Install FREE HEVC Video Extensions in 2022【Download】

HEVC means high-efficiency video coding and it is specifically designed to manage hardware capabilities on the devices. Devices that don’t have HEVC hardware installed on their systems need to install it to have high-resolution videos. Once you install HEVC video extensions you can easily watch HEIC files and JPEG images. On iPhones, you should have an IOS version. There are two versions of HEVC, one is free and the other is paid version. 

Free version

With HEVC video extensions you can easily watch UHD videos. Through this new hardware will be introduced and will work on different features. As new software charges a lot for HEVC video extensions so you don’t have to worry about it. It is also available for free. As for the free purpose, the company itself ships OEMs without any charges. As HEVC is a hidden production in the Microsoft store so you can simply click the link and can get the free version. Once it is installed make sure to restart your system again so it works efficiently.

Paid version

Prior this version was free but now you have to get the HEVC video extension for $0.99. By this, you will get access to watch 265 videos without any buffering. By downloading the paid version of HEVC video extensions you will have a better visual of videos. You can easily install it by clicking on the Microsoft store. Once downloaded, shut down and start your system again and it will start working.


It is software that can easily be installed in nanoseconds on window 10. All the attributes are divided accordingly to give a source to the software. This is one of the most amazing multimedia reproduction tools which gives the best quality results. It has amazing state-of-the-art tech and can easily work with all types of systems. HEVC video window 10 free download Microsoft is very beneficial as it provides you the facility to watch your favorite shows or listen to your most loved songs without any interruption. For installing the HEVC video extensions, make sure your system has Windows 10 installed.

Workings with VLC player

HEVC video files require extensions so they can get compressed. HEVC easily works with all types of media players that are installed on your device or system. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be a Windows 10 media player as it only has a new and advanced version of VLC. It enhances the standard and runs high-quality coding files. The quality usually depends upon hardware.

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How are HEVC video extensions from device manufacturer Microsoft free? 

You can easily play HEVC videos on any type of apps on your Windows 10 device. These extensions are perfectly designed to use maximum hardware so it can further launch new features. Few devices don’t support this hardware for HEVC bides for that you need a high-resolution PC. After that, you can only let HEVC encode on your computer easily. You can get it from Microsoft for free.

Use of HEVC video extensions

Using HEVC video extensions is very simple. All you need to know is the popularity of the video and then click on the Microsoft store and download it. It will approximately cost you US$0.99. In case you are thinking that you are spending a lot of money keep in mind that it’s a lifetime investment.

Why is HEVC important and how well can it redeem its code? 

Nowadays HEVC is in huge demand as it has great features that have made our lives easier. By using HEVC you can feel yourself ahead. As HEVC is a great feature for the next generation and is very effective as well. As it transforms the video quality into great quality. HEVC is low costly and reliable so redeeming its code isn’t very difficult. When you stream live through it you won’t have to worry regarding budget and money. Less data gets used and larger data gets saved. It is also perfect for data strapped locations. 

HEVC has set a standard in tech. It has the ability to form high-quality content and is known universally. 

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HEVC video extensions 99 cents

If you want to enhance your system and want it to play video files with HEVC format then you need to have small changes as Microsoft is charging 99 cents for each mention. Once you purchase it, it will give you access to play the HEVC format.

HEVC video extensions Windows 10 64 bit

HEVC video extensions are perfect for video streaming. This format is being recognized globally. It can easily be used on computers, androids, and iPhones as well. In HEVC video extensions Reddit people have given their views that they are really thankful for such amazing hardware. It has made their life very simple and stress-free. As they can easily watch their favorite stuff without facing any buffering.

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