How much is a tattoo pen machine? – Complete Guide

If you’re inexperienced with tattoos, it can be difficult to discover tattoo supplies that meet your expectations. Can you suggest ink that will shape good designs? What needles should I use? Today we’re launching a series to help you gather the information needed for your tattoo experience to be pleasant.

You’ll be able to use your tattoo needles more often than anything else. You’ll have to distinguish numerous individual groupings and sizes. This educational guide will walk you through the basics of tattoo needle features and what to look for when you’re buying them. Remember, you should dispose of your tattoo needles in a different container each time you use them, not reusing them.

tattoo pen Needle Basics

There are numerous sorts of needles, but they all fall into four main categories.

  • Round tattoo pen Needles

Soldered circular needles tattoo pen with a central shaft is round needles used to make round liners, liner fabric, or circular shaders. The density of tightly packed liners makes them ideal for technical work where each millimeter counts. You might also see them used in conjunction with a loose lining. Slat-backed round shadows are perfect for applying simple, bold outlines. Loosely rounded shaders, sometimes called shader rounds, are good for applying basic color fills.

Hex-shaped needles are marked with RL (Round Liner) or RS (Round Shader), and their number appears at the front of writing the letter. This will give you all the information you need to determine the amount and configuration of needles. A 9RL will have 9 needles in the shape of a circle; a 7RL will have seven needles in the shape of a square configuration.

You’ll be using the same-sized tube for needles regardless of their size. Pretty simple.

Flat tattoo pen Needles

Flat sewing needles that have solder in a straight line are used to line the needles. The other top tool for lining due to the needles’ geometry will draw more ink into the skin for smoother, darker lines with just a single dab. Larger needles are more suited to mixing colors, ensuring faster application of color with a single pass.

They are labeled as FL (Flat Liner) or, less frequently, FS (Flat Shader) for short. Like round needles, these are marked with the number of pins in front, like 7FL.

Needles are also set up similarly to round needles, as do flat needles. Thus, a 7FL needle uses a 7F tube.

Magnum tattoo pen Needles

Neon needles are one of the most popular choices for almost all shading tasks. These sets are made with a longer taper than those that are made for round shaders. showcases provide a lot of ink, making it an excellent choice for big areas of coloring. Because of this, you require fewer passes over an area using neon needles, which are necessary as a result.

What To Look For In tattoo pen Needles

If you get equipment for tattoos all on your own for the first time, it’s important to learn about the best products from different suppliers. Since checking out the many characteristics of different needles can be quite demanding, some noticeable characteristics will help you.

Are the needles straight, unbent, and sharp?

If you want sharp needles, don’t order those that are bent, dull, or shoddy. Bent, dull groupings can do lasting damage to the skin, and will not necessarily spread the ink evenly. Plasticizers will often cause it to deform out of shape.

Are the needles well soldered?

If the areas where the needles are connected to the apparatus where the session will take place are loose, do not use them. Loose needles can potentially fall off and end up causing the same equipment problems as crooked or broken apk, dull groupings.

Are the needles pre-sterilized?

You should take care that you’re authorizing the needles you order to be autoclaved. All the needles will be individually packed, marked as sterile, and will have a lot number and expiration dates on them. Keep these records for your records. Should you ever have any questions concerning the executed process (or whether you are uncomfortable with the info the syringe meets the sterilization standards), ask for a confirmation letter from the maker store. Medical suppliers must keep this info on hand, and you ought to have no trouble getting a copy from them.


In conclusion, the pen tattoo machine is an affordable and convenient option for those looking to start their own tattoo business. It is easy to use and can be operated with minimal training. The pen tattoo machine is also an excellent choice for those looking for a portable tattoo device.

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