Free Chromebook for Students – How to Get Yours

Chromebook met with initial skepticism upon its release in 2011.

However, Chromebooks only had a minimal impact on Google’s desktop operating system sales.

How to get free chromebook for students

As a student having a Chromebook will enhance your learning and productivity capacities.

To support the educational needs of students in Japan, Google is providing them with free Chromebooks.

You can get your free Chromebook if you implement a distance learning program for schools closed due to the pandemic.

Students at qualifying educational institutions of learning will receive a free Chromebook from the new Google for Education.

Students will be able to access online content for free, from any location they may find themselves.

Chromebooks are laptops that can serve as an affordable option for students.

In addition to the free Chromebooks, students will receive Chromebook LTE (with SIM) terminals or Chromebook Wi-Fi terminals without any cost.

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Chromebooks are a hit because they come with a number of features that enhance users’ productivity.

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Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a simple, easy-to-use operating system that powers the Chromebook.

The Internet is an essential tool for anyone who wants to surf the web or write their own web application.

Long battery life

Many students use a Chromebook for work. With them, they can work for up to twelve hours without having to power the device from an external

If you are looking for a feature that will translate into more productivity and less stress, this is the one!

Offline capability

With no Wi-Fi and the Chrome web browser, students have access to all the resources they need when using a Chromebook.

The device offers offline syncing capability, so that documents, emails, and spreadsheets are stored in the offline mode.

All-round compatibility

The Operating System of Chromebooks allow users smooth access to the productivity software such as the Microsoft Office Suite.

Automatic back-up of the most important files and folders

Users can’t lose their documents due to device crashes anymore.

Chrome OS updates don’t get saved to Google drive when the device is connected to the web.

Safety and security guaranteed

Chromebooks are equipped with built-in protection against viruses and other malware.

You do not need to install any third-party anti-virus protection when using a Mac.

Easy to boot Chromebooks come alive in no time when users engage the start button.

This feature lets users get on with completing an assignment or take part in online class, at the push of a button.A: