e-Verify Documents – Preventing Document Frauds Through AI-Based Solutions

Identity fraud has always been an issue for businesses in providing their customers with a satisfactory experience. Institutions involving large amounts of money are at a greater risk of falling prey to the attack of scammers. Fraudsters keep on finding new tactics for gaining benefits by stealing identities. The covid-19 crisis has made this situation worsen with the rising number of document frauds. With multiple businesses shifting online, significant risks have been raised for faking identities and documents. 

From creating fake medical certificates to falsifying financial statements, all such frauds are creating problematic consequences for firms., Incorporation of the artificial intelligence technology can play an integral part in e-verify documents. Fraudsters who impersonate an identity by forging a document can get detected by the online document verification services easily. They will be eliminated at the initial stage before taking them on board. 

Determining the Work Procedure of Digital Document Verification

Confirming that the information present in the document is validated and does not possess any risks of identity theft is mandatory for businesses. This will allow them to provide their customers with a hassle-free experience. Moreover, it will eliminate the hectic procedure used in manual document verification. Previously, customers had to perform branch visits to fulfill the task to verify documents. Standing in long queues and waiting for their turn was time-consuming and affected the interest level of the customers. Furthermore, many users have to wait for weeks for getting to know about the results of verification. Not only this, major loopholes caused fraudsters to trick companies into providing them access illegally. Digital document verification services have changed these dimensions by implying AI-based robust solutions which work on the following steps listed below:

Detection of Facial Features

A user is implied to sit in front of the camera while holding an official document. The smartphone or webcam captures the picture of the individual. It is compared with the image posted on that particular document. Liveness detection technology helps in mapping out all the unique facial expressions of the user in seconds.

Extraction of Data

To verify documents online by utilizing OCR technology, necessary details can be extracted while saving time and resources for the firm. Modifications made to the document can get detected instantly. 

Verification Results

All the necessary document checks are done during this stage before dispatching the verification results. Once the software guarantees the authenticity of the document, the verification results of identity are displayed to the user. They are further stored in the client’s back office by making an API call.

List of Necessary Document Checks

Government-issued documents have specific traits due to which they can be differentiated from fake documents. Some of these document checks are mentioned below:

  • Signatures: In certain countries, signatures by specific authorities are made on the official documents which are a mandatory part of the document. The document verification system detects whether the signature is real or not. 
  • Stamps: The genuineness of the stamp and the ink used are checked by the digital document verification service.
  • Holograms: To make the documents distinctive from fake documents, holograms are applied to them. 
  • Checking the Format: Any difference in the format being applied to the Original documents can categorize the individual as suspicious. 

Various Kinds of Document Frauds 

With digitization taking place all over the globe at an increasing rate, new techniques to execute criminalities have emerged. Following are some of the document frauds:

Illegitimate Documents

These are the documents that are completely forged. They have no existence in the government records and fraudsters made them up on their own using various software. Certain attributes of a document cannot be faked, due to this these illegitimate documents get rejected.

Stolen Documents

in this kind of document fraud, fraudsters usually steal the documents of an individual. They do not copy details from a document but fake a document that belongs to someone else Crooks don’t even leave the documents of deceased people who have a clean record. 

Modified Documents

With advanced software available for photoshopping, fraudsters use various tactics to alter the document checks. Desirable actions are carried out while making it almost impossible for the human eye to detect the difference between the original document and the fake document. 

Wrapping it Up

With technological advancements in verifying the identities of individuals, it has become challenging for fraudsters to devise illicit tricks. This is due to the implementation of online document verification services which enables companies to e-verify documents of the individuals in a fast and accurate way. It helps to minimize the crimes of identity theft which originate from forging the documents of the users while impersonating their identities.

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