How To Fix Directv Remote Not Working 【FIX Guide 2022】

Do you have a Directv genie remote that is not working? Do you have problems with your Directv remote? Do you think that your issues may be its connection, its batteries, or the fact that it is unable to change channels?

We’ve got answers for you.

Let’s move over each of three frequently asked questions, which can lead to a Directv remote not working;

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Directv remote not working Unable to fix volume/channels?

The Directv genie remote is excellent and comes with a state of art, which means that it doesn’t randomly pause up or create issues. If you’re seeing something of the sort, try first analyzing if something in your area is blocking the remote.

More often than not when the Directv remote is not working it usually happens because an object is keeping it from interacting with the receiver. This obstruction can create a barrier between the receiver and the remote, and hence, can make it difficult to work with.

At the same time, if you are sure there are no objects between the receiver and the remote you should then try to see if there is an issue with the batteries of the remote. This might be why your DIRECTV remote is not working and while we know this is a rookie mistake you are above making, sometimes it really is the battery and you haven’t noticed because you got them so recently.

Video Fix:

In order to test the batteries, you can simply hold down any button and see what light comes out of its receiver. The remote has a built-in option that helps you easily see the strength of your battery.
If you see a bright green light that means that your batteries are strong and you can move on to the next step of troubleshooting (not exactly something to be happy about, but hey, at least you’re moving through the possibilities). If it shows a blinking green light that your batteries are still usable and doing okay but not be far away from the required change. A slow light that doesn’t properly blink or if you see no light at all, you will need to change your batteries.

The procedure of doing so is fairly simple and while the Directv remote might appear to be super fancy, it has a very easy to use battery replacement feature. Simply take out the back spot and take out the batteries.

If you have a new remote and are here because you have no idea how to use your DIRECTV remote you can press enter and hold your button for a total of three seconds. This should open up something called a source menu on your TV.

At this point, you will have to select the DIRECTV’s input receiver. Later on, you will have to use the HDMI 1 satellite receiver which is going to be the name of the input. This way you can switch between different kinds of inputs and you can find one which is perfect for your TV.

DIRECTV remote not working when I connect it to the receiver?

Are you having an issue with the remote, does it not turn on when you press GUIDE. This may be because you are not as yet paired up with your receiver. In a situation like this, you will have your remote on your receiver (this can be any of the receivers commonly paired with a DIRECTV remote, it could be the genie, the genie mini, or it could also be the wireless genie mini.)

At this point, you will have to press mute while holding enter down at the same time. After which, you will see that a screen appears. This screen carries the applying IR/RF setup. After you’ve done this procedure your remote is now in sync with your remote.

Directv Remote Buttons Not Working?

If you’ve already gone through all these steps but you believe that the buttons on your remote are the problem than you might want to follow the next few steps given below;

First of all, do the simplest thing, reset the remote, once you do that you should be able to gain control of the buttons again. In order to do this, you’ll see that on your DIRECTV receiver there is a small red button on the side.

On the other hand, there is also a possibility that you might be able to find the small access button right next to the card door as well. If you are unable to find the red button you can always simply take out the power cord and then wait for fifteen seconds. This will do the trick as well.