Dropped AirPods in Water? – What to Do If AirPods Get Wet

If you’ve dropped your AirPods into water and you don’t know what to do, then check out this step-by-step video tutorial on how to fix this problem.

You’ll be glad to hear that you’re not out of luck when it comes to buying a replacement set of AirPods.

The best headphones, in my opinion, are AirPods. You can listen to all your favorite music through them and they never fall out, even when you’re doing something

Well, I feel your pain.

Our experts are ready to help you bring your AirPods back to “life”.

This article might get you all wet. Resist the urge to shake your AirPods immediately after removing them from your ear canal.

The glue may cause damage to the skin, and the glue may not adhere well to the skin, but a new glue or adhesive that works better than the old glue may be found.

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Dropped AirPods in Water? Here Are Things to Do If AirPods Get Wets

The first time it happened to me, I was temporarily dumbfounded.

The shock was from a brief thought that you’d have me buy another expensive pair.

But I was able to salvage the situation, and so can you.

Method One: If You Managed to Get It Out Within Minutes

Put down the box for a few minutes to allow the dryness to subside.

The AirPods need to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or any other clean, dry cloth.

AirPods have a battery life of about six hours when you’re actively using them.

Don’t charge your smartphone inside the case, because the water may leak out and damage the case.

You should dry them out in an open area so they will dry properly.

It’s best to air dry this brush for a few hours, and then connect it to your smartphone and use it.

If it works fine, congratulations!

Method Two: Dry Using Desiccants

If you’ve dropped your AirPods in water and tried the first method, you may need to use the second method.

There’s still some water hiding inside the pods, but if you remove the pods and dry them out a bit, they will make good firewood.

Get a container and some desiccant packets. They are the small packets that are always labeled with “Do not eat” that come with electronics, shoes, or other packaged products.

The particles in the packet are designed to absorb moisture.

Put some packets in the container and put your AirPods in the same container and seal it up for some hours.

If you take the AirPods out after some hours of listening to them, then any remaining water will be dry.Q:

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The first time I tried AirPods, they fell out of my ears while I was riding my bike. I couldn’t even hear my music while cycling, so I searched for solutions online, and found uncooked rice to be the perfect solution.

Although these will soak up liquid easily, grains of rice can get into your AirPods, so be sure to keep them out of your pockets and purses.

I’m sure that this approach won’t work for you, so the only method left is the last one.

Method Three: Replace your AirPods

If you’ve dropped your AirPods into water or the two above-mentioned methods aren’t able to fix them, then it may mean that they have become permanently damaged, which would mean buying a new pair

What to do when AirPods get wet – A checklist

Dry with a microfiber cloth. Place on a microfiber cloth and leave them to dry for about 4 hours or more, depending on how long they were submerged.

You’re able to use the Water Eject to keep your phone clean and dry.

Sounds to get water out of AirPods – Where to find these?

You can find videos of people removing water from their AirPods on YouTube.

If you want to remove water from the AirPods, you can consider these sounds.

Do AirPods Have Water Damage Indicator?

No, AirPods don’t have water damage indicator.

Almost every product from Apple comes with a liquid damage indicator that will alert you when there is water damage, but unfortunately that’s not the case with the Apple AirPods.

The best way to tell if there has been water damage is to see how much water is in your basement.

If after you accidentally drop your AirPods into water, you remove the charging case and plug it to your computer or smartphone and it’s not connecting, that is a strong indication of irreversible water damage.

The most common reason your AirPods don’t turn on is that they aren’t being charged. If you try them and the lights don’t blink, it’s probably because your AirPods are broken.

Can You Use the Water Eject on AirPods?

It’s true, you can use the water eject to clean your AirPods. And your AirPods will be just fine afterwards.

In addition, if you will be successful using the app, it depends on the timing.

After you’ve dropped your AirPods in water, you must use the app right away if you’d ever want to save them this way.

The water eject app is designed to give you useful shortcuts to Apple users after they have been impacted by water.

Download the app on your iPhone
Pair your AirPods with your iPhone
On the Home Page, locate the Water Eject tab and click on it
Once the water starts dripping out of the AirPods, get a clean and dry cloth to wipe the Aipods dry
Repeat the process a couple of times
Connect the AirPods to see if it works

How to eject water from AirPods?

This is an innovative feature that makes the AirPods a must-have for those who love music and are always on the go.

Once you’ve done that, the first step is to make sure you have Siri Shortcuts and Water Eject installed on your iPhone.

There are three easy ways to install Siri Shortcuts on your iPhone:

Once you’ve downloaded the Water Eject app, open it and follow these steps:
Launch the app on your iPhone.

Your AirPods should not be worn, but rather left to sleep in your ears. Open the Water Eject shortcut on both AirPods and activate the shortcut.

Your AirPods will start to vibrate, and then the water will slowly drip out.

When it does, pat it dry with a microfiber cloth or a dry towel.

After the process is complete, you will receive a notification.

You should repeat the process if the AirPods haven’t completely dried.

Dos and Don’ts with water-resistant AirPods or AirPods Pro?

Don’t expose them to water that is too hot or cold, like if you put them under a

Swimming with your AirPods is not a good idea. They are not waterproof, and

Put all of your clothes in the dryer to prevent shrinking and wrinkles.

Don’t drop them or expose them to any kind of physical impact.

What to do if you get anything other than water on Your AirPods?

If your AirPods fell into something other than water, maybe mud, or soup, you can fix it by first, soaking the AirPods in fresh water, then, dabbing the AirPods dry, and using another piece of

Dry them with a soft, lint-free cloth after they come out of the dryer.

After steaming the rice or letting them air dry, you want to let the eggs out of their shells so they’re easier to handle.

Accessorize your AirPods to keep them protected – Top accessories and how they protect your AirPods

You’ll keep your AirPods safer if you keep them in a safe place such as a case, like one of these ones, and keep them away from water and other damaging things.

This book is large enough to be hard to misplace, but it’s also compact enough to be carried around wherever your work or travel takes you.

You can easily find some on Amazon. Ear plugs: Your AirPods are susceptible to damage from falling, especially when they’re in your ear and not in their charging case.

When your AirPods get caught or lost, you should try to use the loop that is attached to the bottom of your AirPods and make a knot in it.

There are various kinds of these products on Amazon.

AirPods wireless headphones: Wireless headphones that look like earbuds; they have an adjustable fit system to fit a variety of ears. They can be paired with an Apple Watch for use as a remote.

Protects your AirPods when you’re out and about.

You can look at Amazon for such a product.