Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones and Speakers? [Vizio, LG, Samsung & Sony]

A lot of us are used to connecting our TVs and speakers directly to the wall via the audio ports.

While this was one of the best ways to connect with others in person back in the day, not many people enjoy dealing with a cluttered space created by cords and cables.

Bluetooth is one feature that many TV makers and other smart home devices makers now include by default.

Smart TV doesn’t mean that you have to pay for a streaming box or set top box to watch Netflix or Amazon.

A: If you’ve answered “yes,” here are the best Smart TVs on Amazon that include external speakers.

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Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones and External speakers?

Many older models of TV don’t have built-in Bluetooth, but newer models of Smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers.

A truly wireless space isn’t possible without this technology. It makes pairing with Bluetooth devices easier.

For Smart TVs that don’t come with Bluetooth, there are still ways to make Bluetooth pairing possible.

The first step is to download the TV manufacturer’s App from the app store and enable Bluetooth connection.

You can buy a Bluetooth mouse alternatively.

It’s a device that plugs into the TV and makes the TV discoverable by your Bluetooth-enabled headphones and external speakers.

Let’s now find out if the most common smart TV models have Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers.

Do LG Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes, LG smart TVs have Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers.

LG Smart TV is a well-known brand for offering lots of Bluetooth-compatible smart TV brands, and it offers several Bluetooth-compatible smart TV options.

All 2016 models of LG smart TVs are equipped with Bluetooth. These models feature Ultra HD, OLED, Mini LED, QNED, and NaniCells displays.

Before you connect a Bluetooth device to your computer, make sure you’ve enabled the Bluetooth. It’s a good idea to pair it with your headset or speaker first before connecting.

To pair your LG smart TV with your headphones or speakers, you must set the device in a pairing mode.

Press Settings on your LG TV and then go to Smart TV Settings.

To pair your iPhone with your car, you’ll first need to set up a Bluetooth connection between the two devices.

Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes, most newer Samsung smart TVs are Bluetooth enabled.

Connected Bluetooth devices like headphones, external speakers, and even remote controls are just a few of the examples of smart devices that can be controlled through Alexa.

Samsung is one of the most advanced technology brands in the world, so you’d expect the most advanced smart TVs from them.

Do Sony Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Sony Smart TV models have not been universally made available with Bluetooth connectivity, but it is expected that newer versions will have this feature.

Smart TVs from Sony come with a Bluetooth transmitter and a built-in Bluetooth function for a more flexible wireless connection to your devices.

Do Vizio Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes, newer Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth but are not compatible with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device.

1.Although the new Apple TV only supports AirPlay 2, it also has Bluetooth LE, and the Apple TV 4K, the 2018 version, has Bluetooth

What’s the difference between the regular Bluetooth and the Bluetooth LE? Bluetooth LE provides longer range with reduced power consumption.

The high-energy type of the Wi-Fi communication can keep up a much higher level of communications.

Before connecting your Vizio Smart TV Bluetooth with any Bluetooth device, be sure the Bluetooth is turned off.

This particular brand of TV is designed to fit into Vizio Smart TVs. It connects to your wireless router or modem via the ethernet connection.

Do Sharp Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Few Sharp smart TVs have Bluetooth connectivity.

The newest models of TV should include Bluetooth as an added feature. It’s expected that the latest televisions will have this functionality.

If you just bought a Sharp smart TV, don’t assume it has Bluetooth. Check before pairing the smart TV with headsets, speakers, or anything else.

Do All Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

No all smart TVs do not have Bluetooth for both speakers and headphones.

No, not all Smart TVs have Bluetooth even though the majority of newer smart TVs have Bluetooth support.

A few of Vizio’s smart TVs (especially their 4K HDR sets) come with low energy Bluetooth (LE) which is a pretty selective Bluetooth pairing.

Most smart TVs are equipped with a Bluetooth radio. If you don’t have a smart TV that already has this built-in, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter and start enjoying the freedom of wireless connections today.

Does My TV Have Bluetooth? Here’s How to Check

Look in your settings: Go to Settings, and select Sound, then Bluetooth. If your remote is also a Bluetooth Smart remote it will likely have the option of pairing it to your TV.

If you see a Bluetooth connectivity option in the Options menu, your smart TV is Bluetooth enabled.

Google your TV model online: Type your smart TV model on Google, and it will tell you about all its features.

It may have Bluetooth connectivity. You can check its user’s manual for this.