How to Pair Soundcore Earbuds to iPhone and Android

Want to know how to pair Soundcore earbuds to your iPhone and Android phones?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply take the earbuds out of the charging case and connect them to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

It’s difficult for first-time users to operate the Soundcore earbuds. Although they are pretty standard for earbuds, earbuds have yet to really take off in the mass market.

In this article, we’ll look at a step-by-step guide to pair Soundcore earbuds.

In addition, I will be giving you tips on how to solve common issues such as charging and pairing problems on your Soundcore earbuds.

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How to Pair Soundcore Earbuds to Android – Step-By-Step

First, remove the charging case from the earbuds and wait for the headphones to come on. Next, go to settings on your phone and look for Bluetooth. If it isn’t turned on already, click on the toggle button, which changes the grey switch to blue.

Let your smartphone automatically connect to nearby Bluetooth devices and show you a list of those connected.

Once the Soundcore Earbuds show up, click or select or connect.

Now that the pop-up function is showing, click on Pair. Your Soundcore earbuds will connect to your mobile phone.

How to Pair Soundcore Earbuds to iPhone – Step-By-Step

After the white light appears on both earbuds, unplug them from the charging case.

Look for Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Turn ON your Bluetooth and allow it to search for the device.

Once the earbuds are turned on, tap them to connect.

Pop-up functions should be displayed on the screen.

A tap on Pair should bring up the Soundcore app.

For most people, pairing a new set of earbuds with their phone is easy, but if you’re having trouble,

Make sure that it is not paired to another device before pairing with a new device.

How to pair Soundcore Life P3 earbuds

Remove the earbuds from the charging case, and it should enter pairing mode automatically.

The charging case has three indicators, which should continuously flash a white light in sequence.

The blue arrow next to the button should light up. To turn the Bluetooth on and off, press the button.

Turn ON the Bluetooth and allow it to search for the nearby devices.

Once “Soundcore Life P3” is displayed, tap on it.

Once you connect the Bluetooth Headset with your Alexa, the LED lights on the charging case should turn white for 3 seconds


If the earbuds fail to connect, turn them OFF and back ON before your try to pair.

How to pair Soundcore Liberty Air left and right earbuds

Remove the left and right earbuds from the charging case.

Three LED indicators should display a white light. This indicates that the earbuds are in pairing mode.

Search for “Bluetooth” from your mobile device.

Turn the device on, and allow it to search for earbuds.

Once the Bluetooth detects “Soundcore Liberty Air” as a new device, tap on it to connect.

It is pairing with the earbuds.

How to pair Soundcore Life Note earbuds

Remove the two earbuds from the charging case and press the buttons in the left and right earbuds, then hold them down for 3 to 5 seconds.

Once you’ve paired your headphones with your Bluetooth enabled smart device, the LED indicator will blink once. Then, it should turn from white to red indicating that your headphones are now paired.

Select your mobile device, or device that you wish to connect Bluetooth settings.

Enable Bluetooth on your phone. Then let the Bluetooth search for a new device.

Pair your Soundcore earbuds to your device and a pop-up notification should appear. Then, you should be able to successfully connect your device to your Soundcore headphones.

How to pair Soundcore Liberty earbuds

Place the headphones back in their charging case when not using them and keep the case cover open when charging.

Press the button on the earbuds’ charging case and hold it down for at least 3 seconds.

When you have music streaming, the right earbud should display quickly.

The right earbuds should connect to the left earbuds.

After you’ve turned ON your phone’s Bluetooth, allow it to search for the earbuds’ Bluetooth name.

When you tap on the headphone’s Bluetooth name, the notification should pop up, and then you can pair successfully.

How to turn ON Soundcore Earbuds

The Liberty headphones will turn on when they are removed from the case.

To turn it OFF manually, tap the touchpad on both earbuds simultaneously.

Your Soundcore earbuds will connect to the last device it is paired with when it is turned ON.

You can decide to use only one of the earbuds or place the second one back in the case.

How to check the battery level on Anker Soundcore 2?

Once you have successfully paired the earbuds to your mobile phone, go to your settings and search for Bluetooth.

When your phone’s battery is running low, the battery percentage should display in the top right corner next to your phone’s battery level.

The Note can only be paired with the S-Link Earphone Cable when the phone is connected to the same power source (power or battery) as the Note

Why your Soundcore Liberty Air 2 right earbud is not working, and tips to fix

Some of the most common reasons that the right earbuds if Liberty Air 2 is not working

One of the most common reasons are:

The earbud needs a reset

The Earbud stopped working. You should see if the charging case is damaged or open the earbud case. Hold the button for up to 10 seconds and the bud will flash red and green LEDs.

Then, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and connect your smartphone to it.

This usually happens when you don’t use the recommended wall chargers, or when you have bad maintenance habits of the earbuds.

The problem with this is charging the battery or getting new earbuds.

The battery is low or has been damaged

Check the earbuds have a full charge by returning them to the charging case.

If the same earbud is still not working, it may be because of a damaged battery.

In this case, you’d have to replace the earbuds.

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Why your Soundcore Liberty Air 2 right earbud is not charging, and tips to fix

The charging connector is blocked

There are three charging connectors in the earbuds, which helps to charge it via the charging case.

Clean the charging connector carefully and charge the earbuds again to see if it would work.

The charging connector is faulty

You may want to reset the charging case by holding the back button for 10 seconds.

Don’t worry about it. Just try to charge again if the product is still under the original warranty, and

The wall charger is not the recommended one or is not working

The wall charger may be faulty or may not be compatible with the charging case.

You should use the recommended charger, and you should make sure that the charger is working with other devices before use.

How do I know when Anker Soundcore is fully charged?

The red battery indicator, which shows the charging case and earbuds are charging, will show on when fully charged.

If the charging indicator does not turn green after charging for the specified amount of time, the charging case or battery is likely to be faulty.

How long does it take to charge Soundcore earbuds?

You probably need two hours to fully charge them, but they’re worth it.

The charging case can take about 4 hours to fully charge when a wireless charger is used, or you can take advantage of a USB-C cable to charge your iPhone

If the time it takes to charge the battery is longer than usual, it could be because the battery has not been charged for a long time or the battery cells are

Is Anker Soundcore a good brand of earbuds

Anker has exceeded all expectations for its sound, and its earbuds are the best-sounding wired earphones I’ve ever tried.

These earbuds cost a fraction of the price you’d pay for earbuds at the store, and are designed for long-term use.

It’s often rated alongside JBL, Harmon, etc. Furthermore, these Soundcore earbuds are comfortable earbuds that offer excellent noise cancellation features and great sound quality at half the price of most rival brands.

Are Soundcore earbuds waterproof?

Sure, these earbuds are waterproof and can even be used in the shower.

They are made from a waterproof material, offering protection from water, rain, and sweat.

Although using earphones is not a good idea while swimming or showering because water affects the sound quality in the long run, you can use them when