP address and name it
Next, scroll down and click on Wake On Lan
To test this feature, put your Mac to sleep and wait a few seconds
Open the app on your phone and locate the name of your Mac’s IP address
Click on Wake On Lan, and your Mac will wake
Asides from Fing, you can use other apps like Mo

How to Turn ON Toshiba Laptop Without Power Button

Toshiba laptops need power before they can be turned on, so make sure to always ensure that your laptop has a little bit of battery life left during this process. You can’t power a Toshiba on by short-circuiting the power switch’s pins.

Finally, be sure to take out the battery
Use appropriate tools to remove the back of the laptop, the keyboard, and the hand rest to access the motherboard
Remove the motherboard carefully, making sure all connections are secure
Carefully remove the power button connections.

The battery is located underneath
Insert a screwdriver, or conductor, and touch the first and third pins together
If that does not work, then touch the second and fourth pins together
This will turn on the laptop immediately
If that fails, you can try short-circuiting the other pins

How to Turn ON Samsung Laptop Without Power Button

Follow these steps to turn ON a Dell laptop without the power button using the clock battery:
Remove the back of the laptop using the appropriate tools and take out its battery
Remove or disconnect the battery cable and clock battery/CMOS battery from the motherboard
Putting the battery back in would get the laptop ON
If this seems too complicated or does not work out, you can try some of the other options mentioned above to turn ON your Dell laptop.

HP Laptop Power Button Not Working? Working Fixes and Workaround

In order to fix an HP laptop power button not working, you first need to troubleshoot your battery to make sure it’s the issue.

Now, take a look at how your battery compares to the one in my laptop. If your battery is similar, then it’s safe to assume that yours is good and that you’re not running into any hardware issues with the machine.

Your laptop is fine. Ensure the battery is fully charged, then try to turn it on – if it comes on, your battery is good.

Alternatively, if you remove the battery from your laptop, plug it to a wall socket and turn it ON, if it comes ON, the battery is faulty or damaged. You should simply replace it with a new one.

External Devices

This trick will prevent the laptop from getting hot. To do this, just unplug your keyboard and mouse when you close the lid of your laptop.

They might be causing a hardware malfunction that prevents the power button from working.

This article is for you if you want to be able to make any changes to your laptop’s battery life
You can start by ensuring your laptop has charged up for a while
Then, disconnect all external devices, including the charger
Turn your laptop off
Use a tool to check the device that is causing the laptop to not turn on

Hard Reset

You can reset your iPhone, but if it doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to perform a hard reset.

First, unplug all external devices as well as the charger and battery.
Then, push and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
Plug the charger back in and connect it to a wall socket.
Try to turn the laptop ON.

If the hard reset works, the laptop should come on. Finally, put the battery back in.

What is a rewrite?

Replace the Power Button

You can get a replacement for the power button on amazon for around $10 or $20.

If you have technical knowledge, you can attempt to fix the new button yourself.

You can also go to the nearest certified HP service center to allow a professional to replace the power button for you.

Power Button Connection to Motherboard – How to Connect

1.The front panel power switch (see Figure 5-12, “Front Panel Power Switch”) has four terminals labeled VCC, GND, D1, and D

2. To connect the power switch to the motherboard, first, follow the markings on the power switch, as follows:
POWER SW – Controls the power button
RESET SW – Controls the restart button
POWER LED – Powers the light that indicates when the system is on or off
HDD LED – Controls the hard drive indicator
HD AUDIO/SPEAKER – Connector for mic and headphone
USB CABLE – From the USB connector
Figure 5-

They may be labeled +PW-.
Plug in your AC adapter, and connect the power switch jumper wires to the pins on the power switch
You need to connect the positive to positive and the negative to negative

How To Bypass Power Button On desktop PC

If you have a PC, follow the steps below to bypass the power button.

1.To stop the computer from booting into Windows
You can follow these steps to fix this issue.

2. Turn off the computer.

3. Restart the computer and then press the power button.

4. When you see the first screen of the operating system, click on the Start or Restart option.

5. Follow the instructions.