How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC Without Receiver

There are many genres of games like racing games or fighting games that are best played with a controller. While mouse and keyboard setups are the most common control scheme, a controller is often a better choice for these types of games.

The controller has an obvious advantage even when you connect the PC to the TV, and have a split-screen session with your friends.

Fortunately, most current PC games are directly compatible with the Xbox 360 controller.

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Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 controller cannot transmit by a standard Bluetooth device, so it is not easy to connect wirelessly.Q:

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Here I’ll show you how to connect an Xbox 360 controller to a Windows PC without a receiver.

Can You Use an Xbox Controller on PC?

Yes, almost all PC games can be played using the Xbox Wireless Controller instead of a mouse or keyboard.

Connecting the Xbox Series S, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 controller to a PC running Windows 10 is almost as easy as connecting it to another controller.

You’ll need a USB cable or an adapter if you want to charge your controller wirelessly. You first insert the one end of the USB-micro USB and USB-C cable into your controller.

Then plug in the second end to your PC, and the controller will automatically configure itself, and should work with most types of games on your computer.

With Windows 10, your PC will automatically install a driver for your controller if it detects the Xbox One wireless adapter (if the driver is not already installed).

How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC Without Receiver – The Options – Step-by-Step

There are two ways to connect an Xbox 360 controller to a PC without a receiver.

Option 1: Use a wired (USB) Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 Controller will work with current versions of Windows 10 and newer. If you have Windows 7, 8.1, or older, you’ll need to purchase an adapter.

Plug your Gamepad into your computer.

Wait a few seconds. Usually Windows should tell you when an Xbox 360 controller has been plugged into the computer.

To connect the controller, first download the latest drivers from their website. Then install the driver on your computer. You can also try reinstalling the operating system.

You can download and install the wired Xbox 360 controller driver here.

Restart your PC after you’ve finished installing the driver package.

Try to reconnect the controller as described above

Option 2: Get the official Xbox package for Windows from Microsoft

If you don’t have a Windows-adapted controller, I recommend this method.

This bundle comes with the wireless controller, the HDMI cable, and other accessories.Q:

You may also buy the official Xbox bundle from Microsoft when you have an Xbox controller.

Buy the official controller from Amazon, so you have more money to spend on the official game package you want.

How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC with Receiver – Step-by-Step

Xbox 360 bundles come with the console and wireless Xbox 360 controller. However, there’s also a wireless Xbox 360 receiver that lets you play games and view content on your TV while still sitting on your sofa.

A single adapter will work for connecting 360 degree sensors to a PC, whether you are connecting them to one, three or four 360 degrees.

You can use up to four controllers with the wireless receiver.

Connect the receiver to the computer: Use the included CD to install the software.

If you don’t have the installation disc that came with the controller, you can download the driver here.

1.Turn ON the Xbox accessory you want to use with your receiver
To connect an Xbox accessory to your receiver, follow these steps:

2. Press and hold the Guide button on your Xbox controller;

3. Activate the receiver by pressing the connect button;

When the light on the controller stops flashing and stays solid green, the controller is connected.

Always ensure that you have the batteries in the remote control and they are correctly positioned and fully charged.

Not all Xbox models are configured the same.

Make sure you know where the wireless connection button on your TV is.

How to Pair Bluetooth Xbox Controller to PC

Connect your Xbox One controller using Bluetooth. The wireless model is compatible with all models of Xbox One, and you can use your Xbox One controller in tandem with your smartphone and tablet.

You plug this into a USB port on your computer and use it to connect various devices.

How to Use Xbox 360 Without Controller

You can use a USB keyboard or mouse instead of a remote control, like on a computer.

Plug the USB cable into the Xbox controller and connect it to your TV or monitor.

But if you’re an Xbox 360 owner, you can use your smartphone as a controller. Here’s how to do it:
The free app “SmartGlass” will help your Xbox 360 interact with your smartphone. However, that app has been discontinued by Microsoft and cannot be downloaded on the Play Store or the iTunes Store.

But you can also download it from third-party sites like Softonic here.

When the install is complete, go to your XBOX, open the “Settings” and the “System” option.

Select “Devices and Game Controllers” from here.
After that, choose the device that’s connected to the Switch.

Under the Xbox SmartGlass App, select ON. Then start the app on your mobile phone and enter your account details.

The app will now automatically connect to the console. Now, you also have access to your smartphone’s XBOX 360 games and apps.

How to Use Xbox 360 Controller on PC With Play and Charge Kit

Plug in the USB end of the Play and Charge into the computer’s USB port
Plug the connector end of your Xbox controller end of the Play and Charge into the Xbox 360 controller
The computer will read the device and search for software
Run a video game that is compatible with the controller

How to Uninstall Xbox 360 Controller Drivers

Simultaneously press the “Windows” key and the “R” key, so that the “Run” command opens.

In Windows 7 you’ll find the “Windows Management Instrumentation” (WMI) console. Click on the icon to start.

You will need to confirm the security query with “Yes.” Then, the “Device Manager” opens.

Select and expand the “Windows Controllers.” Here you will find all installed Windows controller drivers.

Click “Uninstall” on the driver you want to remove.

A query appears on the screen. To confirm it, click OK. If you aren’t sure you’ll ever need the hardware again, you can also tick the “Delete the driver software for this device” option.

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How to Use Xbox One Controller With Steam

You’ll need to connect the Xbox One wireless controller to the console first.

When you open Steam, under “Display,” you’ll find a menu called “Big Picture.

You will find the Settings option under the gear icon in the upper right corner.

In order to set up the controller, go to Settings > Controller Settings > Xbox Configuration Assistant.

For older games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you can play with the controller or the keyboard and mouse.

In fact, you will still be prompted to edit the controller configuration.

Edit this under “Manage Game.” You only need to make a single configuration call for this setting.

Confirm your location, and then start the game.

Do Xbox 360 Controllers Work on Xbox One

It’s impossible to connect your Xbox One controller to your Xbox One directly. Instead, you can connect your Xbox 360 controller via the Xbox 360 to Windows computer, then connect the Windows computer to your Xbox One console.

You’ll need an Xbox One and a PC running Windows 10, and a wired Xbox 360 controller.

Why Do Official Xbox 360 Controllers not Use Bluetooth

The Xbox 360 controller doesn’t use a standard Bluetooth protocol. Instead, Microsoft uses its proprietary wireless connectivity to connect the wireless controller. So you can’t pair the controller to your PC via Bluetooth.

Can You Use Xbox Controller for PS4

With the PS4, you can use the Xbox One controller by simply pressing the home button.

It is possible with newer console controllers that have built-in headphone jacks.

Therefore, you don’t need an adapter to do this cross-connection.

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