7 Best Online Multiplayer Games Like Town of Salem

Multi-player games are way better than single-player games. I’d say they’re way more fun than either.This article is part of the Thematic Series \”Organo-fluorine chemistry\”.

Town of Salem is an awesome multiplayer game, and is one you should give a try if you haven’t already.

This is a classic word game that can accommodate seven to fifteen players. If you’re a good detective or liar then you would love the game.

Players have to identify whether a competitor is lying, and not get caught, while lying.

Whether you’re already excited about the Town of Salem, you should stick around a bit longer, because I’ve prepared a list of the best online multiplayer games like the Town of Salem for you.

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Best Online Multiplayer Games Like Town of Salem

Epik Mafia THrone of Lies Mmidnight Plazma Burst 2 Camp Cadaver One Night Werewolf Garry’s Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town

1. EPIC MAFIA – Best Apps Like Town of Salem

You don’t have to play the Salem witch hunt game to understand the importance of being confident.

There are only three basic characters in Mafia Wars: Mafioso, Townie, and Neutral.

Your role in the mafia is to find out who the bad guys are in the village.

If you happen to be a Mafia member, you and the other members will meet secretly to decide who’s going to be killed.

As a villager, you must know how to detect lies and how to lie convincingly.

Enjoy playing!

2. THRONE OF LIES — Best Online Multiplayer Games Like Town of Salem

A game of mischief, social deduction, and politics.

The members of the Blue Dragon group must use their detective skills and catch the spies amongst them.

In the heat of battle, your enemies will try to turn your team against you, killing any members who don’t fall in line.

Town of Salem is one of the best online multiplayer games like Throne of Lies, but trust me when I tell you that it’s definitely worth playing.

3. MIDNIGHT – Best Free Games Like Town of Salem

Fans of horror movies should check out this book, because it’s a good read. There are some creepy facts about haunted places in the United States you probably haven’t heard.

In ancient times, those who broke the laws of the Pagan religion were punished by having their tongues cut off.

To play, you need only a piece of paper, a writing material, a candle, salt, a lighter, a drop of your blood, and a wooden door—the same thing applies to your team members.

It’s easy to lose in a game if you don’t follow the instructions.

When you let the Midnight Man in, you’ll have to stay in your dark house for three minutes till 3:33 am. When you go outside, you’ll have to avoid the Midnight Man.

To revive a candle, you only have to light it back, if it’s already out, just make a circle of salt around you and remain there till 3:33 am.

Indeed, this game is for thrill-seekers. They get on the high-speed trains that rocket them across Europe, and they’re just as likely to be blown to smithereens as to win a race to the finish line

4. PLAZMA BURST 2 – Best Browser Games Like Town of Salem

The Town of Salem is another online multiplayer game like Plazma Burst, but in this case it’s a 2D online shooting game.

It’s a must-have game for any PS4 or Xbox One gamer.

In this post-apocalyptic world, the Usurpation forces have taken over planet earth.

As a result, humans have to battle this mysterious force and take back their planet.

You’ll have to fight three major enemy factions: Usurpation, Androids, and Civil Security.

If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer online game, feel free to explore all of the game modes, characters, and their exciting abilities and weapons.

5. CAMP CADAVER – Best Card Games Like Town of Salem

The movie ‘The Camp Cadaver‘ has some funny lines, so I recommend watching it. It has something to do with a murder in a camp.

It’s time for the camp to reopen, but the camp won’t be welcoming visitors who want to kill innocent victims.

Everyone has different skills and abilities.

They must use their special skills to detect the players with evil intentions, or to kill the good players – depending on their roles.

6. ONE NIGHT WEREWOLF – Best Games like Town of Salem for Android and iOS

One Night Werewolf can accommodate between three and ten players.

You can play as a villager, werewolf, or any special character like the helpful seer or the tricky troublemaker.

Each character has a special ability. In just one morning, the villagers will decide who is a werewolf amongst them, then try to kill the Werewolf at night.

If you manage to kill one Werewolf, you’ll win the game.

Online multiplayer games like Town of Salem have been around for years and this is probably the easiest to play.

You’ll have plenty of time to finish a game of this addicting strategy game. You’ll have a ton of fun while you play.

7. GARRY’S MOD TROUBLE IN TERRORIST TOWN – Best Roblox Games like Town of Salem

In Garry’s Mod there are two game modes and one is called Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

You are either a Detective, Traitor, or Innocent. To win the game, your team has to kill everyone on the other teams without any of your members getting killed.

Thieves have shops where they can purchase items.

Each round consists of three stages; pre-round, mid-round, and end-round.

This is one of those games that has a lot of potential, but you must have a fair amount of free time to dedicate to it, or else it will be very difficult to stop playing once you

What are some online multiplayer games? There you have it, they’re awesome!

They’re all a blast and will leave you wanting to play more and more.