How to Create an INI File on Windows, Mac, and Android

What is an INI file? For many, it’s just one of the lesser-known file types, but to billions of people, INI files are something they have to use every day; in fact, they won’t be able to get things done on their PCs daily if not for working INI files in

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what an INI file is, how to create an INI file on Windows, Mac, and Android.

What is an INI file?

Ini files are used by Windows programs to store information about program settings. They contain information that programs use to initialize program settings.

This file contains settings and preferences that a program is aware of, which it is using to operate correctly. It also includes information on the operating environment.

The ini file format is basically plain text files, and it has a specific format in which the data is saved, so you would usually see something like a name and a value pair.

Imagine you wanted to create a folder to organize your documents. If you try to just create a new folder, it won’t do what you want.

You can change the color of your new folder by going to the File menu and choosing Folder Options… Then under the View tab, you can choose the folder background color you want.

You didn’t select or set these, they were set in the INI files, and the operating system reads the File and uses these settings by default.

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How to Create an INI File on Windows 10 and macOS

There are a few considerations to take when you create an INI file, and these are that the file must use section headers, it should be plain text file and the = sign is used to assign values to keys.

Here’s a process that will be most effective to create an INI file: Using a Text Editor on your PC, if you’re on Windows 10, you would have Notepad, while Mac users will have Sublime Text, Atom, and TextMate. Now enter some global variables and a few sections with scoped variables or whatever you’d like to have in the file >> Save as “filename.ini”.

Note: Depending on your machine, the saving process might be a little tricky.

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For Windows 10 users who use Notepad, simply entering your filename +.INI in the section for the filename will automatically create an INI file, but we noticed that users on other machines or text editors might have to enter their file names without the.INI extension but then select.INI among a list of file formats to save in.

Global and scoped variables are listed next to the variables that use them.

GlobalVar = Value

How to edit INI files

You can use any text editor to open and edit INI files, on Windows, using notepad. Double-clicking on the INI file will automatically open it.

With the work you’ve done on the file, Ctrl + S will let you save the file without any issues.

How to create INI file in Android

To create an INI file in Android, use the android object to get few more features for phones >> Using the DataStorageDirectory$ expression, the data storage path will be returned on an android device >> you will set your INI path to something like: DataStorageDirectory$(“Android object”) +”filename.ini”.

You should get a detailed process of using this INI file, saving and editing it.

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