How to Download KRNL for Roblox

Check that Windows 10 is 64bit.

You can visually inspect the desktop environment, icons, and start menu with your eyes and four brain cells. Next, compare these images to screen shots online.

In Windows 10, type 64bit in the search bar. The search bar in Windows 10 should show a suggestion asking “Is my computer 32bit or 64bit?”

Check that you have the VCRedists

In Windows 10, go to the “Add or Remove Programs” section.

Next, search for Visual C++ Redistributable

Visual 2015-2019, x64 or x86 are two of the programs that will show up.

Check that the.NET package has been installed

Run the main krnl executable.

Windows will ask you if you are missing the.NET framework.

If prompted, click yes.

To verify that Roblox’s web client version is installed, install it.

If Roblox is installed on your computer, uninstall it.

The web version can be downloaded from the Roblox website. You can find the link in the requirements.



KRNL is the Roblox exploit script that performs the best. KRNL is extremely stable and crashes very rarely. Ice Bear created this KRNL, a brand that is known for making reliable cheats in the past. KRNL provides complete drawing and debugging libraries. KRNL also allows for some very advanced features, such as functions that are quite remarkable, thanks to super-compact scripts like Owl Hub. KRNL offers features that were previously only available to paying customers, but are now free to all.

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Antivirus prevents downloading/running KRNL

This is why it happens.

  • Antiviruses often mistake Roblox exploits for viruses. Modern Roblox exploits involve injecting a dll file into Roblox, and then running Lua code (scripts), in the environment created.
  • Here’s the catch: Dll injection can be used for more than just game cheats. They can also be used by malware. This is why antivirus will quarantine/delete any DLL injectors it detects without knowing whether they are safe. This is why antivirus software will often call most exploits, including krnl,
  • “But then, how do you prove Krnl’s not malware?” You might wonder. Krnl places safety and user trust as a top priority. Roblox is infected with the Krnl dll. This is the only protected/hidden part of the Krnl clients. Other than the dll, the KRNL client is completely unobfuscated/unprotected. The code of the Krnl bootstrapper as well as the Krnl client can be read using a.NET editor such as dnSpy and DotPeek, or a simple text editor such Notepad for node js bootstrapper. You can now see the code running the KRNL client. These links will take you to the source code for the bootstrapper as well as the main executable files.

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