Discord Screen Share Audio Stutter – Fixing Choppy Audio Issues

Discord is an instant messaging platform for creating communities where you can share a variety of information.

It’s a multimedia device that lets you communicate with others via voice and video calls, text messaging, media, and files.

With the powerful social networking platform Discord, you can share your screen directly with others.

It can be streaming a game to friends, a movie, or a particular dance performance.

If you’re having an issue with Discord audio, a common solution is to use Discord Screen Share.

It’s very frustrating when audio randomly cuts out while you’re sharing your screen through a desktop screen share program.

Try restarting your computer and turning off the internet connection for Discord.

You might need to update your drivers, check that your Internet connection is stable, make sure your microphone is working properly, or turn off Echo Cancellation.

If after trying out all of these tips and tricks, you’re still having trouble, there are other things to try.

To fix the screen share audio stutter issue, here are six tried-and-true solutions.

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Discord Screen Share Audio Stutter – Issue 6 Proven Fixes

Reset Voice Settings
Reset Voice Settings
Manually Select Input Device
Share your screen from Opera
Change Server Region
Disable Exclusive Mode
Update Audio Driver in Windows

1.Reset Voice Settings

The voice-over-ip (VOIP) settings on your system may be causing your audio to be muted by Discord.

Go to your account’s settings page and look under Voice and video. Then, select Automatically detect sound and disable it. Next, go back to the main settings page, and look for Input Sensitivity under Voice and video. Make sure the toggle to the right of that setting is disabled, and then close it by clicking on the red X button to the left of it. This should make Discord pick up sound from your mic.

You could do something as simple as:
Click the User Settings
On the drop-down tab beneath App Settings, click Voice & Video
On the displayed page, scroll down and click Reset Voice Settings to clear all local mutes and local volumes.

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2.Manually Select Input Device

In Discord, go to user settings, click on voice and video, then select the microphone or headset you use and click on next.

After it’s been selected, then Input Volume is set to the maximum.

3.Share your screen from Opera

In Discord, go to user settings, click on voice and video, then select the microphone or headset you use and click on next.

After it’s been selected, then Input Volume is set to the maximum.

4.Change Server Region

With Discord, start by opening a server. Choose Server Settings >> Overview. In the Server Settings menu, select Server Region. In the displayed server region, click Change. The displayed page will show different regions you can switch to.

If the problem is still not fixed, try different regions until you find which one does not experience this issue.

You’ll love living in that region so much that you’ll want to share it with other locals. You and your neighbors will both enjoy it.

We tried the first two options, but if that still doesn’t work then try the next option.

5.Disable Exclusive Mode

This may help solve the discord lag for you. Disable exclusive mode in Windows.

Click the arrow at the right of the volume button in the bottom right of your computer.
Click Sound
Click recording.

Next, select your microphone and scroll down to click Properties
In the displayed page, click Advanced and uncheck the boxes under Exclusive mode, that is the boxes allow application to take exclusive control of this device and give exclusive mode applications priority
Click Apply, then Ok

6.Update Audio Driver in Windows – Discord Screen Share Lag Fix

Go to desktop and type Device manager in the search box. Scroll down and select Sound, Video and Game Controllers and then double click on High definition audio device. In the expanded tab, click on update drivers and search for updated audio drivers software. Wait for the process to complete, then close the window or open the window to search manually and install the updated audio drivers.

Other options like uninstalling and reinstalling Discord or simply updating it might fix the problem.

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