How to run .sh file on Linux, Mac, Windows, & Ubuntu terminal

You can communicate with a computer’s operating system in various ways, such as by running programs and managing files and folders. You can use various commands to run or terminate programs, monitor and configure an operating system, run batch processing, and more.

A shell is a program that a human user and other programs use to interact with a computer’s operating system.

Operating system shells usually use a GUI (graphical user interface) or a CLI (command-line interface), depending on the operation and the computer’s role.

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A graphic user interface shell is easier to use, especially for beginners.

There are some other shells available as well, so they are included in some operating systems.

Put the commands you want to use in a shell script so that you can use the shell to execute the commands in the right order.

To run scripts, you’ll need to file extension enabled on your OS. Learn how to enable it and how to files in Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

What is running a script?

A script is a set of commands within a shell file that’s not run by a program or an operating system until it’s given the order to execute.

Compilers are programs that translate a higher level language into a lower level language.

When writing a script, you combine a set of commands stored in a file that gets executed whenever you want.

There are many examples of common scripting languages, such as Bash, PowerShell, Python, Perl, etc.

Everything you need to know on how to run .sh files

A shell script is a Bash shell file that contains a series of command line instructions to be executed when you ask your computer to run a shell program.

Bash Shell Script is a simple shell script. It allows you to run many commands and do repetitive, time-consuming tasks in a shorter amount of time.

To create your shell commands, you’ll need to know the syntax of the language you’re using to write the script, in this case, bash.

One of the main differences between the syntaxes of a Python script and a PowerShell script is that a Python syntax is different from a PowerShell syntax.

How to run .sh file in Linux and Unix

There are two main ways to run a script file on Linux: one is called Shell Scripting, and the other is called Executable Shell Scripting.

You can try
launch the terminal in your Linux or Unix PC.

Open a text editor and make a new script file. Files ending with a “.sh” extension are script files.


To execute a permissions script, use the chmod command: “chmod +x”.

You can run your script using three commands: “./”, “sh script-name-here.

You can use sudo or run as root by typing sudo command or su command. In most cases, you would need root access while installing an application.

You need to enable root access before you install the app. Once you have enabled root access, it’s possible to install the app and make system-level changes.

In most cases, only users who have a “root” password are able to log in as “root.

If you want to run a program as the root user:
Type “sudo bash”.

Next, enter your password. If you need to become a superuser, type su and enter your password.

Open a terminal and type su -, then enter your root password. Then type your script.

Chmod is a way to set the file permissions. You can run it from the command line by using the chmod command.

First, run the chmod command to make your script executable:
chmod +x Then, run your file.

How to write a script in Linux and Unix

You can write a shell script with any text editor that lets you enter text. Some popular editors are Atom, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code.

To write a shell script in Linux, you would first open a new file in your text editor, then make sure the shell (the program that runs your scripts) can run

Then, write the programming in the shell script and put the script where the shell can find it.

Here’s an example:
Create a file using your editor and save it with the .sh extension.

Write some code and run it on a Linux shell.

Run the following bash command to save the script as filename.

How to run a .sh file in Vscode?

Visual Studio Code is a very versatile tool that makes it easy to run and edit code.

You should check your VS Code settings for file to run as a script.

If you’re using a Windows PC, VScode automatically runs shell scripts using PowerShell.

In order to get the bash extension, you need to install bash.

Run file in three easy steps: Download and install the Git extension from here.

Open your Visual Studio Code and hold Ctrl+Shift+` to open the Command Palette.

Press Ctrl + Shift + P to open the command palette. In the dialogue box, type Select Default Profile.

In Windows Explorer, select Git Bash from the options and click on the + icon.

It’s not going to be easy to get your Git Bash working. You’ll need to make a change in the git config file.

To run the script, go to its location and open it with Visual Studio Code.

How to run .sh file on Mac

The sudo command lets you run a shell script as root user, which gives you root access.

From the Applications folder, go to Utilities, then to Terminal. When Terminal opens, type the following in the black box.

Press Enter to open it. In the terminal, type “sudo sh”.

Drag and drop this shell script on to the Terminal, which will make the terminal have the path to this shell script.

If a prompt for the administrator password shows, you will need to type the password.

Enter this text and press Enter. The script should run perfectly now.
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You can use third-party software to run shell scripts, especially if you’re running them frequently.

You can use various third-party software to edit and run shell scripts on the go.

In addition to creating code, it also lets you write text.

Here’s how to start:

Open your text editor, and run it. Then, open the Finder and look for the shell script, right-click on the file to open it with VSCode

To open the File Explorer window click on File and then Open.

Visual Studio would ask for permission. Click on ‘Allow’ when it shows.

In the terminal below you should see your results in real-time.

You can directly edit and save shell scripts in your Visual Studio code.

How to run a script in Windows 10?

You can run scripts from your command line in Windows.

Windows Script Host has two command-line interfaces; WScript and CScript.

Windows Script and Unix Script are similar in function, but the only real difference between them is that WScript displays the output on the screen while CScript prints it to the console.

In addition, CScript.exe and WScript.exe provide command-line options to change script properties.

To run a script using WScript:
Right-click on the Start menu and select Run from the options.

In the Open field, type the full path of the script and select OK. Or type WScript and the full name of the script followed by the script path.

You double-click a script file, and the Open with option shows. This opens the file in the default program.

You could use Scriptlet instead.

Type the command “wscript //h:cscript” in your Windows command line, and click OK. Now you’re ready to launch the script file by typing this: cscript filename.scr

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There are two things you can do when it comes to such questions:

If your script displays information or asks questions to the user, use cscript to run it in a Windows batch file. Type this command in the Terminal: cscript [host options…] [script name] [script options and parameters].

How to run bash script in terminal

To run a bash script, first, make sure it has permission to execute.

In the terminal type: “chmod +x”. To run the bash script, type this command in the terminal:

Why do most shell scripts contain #! /bin/bash at the beginning of the shell scripts

Shells provide a way for humans to communicate with other humans. They also provide a way for other programs to communicate with humans.

Every distribution has its own default shell. For example, Windows PowerShell is different from a Bash shell.

Bash is the default shell most systems have, so if you are working on a system with a different shell, the scripts might not work if they are intended for Bash.

The #!/bin/bash line tells your system to run the script using the Bash shell as the interpreter.

The #!/bin/bash is also called a “hash-bang,” “sha-bang,” or “she-bang.

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