How to Disable Screen Mirroring on Android, iPhone, Samsung & LG

Reading a book, viewing your stunning photos, and watching videos from your phone can be very fun.

The best parts of an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ tablet are all about showing off, so get out that screen protector and make sure you have a safe place to take these out, in case they shatter.

Apart from displaying the content of a smaller device on a larger screen, screen mirroring also allows users to wirelessly display their phone’s content on another screen, such as a presentation screen, a projector screen, a large TV, or the like.

If you’re using an iPhone 8, you may notice that turning off a Ring device accidentally turns the camera on while you’re in a meeting. It’s also possible to disable the camera while it’s sleeping.

Are you wondering why Amazon is adding this new feature? What if you want to disable it, but you don’t know how to do it?

In this chapter we’ll explain how to turn off screen mirroring on various devices.

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How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Android

To avoid the embarrassment of streaming your phone’s screen to your TV downstairs or to your workmates, you must disable screen mirroring.

Use the Screen Mirroring or Screen Casting feature on your Android phone if you’re connecting it to another device via Wi-Fi.

If you look down at the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen, you’ll see the small, black, little box that looks like a Wi-Fi antenna. Press this button and it will record a video clip of the screen.

You can also access this feature through your phone’s settings.

It is the same icon you notice on the top of the screen of any YouTube video, which is a box with the Wi-Fi logo

If you tap the icon three times quickly, it will start scanning for available devices. Tap it again to stop the search.

If this phone is not connected to any nearby devices, it will ensure it is in airplane mode.

To turn it OFF completely, slide the SCREEN MIRRORING or the SCREEN CASTING slider left to the OFF

You should take control of the future by setting up a backup plan for any emergency situation that may arise.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on iPhone (Airplay)

On iPhone, an Airplay Mirror lets you mirror your phone’s screen or play videos on a second device.

Since the only way to disable AirPlay is by unplugging the Airplay speaker and iPad or iPhone from the wireless network, the method is quite different for those who have an Android tablet or smartphone

You’ll want to update your app to the latest version. Go to the App Store, click on the Updates tab, and then select the Update All button.

When the tab displays its options, scroll down to locate “accessibility”.

You need to scroll down and select the ‘Guided Access’ tab to see the option of Mirror Display.

Slide the mirror to the left to turn it off.

For newer IOS versions,
Tap the settings icon on the home screen and scroll down.

You’ll see the ‘General’ tab in the navigation menu, and there’s a section

Go to iTunes settings and click on the Automatically Airplay to TVs tab.

This is a nice feature to have. I love this app. But it’s still buggy.

Click on the Always icon to turn the feature off completely.Q:


How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Samsung TV

Sharing content from your phone to your Smart TV can be fun using the Samsung Smart Things app.

To turn off this feature, open the SmartThings app.

Select the “SmartView” option from the homepage.

This feature can be turned off by sliding this option left to disable screen sharing between your phone and the TV.

If your phone is on, you can enable it to share its screen to your Samsung TV.

Choose No when asked to allow sharing.

Another way to stop screen sharing is to disconnect the network between your phone and the SmartThings app on the device connected to the TV.

To change the screen resolution, go to Display, then select the one that looks best to you.

If you want to remove the SmartThings app, you may do so.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on LG TV

The LG Smart ThinQ is the dedicated LG platform for linking and enabling TV sharing with your LG smart TV.

With the LG Smart TV, you go to the smart TV app and go straight to screen sharing.

From the Screen Sharing tab, select the devices you want to enable screen sharing from.

You’ll need to use the Disconnect tab to finish the process.

Alternatively, you may turn off the Screen Sharing option from the LG ThinQ app from your phone to cancel any active screen sharing settings between your phone and any device.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Sony TV

Press the HOME button on your Sony Smart TV. Tap APPS.

Scroll down till you see the SCREEN MIRRORING tab.

You get the option to turn this feature on or off in the settings.

To stop it, select Stop Sharing Screen. The Sony Smart Connect platform is the place where all screen sharing connections

You can disable the ‘Screen Mirroring Mode’ from the Smart Connect app for Sony TVs.

You should do this to get rid of any possibility of you screen sharing with your friend.

What Is Screen Mirroring on My Phone?

A screen mirroring device allows a small Android, Windows, or Apple device to display the contents on its screen through a TV or projector.

The devices involved in the screen mirroring process will use a wireless connection to connect.

You can mirror media content, such as your own personal photos, music, videos, and games, across your device’s display with mirroring.

You can also mirror content from the internet or apps like Netflix or YouTube.

How to Disable Smart View On Samsung

If you want to disable screen mirroring on your Samsung, you should disable its smart view feature.

You’ll need to follow the procedure below to do that:
STEP 1: Click on the settings icon
STEP 2: Click on the apps option
STEP 3: Tap on three dots in the top right corner to display more options
STEP 4: Search for smart view

How to Turn OFF Screen Mirroring On iPad

To turn off screen mirroring on your iPad, open the “Control Center”, select the “Screen Mirroring” option, and then select “Stop Screen Mirroring”.

How to Turn OFF Screen Mirroring On iPhone 11

If you want to disable screen mirroring on your iPhone 11, follow these steps:
STEP 1: Open the “Control Center” by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
STEP 2: Select “Screen Mirroring” and then click on the option that says “Stop Screen Mirroring.

How to Bypass Screen Mirror Block

The High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) restrictions can hinder you from screen mirroring digital media contents.Q:

HDCP imposes restrictions on video and audio signals traveling between your device and a TV or set-top box. To remove these restrictions, use an HDMI splitter.

It doesn’t matter whether the devices you want to connect have HDMI inputs or not, the HDMI Splitter will enable you to connect them together.

When you’re looking to add more devices to your network, you might also consider using a video capture card.

If your device doesn’t have USB ports, plugging your external flash drive into it will bypass the mirror screen block.

How to Stop Someone from Mirroring Your Phone

If you want to stop someone from using your phone remotely, you should disable remote access.

However, if you feel that someone has access to your mobile device, you can use these tips to stop it.

If you do not install apps outside the Play Store, apply two-factor authentication to every online activity, and install an antivirus, you’ll reduce your risk of becoming the victim of a cyber attack.

If you’re constantly getting spam messages or you’ve noticed your email account is being used for scams, you should first be sure that your phone is updated. Next, try not to open any link you receive from suspicious sources.

How Do I Know If Screen Mirroring Is OFF?

In this case, you should disable it so that it doesn’t occur again.

If you have an iPhone, you can find out by following the steps below. On an iPhone:
STEP 1: Open the “Control Center” and find the “Screen Mirroring” option.

I don’t know why I didn’t turn off my screen mirroring.

If you’re using an Android, check out the Screencast option in your quick links panel. There may be devices connected showing the screen from your phone or tablet. Tap to view them and check to see if you can view your phone’s screen on your computer.

Turn on your screen mirroring to improve your online visibility.

How to Know If Your Phone Is Screen Mirroring

To check if your phone is screen mirroring, do this procedure.

On an Android:
STEP 1: Open the Quick Settings panel by swiping down from the top of your Android device.
On a Windows Phone:
STEP 1: Open “Settings” on your Windows Phone, then tap “Personalization.”
B: On a Windows Phone:

STEP 2: Find the “Screencast” button, click on it, and you will see a list of the Chromecast devices connected to your network.