Do-it-yourself garage door maintenance tips that help save time and effort

Safety and protection are the two main concerns about garage doors and the reasons for their proper maintenance. 

For proper garage door maintenance, you can contact Lewis River Doors for garage door repair in VancouverThe company provides round-the-clock service and promptly attends to emergency calls. However, calling the garage door repair company depends on the nature of the damage because there are some minor damages that you can handle on your own. Keeping the garage door in the best condition is your responsibility. You can perform routine checks to do some maintenance that prevents more considerable damages while saving on repair costs.

Here are some garage door tasks that you can do by yourself to avoid some more significant damage that can prove too costly.

  •  Lubricate the door parts well

Garage doors are prone to damage because they have plenty of moving parts that tend to rust due to exposure to weather elements. Keep the garage door’s moving parts well lubricated with periodic lubrication, with some lubricants like silicon or lithium spray readily available at hardware/improvement stores. 

Lubrication reduces noise issues significantly and ensures smooth movement of the door, besides extending the garage door’s life. Lubricate the stems, the top of the chain rail, hinges, spring, nubs, lock, arm bar, and metal rollers. Clean the track regularly by wiping the inside portion with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth. Avoid lubricating as it would attract more dust, dirt, and grime and cause more problems during cleaning. 

  • Replace metal rollers with nylon rollers

When lubricating the garage door, look out for worn-out rollers and replace them. However, replacing all metal rollers with nylon rollers is the best option. Nylon rollers do not rust and are much more complicated. Moreover, when nylon rollers move along the track, it causes minimal friction that does away with the need for lubrication. Smooth movement of the door along the tracks puts less stress on the other parts and reduces wear, tear, and damage. 

  • Fix the dents

Dented garage doors are a common sight, especially in homes with kids. Moreover, teen drivers are also a nuisance as they might dent the door. Whatever might be the cause, dents on garage doors look unsightly. You can quickly fix the problem if you have an aluminum garage door with patterns, you can quickly resolve the issue. First, wash the dented area with soap water and leave it to dry. Next, apply a layer of aluminum foil to the area and press it to acquire the shape of the dent. Heat the surface of the foil with a hair dryer, a heat gun, or by lighting a gas lighter. While the foil is still hot, spray condensed carbon dioxide on it from a small can and see how the dent pops back into place within a few minutes. 

Regularly inspect the cables and springs of your garage door and the bottom seal. If the bottom seal is damaged, you can replace it with a seal of similar size readily available at the hardware store.