How to Stop Chrome from Opening New Tabs When You Click Links

If you want people to prefer clicking your links over having it open in a new tab, try adding a link to your site’s home page with

Some people want to have only one tab open at a time, and to keep that, it’s possible to disable the automatic new tab

The top three options will be listed, along with a short description of each.

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How to Stop Chrome from Opening New Tabs When You Click Links

Drag and Drop Link in the URL Tab
Change how search results are displayed
Reset Chrome
Reinstall Chrome

Fix 1: Drag and Drop Link in the URL Tab

Instead of dragging the link to the address bar, you can hold down the left mouse button and then click on the link so that it opens in the same tab.

In other words, copy the desired link and paste it into the URL bar.

Stop Chrome from opening new tabs when you click links by using this easy-to-remember trick.

You will find links that are coded so that clicking on them automatically opens a new tab.

This is because an HTML source can include an attribute named “target” which specifies that the link opens in a new target or tab, so to speak.

Since there is no way of clicking the link directly will open in the same tab, that means this is a bad link.

That’s right. If a link is a normal link, it will open in the same tab as the original web page.

You can also use the Google Chrome extension to achieve the desired result.

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Fix 2: Change How Search Results Are Displayed

If Chrome’s option to open searches in new tabs is checked, it will open links in the new tab.

You can uncheck this by doing the following:
On Chrome, type in any website address and enter.

Once a list of searches is displayed, click Settings in the top right corner, then click search settings, where you will be directed to a page with search filters.

Click here to open each selected result in a new browser window.

Uncheck the box and click Save.

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If you try to fix this, go to the Web&App Activity option on your Google account and disable or pause this feature.

Log in to your Google account, then go to the Settings option. Click Manage Your Account.

After you’ve finished your order, click on Order Details from the Action drop-down menu at the top of the page.

When you do this, your search options may stop opening new windows.

If you don’t want the open in new window option, you must deactivate it again by choosing Manage Apps.

Fix 3: Reset Chrome

You’ll need to:
Go to the Settings tab on Chrome, scroll down to and click Advanced.
Scroll down to the Reset and clear option and click on Reset settings.
Then, click the Reset button to confirm this.

If you use Chrome, this might be enough to stop new tabs from opening every time you click a link.

This is the quickest way to get rid of your cache, history, and extensions.

Fix 4: Reinstall Chrome

When Chrome installation is corrupted, Chrome might start opening new tabs every time you click a link.

Here are some things to try to solve this issue: Disable background apps that could be causing the crash. If necessary, clear out any malware or conflicting extensions.

There are two methods for blocking new Chrome tabs that pop up when you click links on the web: The first is the easiest and most effective method.

This is a great option to try because it will put you directly in front of a visitor’s eyes.