How Long Do MacBook Airs Last? [Tips to Care for One]

The most important thing to remember when you’re buying your MacBook Air is that it needs adequate care and maintenance.

If you implement this, your device will perform well.

Before you decide to buy one, it helps to know how long MacBook Airs last under normal conditions.

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How Long Do MacBook Airs Last?

A MacBook Air usually lasts for around 8 years on average, but we expect MacBook Air batteries to last for around 5 years.

Depending on what you use your Macbook Air for, it can last a while longer than you’d expect.

Some people might surf the internet or use the MacBook Air for writing and editing documents.

On the other hand, a different person might use the device for gaming or running heavy programming applications.

Whether it’s battery life, screen size or hardware design, all of these factors have an impact on the durability of your device.

What Is the Latest Mac OS?

macOS 12 is the latest version of the Mac OS. It can be called macOS Monterey.

This is the latest model of MacBook devices. It’s available from October 2021 and provides the latest updates for MacBook devices.

To check what version of iOS you’re running, click on the apple logo on your phone’s screen, then look for the Version section of the Settings app.

Choose the option that says ‘About This Mac’.
The Mac OS name should appear with the version number.

Would help you know the operating system currently installed in your MacBook.

If you want to see other versions of OS available for iPad devices, click here.

How to Get Apple to Replace Your MacBook?

If your MacBook has a hardware defect, then Apple will replace it. The defect needs to be detected before your warranty expires.

AppleCare+ extends the original warranty by Two (2. years for Macbook.

You are right in thinking that extended warranties cover accidental and not cosmetic damages. A manufacturer should offer an extended warranty but should also allow its consumers to purchase a replacement policy when their device fails. This helps to minimize the risk of a faulty device.

Consumers may be able to add an extra couple of years to the warranty, but they can only ask for a new device once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

I’d love to tell you it’s really easy to buy an iPhone directly from Apple, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

How Long Do MacBook Air Battery Last

The MacBook Air 11 lasts for 5 years before the battery needs to be replaced.

The newer models that include a M1 chip have higher battery life and a wider range of 6-8 years.

However, these numbers vary based on how much you use your device in real time.

How to Update the Software on Your MacBook?

First, backup the data on your MacBook using Time Machine.

Then follow these steps.
Click on the Apple menu in the corner of your screen.

If you’ve updated to a new version of macOS, you should be prompted to update the Mac App Store app.

You’ll need to update the operating system on your MacBook to the latest version (you’ll find a link on the Apple website) before

How To Change The Time On MacBook

Change the time on your MacBook is easy to do.
Start by tapping on the Apple menu, and choose system preferences.

Set the date and time for automatic updates

It is possible that the network server may not be in your region. In this case, you must select the time.

For manually, you’d have to input the date and time by yourself.

Tap on the time zone and select whether you want it to adjust automatically or manually.

How to Tell What Year Your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Is

Here’s how to find out what year your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are. Open the Apple menu and choose About This Mac.

Option 2

The serial number can be found on the underside of your laptop. If it’s already been opened, don’t worry—it’s only a sticker that will come off.

You’ll find it at the end of your Mac’s serial number. Input the number seen there on Apple’s coverage page, and the year and model of your MacBook will be displayed immediately.

How To Check Mac Specs

To check the MacBook specifications, you can follow these instructions.Q:

Unable to get a key off of a HashMap – what am I doing wrong?

Open up the Apple menu and click on “About this Mac.” It will show your computer’s name, its memory, and other hardware specs.

A more detailed list of apps is available by tapping on the Apple menu and then choosing System Report

How to Replace MacBook Air Hard Drive

You’ll have to first purchase an SSD from a verified store in order to start installing it. You should also have all the tools that you need to install it with you.

When replacing your SSD, always purchase an SSD with a larger capacity than the one that originally came with your MacBook Air. Back up your data from your old SSD first.

However, if your old SSD is corrupt, you don’t need to do this step.

Get your flat screwdriver and pentalobe screwdriver ready. Then turn OFF your MacBook Air and turn it to its back.


Remove the back of the case and place the screws somewhere safe.

You should take care to know the screw that matches a particular hole.

Dust the device down, especially dust that got on the vents.

Remove the battery from the device by unplugging the battery connector.

First unscrew the screw holding down the SSD. Then remove the SSD.

After that, gently lift the drive out of its slot.
Carefully lift the new SSD into your MacBook Pro and place it in the now open slot.

Last, tighten the screws that hold the battery connector to its original position.

You’ll see why it’s so important to have a backup plan. Learn how to do it before disaster strikes.

How to Take Care of a MacBook – Tips to Make MacBook Airs Last

Buying a Macbook Air is generally pricey. So, to ensure it last a long time and you get good value for your money.

We highly recommend snap-on cases for our laptops, because it would prevent damage to your laptop’s screen.

Use the keyboard cover, and a screen protector to protect the laptop’s screen and its functionality from dust, spills, and scratches.

You should always connect it to power when the battery is low.

This laptop will protect your battery from strain, making it last longer. If you use heavy programs on your MacBook, consider upgrading the RAM or switching to a MacBook Pro that is better suited for programming and graphic applications.

A computer is designed for the conditions it will operate in. Your MacBook Air is built for the conditions you’ll be working in. Make sure it will operate efficiently and not get overheated or damaged by improper handling.

The optimal temperature for this gadget is between 50oF and 95oF. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by using it at very extreme temperatures.

Adjust the display screen’s brightness to avoid your battery draining quickly.

Install the latest updates to your Apple device and always keep them updated.

You can clean your MacBook Pro by using a clean cloth and the included cleaning spray.

And use a brush that can get to the hard-to-reach places of your MacBook Air.

Don’t spray any liquid solvent on your LCD screen. It’s bad for your health.

Avoid using third-party chargers. They’re prone to break down, and could eventually cause damage to the MacBook. When you use the computer consistently, shut it down.

Your charging cable should be handled with care. It should be stored loosely and not bent too tightly when you don’t need it.