Chrome Localhost Refused To Connect on Windows 10? Working Fixes

You haven’t made any changes to your computer recently. But, if you started your PC, connected to your network, and you get a “Localhost refused to connect” error on your chrome browser.

You have a number of browsers to test with: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer all worked for me.

In other cases, we see this error message when trying to use the Chrome web browser and Wampserver to locally host a website.

1.To fix this issue, go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Advanced and then ensure that the DNS server is set to Google DNS,

You might not want to visit this page, because you are seeing this message: “The page at ‘URL’ refused to connect.

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Chrome Localhost Refused To Connect on Windows 10? Possible Causes

1.The problem may be because your DNS isn’t pointed at

2.1 which is the localhost.

If you’ve seen other Chrome extensions do this, you probably already know why.

A possible problem is that your computer firewall might be getting in the way of the driver.

In some cases, installing and updating the correct network drivers helps to fix the issue.

The above sample content is excerpted from one of our example documents.

No matter the case, if you’re having issues connecting to the server, then you’re likely to have problems connecting to it.

Check that the network is running smoothly before starting to work on the project.

Fix 1. Restart the router

If you’re experiencing this, you might check your connected devices to see if they are having the same issue.

In only rare cases, it’s possible to troubleshoot most of the issues related to your web browser by shutting down the router >> unplugging the Ethernet cable >> leaving for a few moments and then

Fix 2. Clear browser data

When visiting a web page, browser data such as the history of visited websites, cookies, and static content are continuously saved so that web pages load faster next time you try to access them.

If the data on this page is outdated, it could cause issues with your browser.

Clearing browser data has been found to be an effective way to fix the “localhost refused to connect” error. Click here if you’d like to test it out.

Fix 3. Disable Firewall and antivirus

Firewalls and antivirus software sometimes block malicious-looking web pages and they can also filter your traffic. While these are important to your computer, they sometimes block pages you don’t want them to.

While you are working on a project and you would need to access a locally hosted website, we recommend disabling the firewall and antivirus while you call up the project.

If the project is accessible now, you just need to whitelist the said project on your antivirus and firewall.

Fix 4. Change the Port number

Changing the local host port number for Windows 10 fixes the Localhost Refused to connect for many who are using Visual Studio 2017.

Change the port by going to Project Properties >> Web >> Servers >> Project URL.

For those people who are experiencing the issue where their site goes down when the port number changes, this has worked for them and we noticed that they were experiencing a conflict with that specific port number being used, and the site

Fix 5: Disable Chrome network extension

While not common, the Chrome extension that controls networking may be having problems.

Check out how to disable it. If it doesn’t improve, try to enable it again, to see if things

If your site isn’t converting, it might be time to have it re-enabled.

Fix 6: Update SSL certificate

It’s very easy to fix, but a valid SSL certificate may be the reason why you’re getting the Chrome Localhost Refused to Connect on Windows 10 error.

If your local host domain is http, you should check if the SSL certificates are still active, if not, renew and re-add them to the keychain.

Fix 7. Correct Apache syntax errors

Apache Syntax errors could be a culprit in very rare cases, hence we leaving it down the list of things to check out if your localhost isn’t connecting.

Run httpd -T -t to check syntax, and httpd -T -d DUMP_VHOSTS to check your configuration.Q:

Fix 8. Reinstall Windows 10

If none of these fixes your problem, a complete deletion and reinstall of Windows 10 might be the way to go.

You may have mentioned every potential cause, but if you can’t find a single one, it is likely that the problem is not

Reinstalling the operating system will reinstall all settings and let you start again.

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