How Outsourcing Your Sales Team Can Become A Lucrative Business Model

There are several functional areas to concentrate on when running a business. Most businesses focus on finance, strategy, human resource, technology and equipment, marketing, and operations. For your business to survive and grow, it is essential to get these areas right.

According to research, 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years. As time passes, more businesses fail for one reason or the other. In the end, only 25% of new businesses make it beyond 15 years.

Some of the reasons why businesses fail are because of poor research on the market, financing problems, and poor market placement. The physical and online position of your business also matters. You need customers to be aware that you produce a good or service.

There are different approaches when it comes to marketing and sales. You can have an in-house sales team or an outsourced sales team. Since marketing goes hand in hand with sales, the two share a department in most companies.

The main aim of the marketing team is to create awareness while the sales team converts that awareness into sales. You can use several strategies to improve sales. The most common ones include relying on your branding, capitalizing on a niche area in the market, and targeting particular groups.

The process of converting interested parties into customers is long and often tedious. With that in mind, it is wise if you outsource sales to a third party if you do not have the necessary skills. Outsourced sales teams are not just for small businesses and startups. Medium-sized and large enterprises also stand to gain from an outsourced team.

Larger businesses with an internal sales team can delegate part of their work to an outsourced sales force. The external team can handle market research, outbound calling, and lead generation.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your sales team. In this article, we look at why you should consider outsourced sales teams in your business model. Let us have a look:

  1. Risk Reduction

There are many risks involved when doing business, and some cut across the different functions. Companies rely on their human resource team to get you the best sales team. However, getting individuals to work together may be hard at times.

Having the wrong personnel in your sales team can do a lot of damage to your company. Outsourcing your sales team will help reduce this risk. If you do your research well, you can get a competent company that offers the service.

You risk a lot of expanding your business to a different region or country. The market is new, you may be unaware of legislation, business rules, and general market trends. You can also reduce your risks by using a local outsourced sales team. The team comes with the benefit of experience and knowledge in that specific market.

  1. Financial Benefits

The main objective of business is to make money, reduce production costs and increase profits. Outsourcing is a way of cutting costs in your operations. The first financial benefit is it saves you on rent and office costs.

Having fewer workers means you require less office space if you outsource part of your workforce. You will also spend less on the utility bills such as water and electricity. The business also gets to reduce the money spent on salaries.

The amount of money used to pay workers, give benefits and manage your workforce is more than the money you would spend on outsourcing. You also save on the hiring process. A lot of time and money goes into recruiting, interviewing, and training new personnel. You do not have to worry about these costs when outsourcing.

You also cut down on the costs of buying software. The outsourcing company will cater to the cost of software premiums and other tools necessary to increase your sales. This benefits both your company and the third party since they provide services to several companies.

  1. Saves Time

Currently, most of the economies of the world are crashing, and the risk of a recession is high. Businesses are experiencing a decrease in sales velocity and a high churn rate, so time is crucial. The traditional way of acquiring sales personnel may not work for your business.

A new worker may need about three months to get used to the environment and add value to your company. However, it only takes outsourced sales teams between 3 weeks and a month to get on track. This is a significant difference in time, and it may affect your profitability if your staff keeps quitting.

You do not have to worry about sick days, vacations, and resignations with outsourced sales services. The company will assign a new employee to fill the position.

  1. Expert Level Skills

If your current sales team struggles in a part of the sales process, consider outsourcing that activity to a professional. This will be better than hiring an employee to join your team. Outsourced sales teams have several advantages when it comes to skill.

They may have more experience in the business industry, a list of clients in the industry, and trained personnel in certain areas. Since the firm’s main business is handling sales, they recruit some of the best talents in the industry.

  1. It Offers Flexibility and Scaling

Having in-house employees can be a disadvantage in industries with unpredictable trends. At times you may need to cut down on costs but cannot you cannot fire staff because they have an employment contract. The conversation about letting people go is also uncomfortable.

Outsourced sales support comes with the benefit of flexibility. You can reduce and increase your personnel as you wish depending on what you need. If you have more than enough leads or sales output, you can reduce your team.


Your business needs a strong sales team to help you convert your marketing efforts and realize profits. Consider outsourcing your sales team to increase your profits and save yourself time and money.

Outsourced sales services offer you the benefit of superior skill, flexibility, and accountability. As you outsource, remember to research the companies that offer the best services in your industry.