7 Best Games like Final Fantasy Tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch

Who doesn’t love Final Fantasy tactics? The strategy and tactics in this game are awesome. If you like strategic games with awesome tactics, this is a must-have.

You better go try out this game. In battles, you can earn Experience Points and Job points which you can use to purchase cool in-game items.

It’s no wonder that Final Fantasy Tactics is the most popular tactical RPG. The game was the first to implement tactics into a video game, and it still holds up today

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Best Games like Final Fantasy Tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch


1. XCOM 2 – Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics for 3Ds

XCOM 2 is the next generation of turn-based strategy games from the creator of the award-winning and genre-defining XCOM series.

The story is quite interesting. The Earth has been overrun by aliens who have an ominous plan to wipe out the entire human race.

You have to build your own army, you’ll have to defeat your foes, and in order to do this, you’ll need some allies.

You can buy a headgear, armor, and costumes for your team of fighters, which will help you defeat your opponents!

Gain new combat skills and face new enemies as you move further into the game.

This is a great strategy game you will love playing

2. LOST ODYSSEY — Best Games like Final Fantasy Tactics Xbox, iOS and Android

I’m a big fan of the anime, Naruto. I’ve watched it multiple times. It’s the number one show in Japan!

Lost Odyssey is a great game. It’s a Japanese RPG.

You’ll control the character named Kaim. He’s an immortal who lost his memories while fighting against threats brought by a magical industrial revolution.

You can use your Amazon.com account to buy goods from your Amazon.com account, sell your items on other websites, and even recover your health.

After trying this game out, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best games for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

3. WASTELAND – Best PC Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

In the year 2087, after a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the US, many parts of the earth are in ruin and survival is the order of the day.

You’ve been selected to join a paramilitary group called the Desert Rangers. You’re in charge of deciding who gets to go on missions.

The game begins with 4 characters, and you can manage as many as 7 as you play.

A character’s special abilities vary, including their intelligence, strength, and even their luck.

They use different weapons and skills to be successful in the marketplace.

It’s combat, gameplay, and storyline work in perfect harmony with one another to give you an amazing gaming experience.

4. VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 4 – Best Mobile Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

The fourth item on my list of games like final fantasy tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switch is Valkyria Chronicles 4.

It’s the fourth game in the Valkyria Chronicles series.

It’s a tactical role playing game with strategic gameplay. It’s the year 1935 EC, and the Second European war between the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation, destroys the European continent.

The Federation enforces Operation Northern Cross in order to end the war.

Commander Claude Wallace and his loyal allies in Squad E must battle to make the operation a success.

But they’ll encounter obstacles such as a troop of Imperial soldiers, harsh environmental conditions and they’ll discover something that’ll shake them up real good.

5. BATTLE CHASERS: NIGHTWAR – Best Nintendo Switch Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

Battle Chaser is a turn-based RPG with a very intriguing storyline.

One day, while the protagonist was traveling alone, his ship got shot down, and he landed on a mysterious island.

Solve puzzles, battle rare bosses, loot items and carry out other activities

It has a unique combat system, great characters, and a stylized fighting game that will keep you hooked for longer than you plan

6. LANGRISSER: THE DESCENDANTS OF LIGHT – Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics on Nintendo Switch

The legend of Warsong is also known as Langrisser in Northern America.

The story of Prince Gareth is that he’s on a quest to deliver his country from the rule of an evil force.

As you advance through the game, you’ll be given new tasks, like defeating an enemy or helping someone, so don’t forget to

You can also have other commanders fight for you, which will give you back-up when you need it.

Langrisser is another amazing game like Final Fantasy Tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switch.

7. THE BANNER SAGA – Best Games like Final Fantasy Tactics on PS4 and PS5

In this game, the player’s caravan battles a human-hating race called the Dredge. The game involves two distinct characters each with their own unique stories. Both stories merge to form one great story. Remember to be strategic with your choices as they directly affect your journey throughout the game. The game setting is a fantasy world motivated by Vikings’ myths. You’ll have to protect everyone with you. As I said, your choices and your interaction with others are very crucial in this game as they can change the entire story.

The aforementioned games are going to blow your mind and keep you busy for quite a while. So when next you need games like final fantasy tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo, you know where to go