How Does Car Shipping from Florida to New York Work?

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Records from the last few years have shown a migration trend. It is that more people are making the move from New York to Florida. To provide some perspective, the number of people moving from New York to Florida is a little over twice the number of people moving in the reverse direction. There are several reasons for this including the fact that Florida has:

  • Impressive weather conditions
  • Significantly lower living cost
  • Impressive quality of life
  • People-friendly tax policies

Of course, it is also about personal preferences, among other things. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Florida to New York – Quite a Long Ride

It is quite a long-distance drive between these states. This is given how one would have to drive past states like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Virginia, and West Virginia. The drive is around 18 hours at least and this depends on your starting and end point.

As a result, lots of people moving from New York to Florida or vice versa use auto shipping services. However, such people need to understand how this service works. This subject will be addressed here.

Auto Shipping Service Sequence

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Auto shipping service timeline is influenced by a lot of factors. Some of these factors are determined by the car shipping company, while some are determined by the client in question.

As a result, it is hard to put a timeframe to how long it takes to get the process underway and have your vehicle delivered. The sequence of car shipping services is more predictable. The sequence is discussed below:


Most prospective clients do a bit of research before contacting any company in this line of work. This is the right thing to do as the goal should be engaging the right company. As a result, it is even better to research several options rather than just one.


The prospective client reaches out to the company for further details. One of the major areas of concern would be getting a service quote. A lot of companies that offer these services do not charge for quotes. As a result, prospective clients can have an idea of what it would cost them to use the service without paying for this privilege.

Prospective clients need to present some information to get a quote as accurate as possible. Some of the information that needs to be presented includes:

  • Date
  • Vehicle type
  • Auto transport option
  • Pick-up and delivery location

Presenting these details ensures that prospective clients get a near-accurate quote. It is still considered near-accurate because several things can still influence the service charge.

For example, transporting an inoperable vehicle costs more than one that can be operated. You can click here for more information on what determines auto shipping cost.


You can go ahead and ask for the agreement if you are fine with the quote. Furthermore, even the agreement is non-binding. That is at least until you consent to it by signing. If you do consent to it, then the next step can get underway.


This can happen in either of two ways, depending on the agreement between the clients and the service provider. The first is that the vehicle is dropped off at the auto shipping company’s departure terminal. This falls under the category of basic services.

The second is that the vehicle is picked up by a staff at an agreed location. It is then driven to the terminal.

Either way, the vehicle has to be properly assessed and both parties (client and staff) need to agree on the vehicle’s state. A document known as a bill of lading is used to document this.


Usually, the vehicle is not shipped right away. One of the reasons is that the vehicle carrier has to be filled to a certain capacity. This is except in the case of expedited service.

More often than not, there is a basic time frame. This could be around a week or two, depending on the policies of the auto shipping company.


The vehicles must have been securely loaded at this point. The driver hits the road at this point. Factors such as weather conditions, shipping method, and the route taken all determine when the vehicle will arrive at the agreed destination.

Delivery and Pick Up

This can happen in either of two ways. The first is that the vehicle is picked up at the company’s terminal after delivery. This falls under the category of basic services. The second is that the vehicle is driven by a staff to an agreed location.

Final Note

Knowledge of how auto shipment processes work is important for people who need to relocate their vehicles. As a result, you should bear this in mind when arranging car transport from Florida to New York or in the reverse direction. It ensures that you know what to expect.

This information also ensures that you can identify suspicious companies. For example, a company that makes the agreement seem like it is binding even without your consent is suspicious. So, take note of these details when engaging auto transport companies.