Discord Stream No Sound? Working Fixes

Streaming a video and not getting sound at all can be very frustrating when using Discord.

This Discord sound problem is a very popular issue among Discord users.

This problem occurs if there’s no route for Discord to transfer audio files, you have streaming Discord in an incompatible online platform, you’re using an older version of Discord, or if you simply just don’t want to update Discord.

Discord is probably having bugs in their system, causing it to ignore your voices.

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The best fixes to get sound from Twitch in Discord on Linux are these:

Discord Stream No Sound Issue – Working Fixes

Restart your computer.
Update Discord App.
Update Audio Drivers.
Add the program you are using to Discord.
Reset Voice Settings.
Clear Discord Cache.
Avoid Screen sharing in Full-screen Mode.

Restart your computer

Here’s a simple method to fix this issue.

Rebooting your computer will close all programs that are conflicting with Discord.

Just restart your computer, then launch Discord again to see if this fixes the problem.

Update Discord App

When you are having issues with the Discord app not playing your sound on Discord, all it takes to fix the problem is updating the app.

You’ll need to restart your PC after completing the above steps. This step may fix existing issues. To do so:

It will take you to a page showing several applications and software.Q:

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Double-click on the update.exe file. Wait for it to download and install, and then re-launch the app.

Update Audio Drivers

Your outdated audio drivers can cause problems for your audio device, so it’s important to get them updated.

Right-click the Start button and click on Device Manager
Click the Sound, video, and game controllers and expand it
Click the High definition audio device and update the driver to the latest version. Alternatively you can manually search for and download the updated driver.

You can reboot your computer and try again.

Add the program you are using to Discord

This feature allows you to make screen sharing without having audio issues because Discord will detect it and act on it.

To share programs and activities in Discord, go to your User Settings in Discord, find the Game Activity tab, and then click on it.

In the page displayed, click Add it
Then, select the program you want to add from the dropdown menu.

Reset Voice Settings

No sound issue is a common result of a faulty settings. This method is a quick and easy fix for that, especially if it’s not a regular occurrence.

In the Voice & Video tab of your account settings, locate Voice & Video, and click on it.

After you delete this account, you can restart the Discord app.

Clear Discord Cache

Sometimes, clearing Discord cache can help fix audio issues while streaming.

The cache is stored by default on the device itself and you’ll have to delete it manually. It’s basically temporary data and it basically helps in smooth sailing.

This action will erase all of the app’s data from your phone, so you won’t lose any information when you delete it.

To clear cache:
Click the Windows button and then R
Search for %appdata%
In the Roaming directory displayed, search for the Discord folder
Right-click the Discord folder and choose Delete
You may then need to relaunch Discord or restart the PC before logging in again.

Avoid Screen sharing in Full-screen Mode

The majority of Reddit users found this useful. If you use Chrome or similar applications, you can use the Windows Mode settings to minimize certain windows when playing games.

Yet another option is to use a web version of Discord in Chrome or Opera.

Opera works for a lot of users in fixing the lag issues and the no sound issue, however I would suggest Chrome instead.

Let us know which of these fixes helped you, or share what has worked for you with us.Q: