Cannot Verify Phone Number Apple ID – Recommended Fixes for Apple ID Verification Issues

When Apple IDs go offline or stop working, users often report problems with their Apple ID including the inability to verify their phone number.

This may happen after an iOS update or if you lose your phone and want to sign in to a new device.

Apple IDs cannot be accessed when their phone numbers are disabled by the company.

This is common with those whose Apple ID has two-factor authentication turned on.

Let’s dive into several ways to fix this problem.

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Cannot Verify Phone Number Apple ID – Recommended Fixes for Apple ID Verification Issues

Fix 1: Request Verification Code via SMS

Activate your replacement phone using someone else’s Apple ID.

This way you have a working phone with your phone number.
Then, sign in to iCloud.

To get the code, simply turn off two-factor authentication, erase your new phone, and reset it. After that, use the code to get into your account.

Fix 2: Use Recovery Key

This, in turn, will require your Recovery Key and your Apple ID password.

You can login or sign up using any of the methods that you’ve chosen during the Amazon Fire TV setup.

You can also remove devices that have been returned, or that have never been sold.

When your Apple ID is locked, you need to enter a six digit recovery code (which you can find on the back of your iPhone or iPad) to unlock your device. Entering this code is the only way to change your Apple ID password.

Fix 3: Use the Find My iPhone App

A family member’s iPhone is using iOS 9 through 12 and opens the Find My iPhone app. He or she should clear the Apple ID field.

Your account is encrypted. Tap Forgot Apple ID or Password.

Tap the top blue “Follow the steps” button, which is the only option available if you didn’t sign in with an Apple ID.

Fix 4: Account Recovery

You don’t need to use iTunes to recover your Apple ID password if you lost it accidentally or it’s no longer valid.

It might take a few days, but you’ll get access to your Amazon account again.

If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID login details or can’t remember the password, there’s a simple process you can follow to request recovery of your account.
Once you’ve confirmed your recovery request, you’ll get a confirmation mail with the date and time when you’ll likely regain access to your account.

Once the waiting period has ended, Apple may send you a message asking for your help in recovering your Apple ID. In some cases, you’ll be able to shorten the time it takes to recover your account, or you may need to reset your password.