5 Best Free Cyberflix Alternatives for Streaming

Cyberflix TV has certainly long been one of the top streaming apps for watching live TV channels, offering the option to stream movies, web series, live sports, and TV shows with well-organized episodes. But the majority of people find it challenging to use for a number of reasons. In case you are unable to use the streaming app for whatever reason, we have compiled a list of the best free alternatives to Cyberflix.

What is Cyberflix?

Millions of users use Cyberflix TV  to view movies, TV shows, and live sports events. The Cyberflix TV  app offers a better free streaming option than Netflix and a cheaper alternative to cable TV. The lightweight Cyberflix TV App offers free access to movies and TV shows as well as live TV features. It is already included among the streaming services that are accessible. You won’t need to pay exorbitant cable TV rates to watch your preferred movies and TV shows using this app. We have produced a list of the top free Cyberflix alternative in case you are unable to use the streaming app for any reason.

A list of best Cyberflix alternatives 


Are you seeking an app that enables you to stream and watch the newest series as well as movies from every genre without having to sign up for a membership? Due to its complete legality and lack of additional charges, TubiTV is one of the most reliable options. Therefore, this app would be appropriate whether you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment like cartoons and animated shows or wish to watch drama or horror TV series.

2. Showbox

You can download or stream movies and TV series if you want to watch them while you’re on the go and offline. Showbox is the program to use if you don’t have internet access because it lets you download all of the content, including movies and TV shows, for offline watching.

To ensure uninterrupted entertainment, the app features a sizable library that is regularly updated with new films and TV shows. The download option is helpful even if your internet connection is slow because it makes it simple to stream without bouncing so you can download them.

3. Popcorn time 

On your Android phone, tablet, or TV, Popcorn Time lets you view and stream full-length movies and TV shows in HD. You can download them for offline viewing as well. It’s one of the greatest alternatives to Tubi TV because it makes it simple and hassle-free for you to watch any movie or TV show for free.

Additionally, Popcorn Time has a vast library of films and television shows, both new and classic.

4. Cinema HD

You’ll have access to hundreds or even thousands of live, free channels from across the world as well as videos, podcasts, TV series, movies, and music from a range of genres after downloading and installing the Cinema HD app on your Android device. Additionally, the app lets you bookmark your favorite content and you may watch all of the HD videos for free.

The Cinema HD app comes in a number of tongues. Because it uses sophisticated bots to gather content from throughout the web, all of the content you’ll find is safe for most users to use. The finest streaming app is cinema HD, but lately, it’s been having huge issues that cinema HD not working, so if you notice this, try using another app.


Since its debut, FlixTV has been more well-known and reputable due to the availability of an up-to-date database of TV shows and films on the Android operating system. Surprisingly, almost the entire Netflix library is available to stream for free through the FlixTV collection.

Depending on your tastes, you can browse full-length films from any genre or watch your favorite shows in Full Ultra HD resolution—even without advertisements. Additionally, the app has a built-in video player that supports every video format that the FlixTV app offers.


Cyberflix TV has unquestionably been one of the best streaming apps for watching live TV shows, movies, web series, live sports, and well-structured episodes for a very long time. Cyberflix TV is no longer available, therefore instead of replacing it, we looked at and reviewed the top five free sites to watch movies, TV shows, sports, and live TV channels.

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